Gazanias - Best of the sub-tropical groundcovers?

Hoolehua, HI(Zone 14)

These colorful plants seem to grow with very little attention and, as you can see in the attached photo taken in Hawaii, they come in a range of colors. Of course maybe they do even better in California or Texas or Florida where subtropicals can be grown. I'd be interested in hearing. Aloha, Pat McNally of Molokai

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Gazanias were once quite popular here. (San Francisco Bay Area) They grow well.
30+ years ago the trailing types were limited to the grey leaf sort that got bare in the center as it aged, so these lost popularity. When the variety 'Mitsua Yellow' was developed it was sort of too late. "Oh, no. Not Gazania" the client would say, and nothing I would say would change their mind.
The clumping types were also popular for small scale ground cover, but as ground cover they are not very good. Great array of colors, superb in a smaller grouping, rock garden, mixed perennial bed... but again, once they had a bad reputation they just could not be sold.

This is not to say they are not grown anymore, just not so popular.

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