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Happy Holidays

Athens, PA

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a better 2013.

We had Christmas last night over at my Dad's house. I did take some pictures last night of my pond, but they did not come out very well. Here are the pictures I took this morning - check out my car - it is buried.

I am not a snowbunny, so definitely thinking about our warmer weather friends. Perhaps you could start some threads with pictures of your ponds, so those of us in Snow Heaven can enjoy warmer ponding days via your ponds?

Did any of you get something for your ponds for Christmas?

Hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year.

Thumbnail by Carolyn22 Thumbnail by Carolyn22
(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Your yard looks about like mine. After a brief cold snap (below zero) it jumped to +40. My pond is like yours, partially thawing. It seems like spring outside but I know that will reverse itself soon. January and February are usually the coldest for us, but we are gaining sunlight each day having passed December 21st, the longest night-shortest day.

Thanks for the pics. I also look forward to seeing some ponds further south, although it is always interesting to me to see ponds in the upper 48 with similar weather to ours.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Looks beautiful but I don't envy you at all. Actually makes me shiver.
It went down here today to 60 but I'm sure we will get a cold snap and have to cover all the plants one of these days.
A couple of nights dipping down to 27 is not unusually during the winter here. I drap out all the landscape blankets and cover all my most precious plants and the others I just hope will make it. I have 250 feet but that won't cover everything but I try.
Keep warm you two and i hope your fish stay healthy.

Athens, PA

Bonnie - I get cold looking at it too.

Mary - you are + 40 and we are at +29. Something not quite right with that picture.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

It wont stay this warm for long. The roads are ice covered so would prefer a little colder.

Athens, PA

Somehow, I think this snow is here to stay. We are supposed to go down into the single digits at the end of this week. Ugh!

I miss the greenery, the sound of waterfalls, open windows, birds singing and sitting out back with the fish.

Thumbnail by Carolyn22
Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Thats exactly what I did for a few minutes today. Sat and watched the fish. Then I did a lot of pruning to the hedge of Carolina jasmine that WAS on my front fence. Got carried away and now it is down to the ground but I'm sure will start up again.
Fish were peppy and came to the top but water was to cold to feed so I promised them tomorrow I will get them some plain cherrios as I tried it once and they loved them.
Carolyn, keep thinking spring and it will come sooner.

Athens, PA

Bonnie -

I hear you, but it won't be here soon enough to please me.

DH has made videos over the years of our pond so that I can watch them in the winter. There is something about hearing the waterfalls and watching the fish that is so soothing.

Happy New Year to everyone.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Happy New Year to you all! We are almost around the corner to spring...

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Went beserk yesterday with clippers so this is todays work. Hadn't been trimed for 5 years. Other side still standing may get lighter trim. LOL It's Carolina jasmine and confederate jasmine that got intertwined over the years. I'm lucky chain link fence held up.
I'll cover it with mulch and lots of composted manure and I'm sure it will come back. If not it will get replanted in spring.

Thumbnail by BonnieGardens Thumbnail by BonnieGardens Thumbnail by BonnieGardens
Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Mary2 and Carolyn stay warm! I love looking at snow, I just don't want to live in it again. My blood has thinned far too much! I've been in Florida for 35 years. Although I love visiting the snow belt of Ohio, I'm sure I'll stay somewhere a little less harsh.
Bonnie, I don't know WHERE you get your energy! I feel like I'm never caught up! I had one small holding pond of fish, that I seriously neglected, so some have ulcers now. I've been using different strategies on different fish, so I know which one works best should any of my large good fish ever get one. The weather has been warm the past few days, so it's been nice having a few days off to work on things. January is always my busiest month, so starting Monday I'll be working non-stop, unfortunately not in my yard! :)
Happy New Year to all of you! Stay warm, stay healthy!

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Well,l I would say "you too" but I guess that is a given. We are still sitting in the low 40's and the pond is melting bit by bit. I doubt it will stay that way but I see what I hope are leaves melted into the ice and not gold fish.

Athens, PA

Mary Stella - you continue to be warmer than I am. Single digits last night and the high today was about 26 degrees.

Every time I walk by my pond, I look into the areas where the deicers keep open to see if I can see any fish swimming about. Yesterday, I was able to see my Showa from above on my back porch.

I too wish I had Bonnie's energy. By the time I get home from work, I generally don't feel like doing anything.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Appreciate all your wonderful comments but it's really not true anymore. I worked from 9 to 1 today and got all yard lites taken down and put away and then cleaned up all cut shrubs inside yard. Then came in got a shower and crashed on my nice little bed and had a nap. Went to church for our Wed. night supper, helped clean up kitchen and then was glad to be done for the day. I can remember the days when I could work from dawn to dark and never stop. Those days are gone but I try to keep going at a steady pace even if it is slower.
Tomorrow I think my grand sons are coming over and hopefully we will get a lot more work done. Same ones that helped me dig the pond with their dad. They are wonderful helpers when they have free time which isn't often. They don't go back to school until Jan. 7. Their mom is always glad to drop them off to me and I appreciate their help. Sitting and playing video games all day doesn't train kids to work in my humble opinion. The real world is work. As a kid i was never made to do a thing I just grew up liking to work and I'm still that way. Guess it just gives me self satisfaction.
Wait until you retire, you will be busier than when you worked. I would never have closed down my window treatment bus. if I had orders to keep me going but it hasn't worked out that way but 30 years is better than nothing and before that office work primarily which I also enjoyed.
Work really is a blessing.
OK all you snow bound, keep warm and make a snowman for us down here who can't.

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