What's happening in your neck of the woods 2013 !!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thought I'd move us over here since we're embarking on a NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!


We came from here



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Victoria Harbour, ON

Thanks "M"'

Just getting ready to call it a day but thought I'd drop in to wish everyone the very best for 2013!


Bless you all, now and in the New Year. My fondest wish & prayer is that 2013 will bring Peace, Happiness, and a Joy in life such as you have never experienced before!
Happy New Year!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Well ... it's 2013 !!
May each and every one of you find Health, Peace and Prosperity in this new year .. but .. most of all SUBLIME HAPPINESS ^_^
You have all become such 'good friends', and, I cherish each of you for your diversity, but, mostly for your honesty.
We expect to 'meet' people in our lives that nourish us and provide us with the fuel to forge ahead on our journeys .. I have to say .. Betty, Susan, ViAnn, AbANN, Linda et al .. you have fed me and helped me in ways you may not be able to understand or grasp.
Just know I am thnakful to have you in my life ..

I actually STAYED up til 1230am .. the poor dogs were so confused .. MOM does NOT stay up very much past 8:30pm .. they are used to laying with me and watching me read ..
I also had a glass of champagne, have not had any alcohol for 2 years, and, I know why .. today, I have a headache, and, I think the champagne is the culprit !!

Using up EggNog today .. have found several bread/loaf recipes .. hate to throw it out .. and .. of course, I bought TWO Litres !!!

Enjoy your day .. Spiral ham today .. !!


Victoria Harbour, ON

Happy New Year to all..

Wishing you all the very best for 2013..
Know that as we wish each other the very vest not always is it the outcome ... So here we come on this thread for support of our on/line Dg friends..a friendly and welcoming group of people. We share our daily routine, laughs and sadness...I too want you to know you all hold a special place inmmy life!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Happy New Year everyone.

A bit of a lazy morning. After making pancakes for the gang, they went sliding and I spent some time entering dates in my 2013 calendar. I have most of them in my Google calendar, but need a paper copy too. Actually, I still need to enter them in my pocket calendar.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

SHOOT!! Thanks for the reminder ViAnn .. I have done my 'daily journal' binder up til March 2013, but, completely forgot to enter IMPORTANT dates (Bdays/Anniv etc) on a 2013 wall calendar. We have three, so, will have to choose the one that will be the ALPHA calendar and be put up in the kitchen.
A task for this afternoon. At present I am DEChristmasing the house .. seems to take hours to do it pre the 25th, and , so fast to put away !

Feels like a Sunday to me ... since it's a holiday day, I think I'll look up some laundry ^-^



Victoria Harbour, ON

Seeing its a bit too hot outside I'm in while the girls go playing at the pool, so will try quilting with that new sewing machine making sure it works before heading home.

But I could follow your example "m" and do laundry.

Imagine 22 years has passed as of 11:48 tonight that roger passed on..so keeping busy is a must..always get teary eyed through the day..one can almost recall what went on hour by hour on this day..

Off to play


(((((((Betty))))))))) Holding you in love, and tenderness, on this day as on all days....
Marilyn - thank you so much for the sentiments. As you said, and I agree, you have no idea how much your words mean to me.... they touch me deeply..........
I won't name all who have touched my heart, as I fear to miss anyone, and you ALL are deep in my heart and prayers. With Grateful Thankfulness - I love you all!

siiiiiiiigh found out yesterday that yet another of the plants in the sanctuary is gone - the large Christmas cactus. And of course the brass plant stand. Bob looked all through the church and in the garbage cans in case, like the two ferns, it was thrown away. Nada. The cactus had been there for many years, and bloomed beautifully. It was there on Christmas Eve, but not New Year's Eve during the day. This now brings to a total of items gone from the church since last May:

Memorial plaque mostly filled with people's names in Living or Loving memorial;
2 large ferns & brass plant stands
1 large Christmas cactus & brass plant stand
1 "box step" for a short person to stand at the podium to say scriptures
1 stand for the Bible on communion Sunday when we need to move the Bible off the communion table
1 set of musical notes decorations for the choir to put on the tree
2 windows' sets of curtains from the downstairs hall (There are 17 windows, with 3 panels per window, and now two are missing curtains)

My feeling is that someone is suffering from dementia and taking these things. I feel badly for them. One other Board member says I'm seeing "pie in the sky" when I worry about this person, rather than getting upset they're "stealing" from the church. I try to live the Lord's way, and I will still worry, although I am distressed someone is feeling they need to take things from the church for whatever reason........
Please help me pray for this person(s).

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Betty .. please accept my hug as well .. memories, although good, can, at times, make us sad ..

Susan, sounds as though you might need to set up some kind of a surveillance camera to catch the culprit. Stealing is stealing .. who knows, it could be someone off the street just being malicious .. it'd be nice to know one way or another so a course of action could be decided upon.

As always .. it's COLD here .. off to town early to have the dogs groomed .. then off to meet a friend with a Westie .. first time meeting with our 2 and theirs .. ought to be a situation !! LoL Will try for a pic or two ^_^

ViAnn .. ended up taking me the better part of 90 minutes to transfer the 'events etc' from the 2012 calendar to the 2013 .. never realized what a tedious task it could be. BUT .. it is done !!!

Made pea soup after supper last night, left it in the slow cooker overninght .. looks good this morning .. supper is taken care of !!!

Off I go .. slow and steady


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all,

80 here, sure hate the thought of heading north tomorrow, oh well, got to go home sometime.maybe next year I'll spend the winter..who knows.

Think I might go to Joann's, pick up a few last minute things..have to mail a package to Mexico

Pea soup sounds yummy and warms the body..might make a batch when I get home

Well if I'm going road running best I get above on

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Safe travels home Betty ...

The 'dog visit' went well! It was a bit tense the first few moments, but, after that the 3 Westies settled down .. took 8 pics, only TWO turned out properly .. there was so much action :-)
Duchess, the Westie we visited, is not groomed (owners choice) so, the pic of her shows a long coat, but, she is sure a cutie ^_^

Won't be long out of bed .. was up at 6am !!! Tomorrow it's off to see the prosthetist for Lorna .. another adjustment to her prosthesis .. I think she may be on road to her FINAL leg .. I had thought this was her final, but, apparently not ..

Went to Sears, have decided on the fridge and freezer .. will likely go in tomorrow and have it ordered .. have to have the cupboards moved up at least 5.5inches .. not happy about that, but, gotta do it .. step stool time.

Busy days ahead .. am hoping 2013 slows down a bit !!


1 pic is Duchess, the hostess of the party :-)
2 pic .. the 3 Westies ..

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Marilyn - it has to be someone who has a key to the church. Couldn't afford a surveillance camera... but maybe one of the "fake" ones........ hmmmmmmm

awwwwww puppies are so cute! Love the pic of Duchess!!

Betty - how long are you taking to return? Hope it's a nice, safe, and leisurely drive.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Susan .. at least that 'narrows down' the list of 'suspects'. Course, could be someone got hold of a set of keys from someone ?

Windy morning, which means a chilly day .. headlines of todays paper speaks of our lack of snow and the price the ski hills and snow mobiling clubs are paying. Memebrships are way down. Who would have thought that would EVER happen in NWestern Ontario !

Have a great day


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Susan- sad if someone is steeling those things from your church. Is it wide open during the day? My church is unlocked only if there are activities going on though the secretary can see the front entrance from her office - also has a buzzer to open the one door that our fobs open. But if she's there alone, it's safer for all if the place is locked and there have been thefts in the past though not since security measures were put in place. Is there any possibility that the missing items have just been relocated?

Surveillance cameras help, as do windows. At our church, the biggest issue is kids from the high school across the street doing drugs in the darker spots. Mind you, the entire back parking lot is now rented out in the daytime and that doesn't leave a lot of space for the kids. And after the renovation, there are windows back there too.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I finally made my choice, and, on Jan 16 my new ALL fridge, and Upright freezer will arrive .. hopefully FULLY intact and WORKING LoL
Been quite the 2 month battle of the mind over the 'space' .. Gord is still not convinced the units will look OK .. I tend to be more positive ..
We'll see ..

After I posted this morning, I turned the radio on on heard that TBAY is hosting over 300 Cross Country skiers for Canadian Championships .. so .. I guess the bad news pertains to just down hill skiers and the snow sleders ...

Best get a shuffle on



Our church is locked even when the secretary is there. Only open when there are events on. This isn't when the items are going missing.
Windows aren't an issue. These items seem to go missing in the evening, so it's not the elementary school next door.
People assure us they don't lend their keys out.
Anyway, enough about the church - I feel it will be what it will be........

Well, time to get ready for choir practice!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I just got back from bell practice, but there won't be choir practice until next week. Wasn't gonna have a bell practice either until we have three snowstorms in 8 days. Decided if we could get one in, it would be one in the bag in case we have to cancel later in January. We've got some challenging music coming up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHPkY0IVgIY We are using the optional oboe with it too.


Wow VAnn............ I love that piece! What's the name of it?
As a former bell director, I know how difficult that piece would be to learn. An oboe, too? yikes!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hope Betty likes coming home to snow ...
Thing is, it's the WIND .. blowing at a quick pace here, bout blew me and my shopping cart across the Safeway parking lot, had I let go of said cart I am sure it would have crashed into someones car !!!

Took the vehicle to a new car wash to wash it .. will be going back for sure .. it's a 'do it yourself', but, not one where you feel forced to rush.
Even got to wash the floor mats, they were majorly groddy ..

Read in the paper that several folks have been 'duped' in a computer scam. Beats me how anyone would allow a phonecaller to access their computer. The caller accesses/ghosts, your computer .. proceeds to LOCK up your computer and then asks you for your charge card number in order to UNlock it, once you do that .. poof, they are gone, but, they still have access to your computer ..

Making sandwiches for a funeral reception tomorrow, best get at it as they'll be picked up in a few hours



Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Uggggggg ...
Took the meds last night as required, but, this week, well .. not feeling so well .. rumbly tummy and kinda tired ..
BUT .. am cooking a lasagna and a beef stroganoff for tomorrow, having company.
Just Murray and family, he and wife Alison will be moving the one set of kitchen cupboards up to accomadate the new appliances.

Jumped on to see if Betty had made it back to Canada ..

Enjoy your weekend



Marilyn - don't know why someone would allow to be duped that way, but it takes all kinds.....
Betty is back home, safe & sound.
having company tomorrow sounds good - as long as you don't overdo!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Waving to all,

Got home this afternoon, thought I'd rest, that lasted 5 minutes..

Trying to de-Christmas the house because I want to play with my new sewing machine tomorrow..left all my summer clothes in Florida because I'm going back next month, only had travelling clothes to wash..that is done!

Sorry to hear meds are playing havoc with you 'M'.know you feel you must get ready for the new appliances but got to look after you first.

Susan, are you up to no good today? Lol. Bet you are not

Back to the tree and a coffee


I'm de-Christmasing my home too, Betty. I'm doing good stuff today....... so tired though.
I finally got to sleep in for once - 9:30 this am!!
My neighbour called me over today to give me something. She had given me a purse in Oct, and kept the wallet and change purse that went with it. Today she gave me the wallet & change purse.
While I was there they also gave me some Ganoderma "coffee beverage" - 2 of Mocha, and of Latte, plus a "black coffee". I like Ganoderma, so that's good!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Welcome back Betty. Good to see you made it home all in one piece ^_^

I am really my OWN worst enemy in the meds dept. I SHOULD have had a REST day on Saturday, but, I pushed the envelope. Only ME to blame.

I 'think' the house is finally 'de-Christmased', having said that i think I'll round a corner and spy an angel or so garland LoL
Yesterday I went into one of the bathrooms and realized the Xmas hand towels and soap were still out.

Going to be A day here .. am so torn about moving UP these cupboards in the kitchen, but, it HAS to be done, just hope it's an easy move!

Enjoy your Sunday


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

The XMAS towels are the lurkers that you will find later. Well, Epiphany party is over, we'll take the tree down this afternoon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Mornimg, which one of you lovely ladies sent the snow my way??

Wasn't ready for it...

Snowing like crazy, Greg and Kyle will be thrilled, hard going yesterday as the trails needed another foot or so, bet they have it today.

Even though I took little out this year it seems everywhere I go to dust I find something that needs to be put away

Yikes, two weeks of dust, one wouldn't think there would be any but there was.

Township plow just went by, not sure when my plow,an will be here, might have to go shovel, NOT looking forward to that. Drats, have to give him $600 for the winter season...always seems someone has their hand out

"m" shaking my finger, sit and rest, you know you must so no fighting it or you shall pay later

Dust is calling me

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Betty .. I found out what caused MY dust problem .. I needed to change the filter in the furnace !!!
WOW .. it was pretty much occluded with DUST .. hadn't changed it since OCTOBER !!
So, now I have it marked on the calendar to change it the last day of every month.

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! We SO need it. Lorna's parents are getting it as well, they had to cancel the bridge party they were hosting this afternoon.
It is bitterly cold here .. in the -20s with wind chill, supposedly HEATING up to a balmy -5C during the week sometime.
The only winter sport 'making the grade' is Cross Country skiing.
Do so hope your plough guy shows up and does a good job. If we use the farm fellow here he charges by the plough out ..but, now Lorna has her machine, and she does it.



Victoria Harbour, ON

Stopped snowing around noon, wet snow, bit more than a foot. Township plow put about 2' at the entrance, thank goodness Andrew now waits till they've passed otherwise he would have to come back.

Had to pay him today $600 for the season...ouch but I'd never be able to shovel or snowblower so I'd better stop crying. He had such a smile, said he was about to go find my son..said he'd been here over past 3 weeks and no signs of life, car hadn't moved either..someone told him a Mrs Pauze (Roger's mom) had died and he was starting to think it might be me. He drove in saw the car had been cleaned and moved and then I came out. He said he didn't think I'd been ill . Told him I've aches and pains bu still around. Lol

Doesn't take much snow to cripple the city.

Did the cupboards get moved?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WHEW .. cupboards are moved WAY up to the ceiling, and look awesome there, took Murray and Alison all of an hour to complete the task .. now I can move my present fridge out and clean under it!!

Betty, nice the fellow was concerned about you .. and I do remember you saying Roger's Mom had passed away, so I guess he would have been wondering ..
Just can't fathom the fact you have gotten so much snow, and, I do believe ViAnn may have as well .. my nephew in Mntrl is out shoveling again !!
We are expecting RAIN this week !!

Off to watch a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds, love watching the Seanon DVDs with NO COMMERCIALS !!!

Hope everyone has a super upcoming week, and, anyone of Ukrainian heritage .. enjoy the celebrations leading up to your Xmas ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Was just thinking "M" that I'm following family tradition today, being Little Christmas" in putting Christmas away!

Hard to believe you are getting rain while I'm getting snow..something wrong with the picture.

Glad all went well with the cupboards..you never know what can go wrong doing such a project. Hear your minds at work again, remember you are suppose to be resting.

Time to call it a day..work tomorrow..yikes, don't know how I'll do sitting all day..best I not forget my painkillers.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hope your day is going well for you Betty .. I am now SURE all the Christmas stuff is packed away .. watered house plants today and saw no ornaments or bric a brac anywhere ^_^

Took 90% of the 'bric a brac' OFF the fridge today though. My gosh how it accumulates, and, the thing is, it never actually LOOKED cluttered to me until I got the manets pics etc OFF .. now it looks wonderful !!
Have ANOTHER 'conundrum' happening .. 1) do I put the fridge on KIJIJI and try to sell it) 2) Do I go with the Ontario Power Authority and have them pick it up.
I called the OPA this morning, the fridge meets all the requirements .. BUT .. she couldn't give me a SOLID date that it would be picked up !! And, when I pushed for what month they were booking into, she told me to call back tomorrow !!!
I sure don't want the old fridge standing in the garage for a month or more !!! This is telling me that OPA has probably got one contractor per region picking up these fridges for recycling.

Planning on going out on the Mule this afternoon for a little ride about .. wind has come up, but, the temp gauge still reads +1C !!!



Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" was caught up by 11am and ready to play..am going to marry my painting and sewing skills into a quilt..if it turn out I'll make a few as christmas gifts...it's coming you know lol

has 3 strips of morning glories so now I sit at work tracing onto material and tomorrow will bring in paints..

I would put on Craigslist or Kijijji as there are many out there who aren't able to purchase new appliances and is in need of one...even if you say 'free to good home' it will save you the worry of getting rid of it.

Thumbnail by Bettypauze

Quote from Bettypauze :
I'll make a few as christmas gifts...it's coming you know lol

AHEM!! It's WHAT??????? no no no no no!!!!!!!!!! Don't DO that to me....... siiiiiiiiigh

Victoria Harbour, ON


Susan, tell me that when all of a sudden it's upon us. Lol

Cold out there this morning, calling for warmer temps over the next few day..not good for winter enthusiasts. My boys will be upset for sure if the rain they are calling for arrives..not enough snow for good riding as it is.

Off and running

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Susan .. like it or not, 'IT' will arrive WAY too fast, yet again ..
Am going to endeavour to try and buy gifts throughout the year, instead of 2 months or 6 weeks before ..

Another mild day here .. +6C expected .. am headed for town for some running around.

Got my booking for my MRI in the mail. 6am on Jan. 25/13, NOT looking forward to it, and WILL be taking some sedation prior to it. Am going to call the dept to see if my head will have to be enclosed in the machine for an MRI on my hip. I am hoping NO .. mind, the bone scan was very enclosed for about 15 minutes, and I was fine .. have NO clue why I have, of a sudden, become so claustrophobic !!

Best get a move on, hope everyone has a good day ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad you got the appointment so soon "M"

Have no idea either but twice I've had it recently, once in the MRI (doubt I'd go again) and then in Buffalo before Christmas, vehicle was packed, I wasn't well, girls went in while I stayed in the car, hear doors lock and windows/door wouldn't open and I freaked out..never had it before..hmm what is with that.

I'm on that mission as well with Christmas...Suzanne and I agreed that we'd make the effort each payday to put $50 in envelope and put it in the safe. Yesterday we remembered so today I'll put the $50 for last week as I wasn't here..if I made and bought here and there how easy it would be come November/December. I had 3 Christmas quilt tops ready to quilt so as soon as I get back into a routine I'll get them done. Also enought fabric for placemat sets..need something to keep me busy.

Dropped into Walmart this a.m. for fabric medium for paints, have a room filled with paints at home and would you believe no fabric medium, almost did the happy dance when I found one but it was thick and dry..drats

Now I'm on a mission once I eat the pancakes I picked up lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I am only thinking positively re the MRI .. if I don't, I won't go I'm sure ..
I hear ya re the 'claustrophobia' dilemma Betty, danged if I know what the heck happened.

Finding the fabric medium and then having it been DRY, well, not good.

Good idea re the $50./payday .. I TRY to do something like that, seems I get a tidy sum amassed , and, POOF, I need to 'borrow' from the Xmas Fund LOL ..

Busy day in the city .. got some good deals at Shoppers Drug mart though :-)

Take care all



I'm going to do the "Santa's Choice" thing this year - $15/week, and if we can't do it, we simply call and they put a hold on the withdrawals until we call again. One year I had to do that in August, and they still sent such a lovely hamper, based on what we wanted.

It's not claustrophobia, but I don't like going into office buildings "back stairs" cuz I've been "caught" in the stairway, and with the cement walls and steel doors no one can hear you if you can't get back to the floor... When it happened, I freaked out. Was on the 17th floor, and forgot my "swipe" to get back in.......

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I tend to think this 'feeling of fear' is caused by not being IN CONTROL of our surroundings ?
Like Susan, you feel you are trapped with no recourse. In her case it's the swipe card, and, with the MRI it's the fact others are making YOUR decisions.
Have heard from a few other folks, apparently my head will be OUT .. !!!

We got snow overnight! MAYBE an inch, but, temps to be +6C again ..

Cupboard cleaning time today .. at least I think so ..



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