Jan 2013 - Getting a jump on the New Year

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Last thread was over 300 so here's a new one to start the New Year.
We came from here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1291059/

This is a quilt from the JAX Quilt Show. Perhaps it can provide some inspiration for the New Year.

Thumbnail by Qwilter
(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

WOW!!! 12 inches of the white stuff so far....


woo hoo........ I'm 2nd! :-)


That is a beautiful quilt, Jean!

Herndon, VA(Zone 6b)

So pretty :)

(Cheryl) Wilmington, MA

Wow Jean that is pretty and inspirational thanks.
I am jealous Barb we got jipped on this storm just a little dust and ice coating poooey, oh well there is still Sat maybe 2 in from that one.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Grandson Ryan sleeping in his beanbag. DIL says he hasn't slept in his bed since he got this.

Thumbnail by siliolegma
(Marion) Havana, FL(Zone 8b)

12" Barb, yikes that sounds like a lot to the lady. Stay warm and inside.

Karen, how adorable that picture is.......might not want to go back to his bed now.

Met some friends tonight for dinner and then saw Les Miz....WOW!!! I have seen the stage play several times and was a little apprehensive about the movie but not any more. Well worth going to see!!!! Best part, it was Thursday night special and tickets were only 6.50 each way lower than normal prices. Now I am off to bed...if I can sleep after that show.


Cher - you want MORE ice & snow?!?! Can tell you haven't lived in it much.......... lol
It's dangerous and hazardous........ to walk and drive in!
Mind you, I wouldn't trade the snow & ice for the hurricanes and tornadoes in warmer climes!! yikes!
We can simply bundle up and Not Go Out in ice and snow.... lol


Les Miz was on TV the other day, but as I fall asleep during long plays/movies, I didn't chance watching it. Maybe I should check it out and see if it's on again......

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

Oh Karen that photo is priceless!!!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread Jean! Love that quilt!
Karen, that pictures is priceless!
Glad to hear you loved that movie Marion!

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I think Cher just LOVES a Winter Wonderland with lots of snow. I had forgotten how pitched the roofs were way up north. Sure need to be to get the snow to slide on off.

I hope to spend most of my day out in the Studio. Have a couple tops that need quilted. And I cut & pressed a couple hundred HST for my top. Need to start sewing those together. Have 3 Murder Mysteries on CD to keep me entertained.

And it is time to pack up the Christmas wrapping paper & cards and reclaim my spare bedroom.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Starting tonight, company coming to celebrate New Years. Lots of snow for the kids this year. We have an awesome sledding hill nearby, I know it'll get a good work-out. DS and DIL are bringing friends from scouting so lots of kids. I keep a big ole bag of long johns and old hunting outfits so there is plenty of warm dry clothing for outside.

Then we are heading to Tennessee, I have beanbags for the greats down there too. I had their mom go and get the pellets for me, no room in my car otherwise.

We'll be doing some house looking while we are there. We'll have some special circumstances due to the way our buyer is wanting us to finance with him. It will take a motivated seller for it to work for all of us. Would have preferred to go looking cash in hand, but these days you have to take what you can get.


I remember years back when we took our kids skating & tobogganing - what fun! I would love to go skating again - now, just need one of those touques that wrap and wrap and wrap around my neck like a scarf!! Used to have one, when I was a young teen, that was 6ft long..... with a tassel! Deep rich colours with stripes and ski-lodge theme lol
Actually, would like to go skating again, but need my knee to heal a bit more....... maybe THAT's the kind of active my Dr would like me to be....... don't know where the nearest skating rink is, but don't have skates anyway lol That's one sport where you don't care How bulky you look - need to be warm & protected with a snow suit for adults!!

Karen - I'm praying you find Just the right house, with Just the right financing you need......

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I remember the big, old fashioned taboggans we had at GS Camp. 8-10 of us could fit on one. The person in the front got the bruised shins & the 1 or 2 in back usually fell off going down the hills. Then you had to drag it back up the hill. The Good Ol' Days!!!!

OK, think I've accomplished all I wanted inside & am now going to head out to the Studio.

Guys are supposed to be in route for working on the porch. I;m beginning to lose the bit of patience I have!!!!


Jean - it will get done. I'm sure you have more than enough patience, from what I see of you, to wait for the guys lol

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

I am having trouble...I can't get any pictures from DG! When I click on the picture I get the usual screen but no picture appears. I had no trouble several days ago but now it doesn't make any difference what thread I am on...no picture. Any suggestions?

Now that Christmas presents are done I can get back to working on my DD quilt. I really hate to applique.
I am doing it on the machine and am not liking any of the results. I also have a KING size quilt to do for DS,
following that by some bibs for the new baby. I already have a list that runs until NEXT Christmas!


Janice - have you tried right-clicking on the picture, and choosing "Save as", or "open"? Have you recently changed something on your browser (IE, Google Chrome, FireFox)?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

OK Janice!! NOW that's a post I can identify with!! LOL...

We were in Tri-Cities yesterday (where my family is: Sister & husband, my kids, Dad etc...an hour away from Othello) and my 4 year old grandson "tackled" my husband when he was totally UNprepared for it. Sorry, but when you have an artifical leg and a replacement knee the last thing you need is to get pushed. BOTH of them went down, my husband is a hurting unit. I talked to my son just now and grandson is fine. I feel so bad for my husband, he's in pain and we have the studio to try and finish the small remodel on this month. We were hoping to get it DONE and rerented for the income, this will sure slow us down.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I need to get back to work but wanted to say that I got Pigma pens for Christmas and bought myself and 2 other quilters Quilt label books for Christmas. I bought fabric and I'm going to practice on a few labels. Anybody need a label?? I have several books full and I have bought 2 different KINDS of colored markers plus now have the colored pigmas. Shoot me a Dmail with information like quilt color etc, etc.


ah Pat....... 4 yo GSs are so unpredictable........ glad he's ok, but SO sorry your DH is a hurtin' unit!!!
I know he's forgiven your GS, but ouch!

(Marion) Havana, FL(Zone 8b)

I cringed when I read that Pat. I thought about how I would feel if I were to get pushed down right now and I don't have anything like your husband is dealing with. Thankfully my GDs are older and understand that grandma has a "sore"leg. I do, however, have trouble with the youngest girl, she likes to sit on my lap. That part is fine but a certain part of her anatomy is very "sharp" and she always manages to hit my leg just right. LOL

Quiet day here. New modem came for our internet connections so am hoping it will resolve some of our existing issues.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh Pat, I hope your hubby will be better soon! I know that 4 year olds can act out on a whim, and they are so quick!


so quick, and stronger than they look, too!

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Sending prayers for quick healing for Ben. Hope this goes away quickly. Glad you got your pens though. I know you have wanted them for a while now...

Fort Worth, TX

Well, I'm still here, still trying to keep critters warm as winter has come to Texas. Christmas was nice but icy. Sewing, Almost got that bathrobe done at 1:30 am Christmas eve, but that daughter didn't make our family gathering due to ice.

I skimmed through all the messages. MorknotMindy, my chickens have to make due with straw. And a closed coop. Wish I'd have gotten it closed earlier on Christmas, I lost one probably to the rapid weather change.

My hands are way way too full... Happy New Year!

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

OWIE for Ben that sucks !!! sure hope he gets felling better soon SOON give him gentle get better hugs from all of us ....LOL at least he might get a giggle from that?? LOL ♥♥♥


lol I think he might at that, Thunder! lol

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I'll be sure to pass along your hugs and well-wishes. He went to HomeDepo this afternoon and waited for over an hour to get a motorized cart and discovered they were ALL in use or abandoned in the store because the battery needed charging. He would have come home without ANY of the supplies we needed but Meanie me told him to ask a clerk to "be a gopher" and get the stuff! $150 later, we have 2x2s, paint and liquid nails, now to start furring out the brick wall.

I've spent most of the day cleaning cabinets and prepping for paint.


he waited Over An Hour? I'd have been Long Gone by then............ omygoodness!
Well, at least you're on your way to working on the wall, etc....

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ya, he has waited longer... he just can't walk it. It's too far.

Everything's washed and tomorrow after church I'll start spackling, sanding and priming.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Too bad we don't live closer, Pat. I'd be over to "play" with you in a minute. I finished most of my paining yesterday. Just need to do the shutters & door trim. Too chilly to paint today but should be able to finish up Mon & Tues. Hopefully the rain will hold off Wed & my handiman & I can get started on hanging the new siding. And I do need to finish the interior painting I started months ago. Just the inside of the front door & some baseboard. Prob 3 hrs work at most. Maybe I can get it finihed "this year"!!!!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, dropping in for quick 'hi'
Tikes it's 47 here but it's still better than snow at home..

Hope Ben is feeling better today and you get can that project done.

Made a quick trip to Sanibel Island to 3 Crafty ladies, all very Florida, ended up with a new product by the yard (new to me) which you iron on fabric..makes them waterproof, bought enough for 2 bags..then needles/patter to knit out of fabric the cutest patterns!

Heading to flea market this morning, breakfast at IHOP then to quilt lovers hangout fabric shop if the hours they post for Sunday opening is within the time frame we are in that area.. Looking for new patterns and ideas..want to pick up blackboard fabric as well..full day so off I go

Ahhh did manage last night to take my new saphire machine out of the box..who knows, might get to sew tonight

Enjoy the day

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Betty - ahhhhhhhhh, new machine!!!! It will just purrrr along. And 47 is nothing to complain about the last week of Dec!!!! Will prob be 60 tomorrow AM where you are.

Has anyone used: www.quiltshops.com/ Supposed to be able to locate any fabrics for sale on-line. It actually worked for a fabric I was trying to locate.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Several years ago I used fabshophop.com to find unusual fabrics I was looking for. Couldn't believe how many replies I got and on the week-end too.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Karen, meant to say just how much I loved those bean bags you made..yikes what a tremendous amount of work..makes you feel good though when you see the kids so enjoying.

Waiting for neighbor to come so we can start our day.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Thanks Betty, All the grands and greats now have one. I'm all set until the younger ones get a bit bigger and then need the larger size. The little ones are ok until they are about 4. The bigger ones are good for a long time. I am getting requests for really big ones from the young adults, I guess I'll have to work on expanding the pattern.

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Just got home from Joanns. Kinda funny, I was so all about getting one of those 10% discount cards, and they wont let you combine it with any other coupon. Well heck, I would never buy anything from joanns with just 10% off, I always wait for the coupons. Receipt says I saved 237.00$, so Ill just be happy with that. Im still the most most proud of my receipt from belks the other day, when I saved 679.00. I had a line of people behind me that were all impatient, then she handed me the receipt and said how much I saved and everyone just gasped. I put a big smile on my face and off I went for some more power shopping. I only do it one day a year.
I was hoping to get some good fabric from fabric.com, but they had almost no fabric on sale, and what they did have, any that I liked showed 0 quantity. I didnt need it anyway. Since I abandoned my shopping cart, they did send me a coupon code for an extra 15% off on top, its good for two weeks, so hopefully they will put something else on sale.
Im so looking forward to a new year. I know 365 days cant ll be good, but it gives me incentive to work on myself and my house this coming year, take the elder care and health issues one day at a time. Hopefully we will all have some new and exciting things to post in the upcoming year.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I was going to go to JoAnn's today but decided to just wait till next weekend & get the 25% off. I was only going to get thread today & I have enough to last me at least 6 mo!!!!!

quiltfabriccloseouts.com is having a great 2 day sale. A lot of decent quality for $3yd. I just need some fabric to practice some quilting techniques, like feathers and other designs that I need to "think" about. I can always cut the pieces up when I'm done & put them back together as a type of "quilt as you go".

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