Aussie Brugs for Summer 2013

Sydney, Australia

Wow how quick did that 2012 go ?

We came from

It's all quite in the Brug garden here right now, apart from sprouting and growing (three coldie babies are sitting up with the cork hats on- in this heat yikes). Hopefully they will drop the hats tonight, don't know what will happen in this heat though.
How are all your babies going everyone ?

Here is is ♪♪♪♥♥♥ January 2013 ! ♪♪♪♥♥♥


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Clifton Springs, Australia

This interesting flower arrived on the scene last year in's a Charleston x Apricot Queen.....It was really beaten up by the weather when it first flowered and it only had 2 flowers but I kept it to see what it does this year....this is the first one for this flush and as you can see it has brown spots due to being banged around and most of it's corolla tips have gone , but the inner skirt has very nice long is a creamy white after 5 days, no sign of any colour..
I couldn't tell about the perfume, it's way too high....
There are about 20 buds to come if they don't get fried on the weekend..

Allan, your Dorthea x Sam, lost it's buds on our 39C day, but it's budding up was a nice single pink, so I'm looking forward to it flowering was a more melon pink, different to the ones that I have..

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Sydney, Australia

You can see a hint of Apricot on the inner skirt Dianne, I bet it will be an apricot come Autumn, lovely !

Looking forward to seeing the other one too.


Merino, Australia

Hello all. Just finished potting up 20 new babies. They had a nice cool shower and will sit in the greenhouse for few days then join the others in the shadehouse.
Its getting very not here now so I wont do any more.

Dianne, thats a pretty bloom. Interesting to see how it progresses.

My coldies are all out under the ash tree in the shade. They can stay there all year round as there is enough room.
A couple of the sangs are still along the shadehouse because they put roots through the pots so I left them there.. They are over 6"high and have Y'd so I may see flowers later in the year.

Not much else being done as its too hot to be repotting big brugs. They will get their turn in autumn.

Enjoy your day

Sydney, Australia

Potting, potting, potting,like you Jean ...not the big ones, too hot !
just so many from brand new babies as well as the teens.

The really different ones, (I know, they are all special)and one of the newest lot are Shaun's experimental Aurea (form) x Culebra.
One of the smaller ones is kind of interesting, other than that, they just look like sturdy little babies. I think they won't display any Culebra traits until more mature (pretty sure I read that in the Brug Bible). Can't check because I broke my reading glasses.

Anyone else have these ones further along so we can see them ?
Shaun what about yours ...I am sure yours must be jumping by now.

I won't be starting any more seeds after the end of this month because you like them to have some good roots going before a possible early Winter.

The different cuttings from other gardens are all doing well, hopefully we will see some nice blooms in Autumn from them. ^_^

The little coldies were taken in to the enclosed verandah because of the oncoming heat, still have their hats on but they aren't right up yet, I will try hard with these ones now, out of curiosity.
I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Here are your special kids Shaun, just done ! ^_^


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Sydney, Australia

Here it comes ...good luck everyone for the coming week, stay cool, lets hope for no fires.
Fingers and toes crossed for our Homes,Gardens and Brugs.

Most of all be safe, we can't replace YOU ! ^_^


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Merino, Australia

Toasted brugs here after yesterday, but the babies are doing well as long as I keep them damp.
I was surprised to see how well they are looking and growing quickly..

Chrissy, at long last FFA has put out a Y so I may get to see him flower at last.


Sydney, Australia

Good on you Jean ...hope you get your blooms to open apt in this weather huh ?

Here come the first coldie babies ...(in this heat ?)

The one in this picture has shucked off it's hat, it's sibling is shucking it's hat off this morning ...hoping they do ok in this heat.
Can't believe I am trying them ...but who could resist this cross.

Here are the newborns starting up ...first babies out of this lot, since they have Arborea Genes in them they just might make it.
I know most of you have these ones, how are they going where you are ?

Good luck in the heat everyone. Be safe ...

(Lockwood 621 x sanguinea) x sanguinea x Arborea hyb. Alistair Hay.


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Merino, Australia

More toasted brugs, but the babies are doing very well in the greenhouse and shadehouse.
I am amazed at the larger brugs when you see some standing up quite well in the heat while right next to them , some will just fall over. .
Most recover in the evening but so many have all the tops toasted , so goodbye to any buds that may have been forming. Its definitely an autumn area for brugs to bloom here.
I am hoping they will all recover, but those that are really suffering will be tossed as its just not worth the trouble to nurse them when you never see any flowers.
Its in this extreme weather that the trusty aureas come through best.
My coldies are surprising me though. They are under a tree but still get morning sun . They are standing up better than a lot of the warmies of the same age.

Better get back out and finish watering . Its a beautiful morning but the heat will return soon.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Alistair's babies are fine so far, Chrissy

Jean is right, the sun doesn't worry them if they have cool feet, my 9ft now, one, is standing up well above the tin roof of the little fernery, it gets the reflected heat as well as the sun all day, but it doesn't burn, maybe it's something to do with the furry leaves...

Clementine is amazing me again, it didn't wilt and it's flowers weren't has some pretty flowers on it at the moment, will take a pic tonight....
FFA is lovely, Chrissy.......Jean, I hope your's opens up soon...

My A.Swingtime by Sam has opened this morning, it's a single, but the long petaloids inside might be promising a double in the future, it looks like A.Swingtime only single, but the colour might change later...pic tonight...

A.Swingtime really stamps it's offspring with it's shape, the 4 to flower so far, 3 have it's shape with the downturned petal tips.....I like it...

I'm looking forward to it's 2 x Mango Crush to flower again and there is a third one of that cross that hasn't flowered yet.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi there Guys have been super bisy and have just got a few min to report
the weather has been vicious in Melbourne hitting 40 2/3 days straight and then a day with about 30oC i had peeped all my gardens and had them well watered a week in advance of this hot few days i did have a few plants wilt which i expected and i also knew which ones would do it.
they were the cold group and 2 plants in the back of the yard where the sprinkler dose not hit very well but in the confusion i have noticed that there are a few seedlings just starting to 'Y' surprised me!

Chrissy my a(f)x.Cul have been doing well and they look really good i hope that there will be some trait that Culebra may drop of show up as the plant gets older and matures.
thanks for keeping me in the loop!

jean how are yours going????

Back in October i was starting the bean challange to see weather the beans and nitrigen would make the plants bloom quicker ??????
i now have a resault IT DOSE NOT HELP i have just noticed that the seedling that has no beans in it has 'Y'd for me eairlier then expected so it will look like i have a new seedling bloom in the Autumn. as yoiu can see the y is just starting

Pic 1 = Culebra
pic 2 = Y =Betty Marshall (seedling) x.Rosalla
pic 3 = Betty Marshall (seedling) x.Rosalla ====left (Bean) ===right (no Bean)

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Sydney, Australia

Oh boy ...the heat !

Question please ...the coldies are sending down a long root that hits the bottom of the cup (at least I think it is a tap root)

Do we treat these the same as the warm brugs ? do they fill the pot before we move them on or move them before the tap root may get broken.

It is very easy to pot on the warm ones because they have a mass of roots. Is it the same with these ? they tripled in size already and the long root has hit the bottom of the large cup. What to do ? It looks like a tap root is it ?

It all sounds very exciting down South ...less so here, we have spent all day preparing for possible fires, it will be the same as the Black Xmas fires were in 2001 when we were almost burned down. Hot Westerly Wind in mid 40C temps ...kind of nerve racking.
Good luck to all of us ...we may need it.


Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I just treat all my brugs the same . Coldies or warmies, they all get everything equally.
I have not noticed any difference in the root systems when I repot .
My coldies look better than some of the warmies of the same age. They seem to recover from the darn mite a lot quicker too.
I have a few sangs that are way up past the top of the shadehouse. They do go limp in the heat but dont go so crispy as the warmies . It must be the furry leaves.

Sydney, Australia

Thanks Jean ...that is good news ^_^

Still nervous about trying to grow coldies but yes, they are quicker than the warm seedlings, quite a surprise. I read somewhere on the net that they like slightly more acidic conditions and less water than the others. I am thinking sandy, compost, cow manure type medium next potting on. It worked for well for the Arborea.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Don't be nervous about the coldies, Chrissy...remember Alistair grows them....and we have found them to be very tough....they can take the heat.....I don't know about the less water, I haven't found that to be the case..
I've never even grown an Arborea and I've had no probs.

Here is the largest Clementine flower that has grown in my garden. putting it side by side with a smaller didn't give a true comparison, so I put them nose to nose....all the others are small except for this big one that has just opened. Maybe because the bush is growing so well, in future they will be big flowers....the growth has been amazing, considering it spent 2 yrs in a pot, it's as though it's saying 'I'm free" yippee...
Now if they all do that when they are put into the ground, Ray and I may as well move out...
All those giant coldies......oooohhhh scary...

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy just like the Girls said about the COLDIES just have fun with them they are more hardier then what people think.
I have a 15+ yo sanguinea that only gets watered via Mother Nature and not by the TAP
it was cut back very very hard in spring as it was looking a bit sad so i did this to rejuvenate the plant.
im sure that even over in the US were there a bit worried about growing them i think the biggest issue for them is getting the seedlings to germinate and then there on there way.

Dianne that miss Clementine looks like its going places for you this year the larger flower is very nice but as stated you cant really tell the size or i cant as i have not had it bloom for me ATM

Sydney, Australia

Thanks everyone ...whew we made it through the day ok ...36.6C here at 8 tonight !
Yes those coldies are outgrowing the others ! whew and in this heat ????

stay cool everyone ! a bit of relief expected here at midnight (hot wind still blowing here).


Merino, Australia

I wish I could predict as well as this whites or singles ..all doubles &
We should all jump in and buy them

Sydney, Australia

I think selling seedlings by known crosses is a good idea, BUT, I have a problem with the seller saying they will all be doubles, the no whites no singles is a lie, or pure ignorance from lack of experience. Apart from the Lies is selling germinated seeds, same as selling seeds but better, since the germination has been done (some gardeners are scared of that ). It's a shame to see, however it was predictable. What a pity they aren't just selling good crosses as seedlings, anyone who has grown hybrid Brugs knows the truth, some new gardeners may be very disappointed.

It is a fairly decent temp today only 26C after a night of 28C, we are still herebut cannot see the Blue Mountains for smoke. Rain is forecast so fingers crossed, we have been lucky ...not too much damage outside. Whew !
Everyone else ok ?


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Sydney, Australia

I forgot to say Jean that I hardly ever look at Ebay surprising what you see in there sometimes.
Thanks for the link ...Guess it will be interesting to watch the responses.


Sydney, Australia

The 40's continue over the weekend here much for Summer Brugs in 2013 *shrugs*


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

well chrissy i hope that the weather calms down for yuo next week then
Its a very nice day here and i am just watering ready for tomorrow's onslaught of high temps

most of the buds that were on plants dropped due to the very high temps earlier this week Pooo but am now waiting on a new set of buds to see come throw in the next few weeks fingersX.

Sydney, Australia

A bit over it all at the moment's the heat.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

It's just starting to happen here, at last GHA is opening....pic below.
The first of my FFAs has opened, same as every year, Chrissy, a single first, isn't it odd, just the one can see the petaloids inside but just the single corolla....
Alistair's seeds are very vigorous....Some of them will be getting a new home soon...
Waiting on some more flowers from the white double.....I can see whiskers.... :-)
If only the weather would stay mild for a few days....

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Merino, Australia

Dianne. GHA is covered in flowers here. He has made up for the rest period he had . There are so many new leaves coming to fill in the bald look.

For those of us waiting on Ludgers seeds, I hope they will soon arrive. It does take a while to get down here and I hope they hurry up.
Have to go out and water now, and I will get some pics of the brugs in their new place.

Merino, Australia

A couple of pics from this morning. ..

pic 1....some of the larger seedling brugs in their new area. The ones at the far left are the coldies.
You can see how they all get the morning sun, but will be shaded for the rest of the day.

pic 2....GHA going mad with flowers. He is getting very tall so flowers are up high now.

pic 3.....younger seedlings in the shadehouse.


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Sydney, Australia

Looking good ladies ...

Just a quick look at some of my newest babies ...I am thinking of holding off putting them out into the full Sun until the weather is more stable, better not to take a chance for me as we have had such sharp rises and falls in the temps and I have run out of any form of shelter for now.
Some of Alistair's babies pic 1 was the first ones and look at those cot leaves ! Huge ! ??? confusing in the heat pic 2 was the latest popping up 3 was left outside to see if they would survive the heat under the shade, guess they do (so far).
4 some mixed seedlings. These are on the verandah rail and get dappled morning Sun to start to harden them up. 5 same.


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Sydney, Australia

Here are Allan's Double White (the big one) I will move him out as soon as the heatwave passes into the garden. Pic 1
Behind it is Maurice's double white cuttings waking up, those too will go outside after the heatwave passes. Thank you too ^_^

I am hoping Frilly Dilly will bloom in mid Autumn it has started to really bolt now. As you can imagine after the really bad day I have scorched buds on Dwarf Pink n Green. Everything else is either hibernating (mostly the German ones) or starting to take off (though these ones have semi shelter.) So I am looking forward to seeing other gardener's pics, since I probably won't have many for a couple of months perhaps, that is unless our yo yo weather decides to co -operate. More 40C's coming along this weekend.
At least we have had some milder conditions in the past 2 days whew.!

2&3 Some of Shaun's Aurea (form) x Culebra ...they are strong but growing a little slower than the others (this might indicate the Culebra Genes ) pic 3 the two on the left. Fingers crossed we achieve your desire Shaun,I am sure it will be interesting no matter how it turns out.

Just between you and me ...I am very nervous re the Coldies but gotta try your best right ? pic 4 look hard you may see the Iochroma behind the butterfly bush and in front of the Boge (Boge wrecked by the terrible winds.) Butterfly Bush from cestrum.

Enjoy your day everyone ...go the Brug Babies !!!!!!


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi it looks like all the plants are starting to produce buds and even pods for me at least
Dianne, Glad to see both GHA & FFA are starting to move for you
Jean its all guns a blazing for you there
Chrissy looks like all the seedlings are marching on for you also so glad that the aurea x.Culebra are doing well for you and im sure some thing will pop up later if at all but this is why we do the crosses is it not!

for the coldies Chrissy all we can do is try if it don't work we don't do it again

here is the latest to my collection it is a Tantra x.aurea(form) with a solid corolla structure more so then that of the aurea's the color is of a soft butter yellow which stands out on the plant i do have a name but it will have to wait for a bigger flush before i do any thing with it like seedling crosses or register it i think it is a big improvement on any thing i have and it is mite resistant
I have had this plant since 2009 first bloom 2011 then cut back really hard and then flowered in January 2013
all pics as from T x.a(f) bloom cut to pollinate with Shooting Star & Lemon Kisses

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Clifton Springs, Australia

That's very attractive, Shaun.....if you have any, could you post a pic of Shooting Star and Lemon Kisses, I'm not familiar with them...

These Brugmansia never fail to amaze me, particularly the doubles......
Whereas singles like BF and RFP never change except maybe for the size....the doubles are so much affected by the weather...

Now I've had FFA for about 3 yrs and when it starts to flower it has always started with a single, which Chrissy has never seen on her's..
This time, of the 7 flowers that have opened, 6 are single and only 1 is double.....
But more interesting to me is the delicate size and shape, the perfume is still the same....gorgeous.
At first I thought that they were going to stay a lemon colour like Angioletto, but they have a slight orange tinge as they age and the corolla tips don't fold back at all...

Such a pretty a single or a double or it's true form....which I can't find a pic of at the moment...

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

It's an interesting shape Shaun ...good luck with the crosses.

FFA likes the warmth (not being grilled like we have been experiencing). I am glad you like it, the fragrance is really lovely too, may it be just one in a great long line of Beauties yet to come from our gardens. When FFA flushed just after the Victorian Fires. I almost fainted with shock. Still remember the feeling ...PRICELESS ! It has many colours according to the temperatures (like many of our Brugs do) Pics- the many faces of FFA.

Big Heat coming again ...been out there watering like mad, mulching too, with more cow you know what (they love that !).

So good luck everyone ! we may have to wait until Autumn in some gardens but it is worth it !
Go little Bruggies go.


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Sydney, Australia

Good morning bruggies anyone having problems with BGI ...I can't see any posts (all blanks). Is it just me ?

It is going to get Ugly out there today ...frizzle time again, be safe and stay in the shade.
Let's hope the cooler change comes in early tomorrow, the cloud cover may remain- lets hope so.

Good luck everyone !


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Sydney, Australia

Looks like they are just moving the furniture around in BGI, so relax.

Try later.


Clifton Springs, Australia

What an odd day,
So much hotter in Melbourne than the Bellarine......we didn't get really hot until after 4 because we had cloud cover all day until then...
None of the Brugmansias really suffered and most weren't affected at all...
Here is FFA totally without cover all day, but not even singed....
Hope everyone elses came thru ok.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

This won't be good ...even FFA wouldn't survive this ... 44C and rising !

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Merino, Australia

My brugs are looking good after temp of over 40C yesterday. Some toasted leaves on a couple of the tall ones but even the coldies are surprisingly green.
I am keeping all their feet wet so this is doing good.
Beautiful cloudy day here with lovely cool breeze, but the heat will be back over the next few days.

Sydney, Australia

Gone up to 45 C

Mine are well watered but the hot dry wind and full on Sun is cooking them !

Tooo Hot ! that is 113F


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Sydney, Australia

Gone to 46C ...That's a shocker ! 115 F

I think the Brugs are not the only things cooking, if you never hear from me again will know why.


Thumbnail by chrissy100
Clifton Springs, Australia

We were watching the races in NSW and they were cancelled......far too hot for the horses...Mick would lay down...

So disappointing watching your garden cook, after all your TLC....our thought are with you Chrissy and Wayne....


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Yesterday was in the 40's here and it didnt feel that way tho,
Sorry to hear that the Murcury hit over 45oC up there i hope that all of you are doing well and trying to keep cool, Wayne, Chrissy & Alistair (in SAmerica) i hope that his garden is well looked after!

Cestrum & Allan how is the weather up there hope your coping with it well?????

the temps here today have been very kind as the temp was only 23oC so the plants have time to recover ready for the next onslaught of weather next week

Dainne FFA is looking like it wants to really show of for you at the moment

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