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two woodstove inserts don't fit our small fireplace here

Lincolnia, VA

the buck stove insert that heated our former house is too large for the fireplace where we moved,in northern virginia.a friend offered me a smaller stove insert he thought would fit. unfortunately it too was just too large for the fireplace.this second stove insert is named is visually very clean and barely used. dilemna...who may i contact to sell these nice stoves, and locate a smaller model which we will fit in here? we have a huge pile of great oak wood logs ready to burn. it is frustrating, but i am glad to have this chance to refer to others who might know where to look for buyers, or perhaps a fair trade for the right one.the shame of it is that the buck stove insertdid sooo well all the time we used the fellow! loaded late in the evening, i woke to a healthy blaze, two speed thermostat controlled fan blowing warmth all through the house with fans placed properly. darn! please somebody give me a hint as to a good market for these fine inserts.the squire also has a two speed fan thermostat controlled. i will run these on a craigslist format soon, but try to help me if you know a better route to stove insert nirvana as i once knew it.

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