This looks like a plumeria, can anyone ID?

Vieques, PR

I spotted this plant on a remote rock promontory on the Caribbean in Vieques, and brought it home.

Planted outside since, for about two years, it has yet to bloom but has more than doubled in size, to a current height of about 15 inches.

I'd never seen another like it before, and have yet to --no one seems to know it.

Anyone recognize it?

Much obliged for any information you might provide.

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, it's a Plumeria - which one I can't say - believe it will have to bloom to accurately i.d. it. I have some huge Plumeria plants that are years old and have never bloomed - no idea why, so I wait patiently - they will bloom when they're ready!

Vieques, PR

Thanks, Kay --and Happy New Year!

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Happy New Year to you - it's starting off to be a good one for you!! Keep posting pictures so we can all enjoy your Plumeria!!!

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

I have a sp. Alba plumeria that I grew from seed...yours greatly resembles it. The only difference that I can tell is the leaves on yours look a bit wider, but it could just be the 'up close' photo shot.
The sp. Alba is an evergreen.

Vieques, PR

Thanks for the input, Chell. By "evergreen" you mean doesn't drop leaves seasonally, right? This one has dropped and not dropped, but I think the dropping may have been transplant stress. I'm looking up 'Alba', thanks.

Vieques, PR

Some photos of p. alba match well, others don't.

The leaf nodes on mine are much more closely than those on ClareCA's nice shots in PlantFiles. But she certainly provided MUCH better growing conditions than I have --and presumably more friendly than those mine found in its niche on a rock point right on the Caribbean, sprayed with salt by trade winds and dried by 18 degree N latitude sun.

Clare's shot of alba's leaf aside various other plumeria leaves makes me think mine's alba.

So, perhaps my find is not rare, but I'll raise her as a Caribbean native "pioneer", with a personal story.

Picture's attached were taken on the beach where I found her. First is not the same rock point, but one at the other end of the same beach. The "soil" is what collects on a bubbly, glassine lava with edges so sharp you could slice off a toe if you tried to run. Second is from back in the sea grape grove at the dune line.

Wish I were there right's freezing here in Washington DC!!

Google map here:,+Vieques,+Puerto+Rico&hl=en&ll=18.092112,-65.444288&spn=0.001356,0.001845&sll=37.6,-95.665&sspn=36.77597,60.46875&oq=esperanza,&t=h&hnear=Esperanza,+Puerto+Real,+Vieques,+Puerto+Rico&z=19

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Tucson, AZ

which island?

Vieques, PR

Vieques --otherwise known as La Isla Nena ("Kid Sister Island") in Puerto Rico. Between Puerto RIco and St. Thomas, part of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Try this link:


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