Looking for land with small house

Wayne Heights, PA

We are searching for an acre more or less of land with a tiny house/cottage/cabin that needs work to do our homesteading. We would have 30K or less cash to buy the property. Does anyone know of such a property for sale in the east (Virginia or Maryland) or where else we might look to find it? Are there any particular internet searches we should use to search for our property? We are very flexible as to where we can look, but just donít seem to be finding what we need.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Just saw this post.

The least expensive area to buy in Virginia is my area, SW Virginia. There are a couple of towns that aren't very cheap, like Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech) and Abingdon, which has become trendy/touristy.

On the other hand, both those areas have good Farmer's Markets, and food shops that carry more than Plain Jane foods. In spite of the long drive, I shop in both of them occasionally, like when I want a real cheese and not sliced American cheese, or a good olive bar.

You didn't mention if you will need to work for an outside income, and that's important in choosing an area. Land isn't too expensive here, but there are very few jobs.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

That is the problem here too in eastern Kentucky. Flat ground is at a premium but you can find a small parcel like you are looking for. But no jobs that are not connected with the coal industry and the current administration is reeking havoc on it.

Houston, TX

You may want to build up a larger nest egg to make your purchase, unless are okay with having a mortgage on your back. I bought a larger parcel (I'm in Texas), but had saved for a very long time. I payed cash and there will never be a lien on the property if I can help it. When I retire, it's my go to place. I live in Houston because of work, but when I retire, I won't let the door hit my backside on the way out. You could buy a nice piece without a house on it and add that later when you could afford it. Buy a cheap used travel trailer and that will let you hang out on weekends and work on planting an orchard, putting up fencing, or whatever is in your plans. Just leave the trailer on the property.

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