Citrus leaf miners - let them be???

Hoolehua, HI(Zone 14)

Recently we transplanted some potted young citrus trees into larger pots and then moved them out into the sun, gardening here in Hawaii. The plants flushed out with a burst of new growth and looked great for several weeks and even started to set some fruit. Then trouble hit in the form of leaf miners. These microscopic fellows riddled almost every leaf with their destructive tunneling. My question is - are the sources right that say, "Let them be. Just allow benificial predator insects to the rescue naturally." Thanks for the help. Patrick of Molokai, Hawaii.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

If it was just a leaf or two I would say remove that leaf before the miner emerges to continue spreading the population. But since almost all the leaves are affected, you cannot do that.
Be nice if there was a repellant that would keep the adults away so they could not lay their eggs on the leaf.

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