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What flower is this?

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I grabbed a few packets of flower seeds a few months ago and planted them. One variety was the typical Black Eyed Susan, but I lost the seed packet or the other type of flower. Therefore I don't have a name for it and it began to flower recently and it is very pretty. I am hoping someone can help me identify it by name.


Thumbnail by SavvyDaze Thumbnail by SavvyDaze
Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

How about Rudbeckia 'sonora'.
Not exactly common black-eyed susan, but black-eyed susan non the less.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Domehomedee, that is what I was thinking as well, but didn't want to say it, because I wanted to see if anyone else thought the same thing. Thanks!

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

It also looks like one called "Denver Daisy" here in Colorado. This isn't a nick name - I guess it is its legal trade-marked name.

Antioch, TN

African daisy? Annual- not tall enough for rudbeckia

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Quote from pollengarden :
It also looks like one called "Denver Daisy" here in Colorado.

Yeah, they do look very similar, but there seems to be a lot more burgundy in the center. Maybe once mine matures, it will develop more burgundy in the center as well.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Quote from velmansia :
African daisy? Annual- not tall enough for rudbeckia

I think this particular plant got stunted because my dogs dug up a mole tunnel and in the process dug up this plant. It happened about a month ago. One of the other ones planted in a pot had one stem about 1 1/2 feet long but it withered about 3 nights ago cause I accidentally left it outside when it rained and the temp got around 34 F.

P.S. I grew up in Hermitage, TN. I had a lot of friends that lived in the Antioch area. :) We used to spend lots of time at the Hickory Hollow Mall lol

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I think the greenery looks more rudbeckia than african daisy. And african daisies are much shorter, they are perennial here in CA and it seems to me the leaves are lobed. They really do look like the "Denver Daisy" image files online and it is a rudbeckia.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I ran across some pictures of the other plant I was talking about earlier that my dogs dug up. I snapped this pick before I planted it in ground. This is the same kind of plant as in the pictures above. Maybe it will help us figure out what it is. Excuse the dead leaves LOL

Oh yeah, the leaves are hairy if that helps any :-)

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Thumbnail by SavvyDaze Thumbnail by SavvyDaze
Brisbane, Australia

the lambs brain looking flower in the middle?

anyone know what it is? would love to plant some.


Thumbnail by flamemark
Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I think this is a Celosia cristata

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

The "brainy" flower is a Celosia argentea var. cristata cultivar (and the ones in the foreground are Gerbera daisies).

For future reference, please start a new thread when requesting ID of a new plant (do not post at the end of an older, unrelated thread).

Brisbane, Australia

wow! thanks very much for the quick answers.

off to the garden shop :-)

Sudbury, Canada

I saw this flower growing on our farm in central Israel, what idea what it is?


Thumbnail by MrShlomi
Bristol, United Kingdom

Eucalyptus. Could you please start a new post for new id's

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