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Hello there,

Is this bamboo? It's a bit hard to see clearly from the photo. And does could anyone recommend an indoor tree?

Thank you!

Thumbnail by SAFA76
Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Does look like bamboo, but I don't think that's a good indoor plant choice.
A palm is sort of similar and much easier to find and care for. The kind of palm that we around here always see included in shipments of large indoor tropicals. It has many stems and they end in divided leaves that look like a lot of grass blades lined up.

Municipality of Murr, PA

Also in that picture, SAFA76, notice the scale of those plants. They appear to be in a large atrium, possibly in a commercial building lobby.
I'd also recommend any type of Dracaena which does well in a home environment. They have tall stems and can get quite tall.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Bamboo isn't the best plants for indoors, as Sallyg mentioned. For a similar look, go for a Rhapis excelsa or R. humilis which are readily available in the trade and much easier to maintain.

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