Need advice on fruit and veggie gardening in Australia

Battle Ground, WA(Zone 8b)

My son and his wife live in Ingleside, north of Sydney. They're interested in starting a garden to grow fruits and veggies and he's asked me to find a book that might give useful advice. It would also be good to have advice on good sources of seeds and plants in the area. He says there are lots of nurseries nearby, but he has no idea which ones might be the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Merino, Australia

Over the years , I have found the best small book for gardening is Yates garden book. usually available on eBay. even the older editions are great.
Another good source for garden books is always a local library where you can look at the books any time without going to the expense of buying one you may not use often.
For weather, climate etc, try a local agricultural dept. I have always found them obliging .

Sydney, Australia

Hi weatherguesser, I see you are in California, I would say that anything you grow there in the way of fruit and veg, you would be able to grow at Ingleside, it is a great climate for warm temperate stuff.
The Library is a good suggestion, walking around the place is always good (to have a look at what others are growing).
They can absolutely grow all the basic edibles, just like back home.
google for good seed supplies.


Battle Ground, WA(Zone 8b)

Thank you both for your helpful answers. It appears, in fact, that my son is in pretty much the same climate zone as I am (we're both in Zone 9 according to a map I saw of Australia). And I'm looking into getting him a Yates garden book, which seems to be pretty much the equivalent of our Sunset Western Garden book.

Again, thanks for your help!

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