How was your day #372

Lyndonville, NY

We came from here:

I saw the thread was getting a bit long so started a new one! Lots of room for new pictures too!!!

Come on in and have a chat, tell us about your day....good or bad!! Catch up on good friends, and fur babies!

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, I am back from town. I had several errands to run, and went from one end of town to the other. This town is hard to navigate as it is on both sides of a river, and is spread out. So it takes me some time to figure out where I need to start. I try to take care of business on one end of town before navigating to the other, then cross the river and do the other side the same way. It is a beautiful old river town, but it is a PITA to shop in.

DH had a good visit with his next door neighbor, and then some other folks there. No, didn't visit with SO, so that was good, but didn't say anything of the sort to him.

Debbie, glad that DH is through with the test, but now that he knows he will need to go back sooner for another scan. Tell him getting old is the pits!

Tammy, sure hope that the Dr has some good meds for you. Hope she isn't too upset that you didn't come in sooner, but I would be hesitant to go in to spread my germs around, or to pick up any that may have been brought in by others.

Dianne, here is hoping that you will find something that Frank will like to eat, and surprise yourself by something that is good for you to eat too.

Vicki, walking banana bread off, how long does that take? hehe.

Sandy, glad you got so many pictures. Hope you got good ones when you download them and start to edit them.

Baking some sweet potatoes for supper, so just waiting for them to finish. We are having some left over chicken/dressing casserole too.

somewhere, PA

I'm back!

Debbie - thank you for the new so glad the procedure went smoothly and that its done. Hoping those polyps are nothing to worry about too. This will give you ammo to encourage him to eat more higher fiber foods (like fruits & veggies or whole grains). :-)

Sandy - I'm sure its the stress of the molding both physical & mental. Sure hope they clear up quickly!

BonnieB - I'm am incredibly directionally challenged and don't think I could ever be happy living in a town split across a river. Just too complicated to navigate. (Maybe with GPS it would be possible...)

Mostly good news from the doctor. My regular doctor wasn't in so I saw her associate. He said I had pustules on my tonsils so clearly an infection. The swab was negative for strep. YEAH! He gave me a z-pack (antibiotics) and some potent cough med w/codeine. (I asked for something that would knock me out for a good nights' sleep.) OH Debbie - you are just so right. When he asked me what pharmacy I use, I couldn't tell him. I haven't had to get prescriptions filled locally in years. As luck would have it, the cough stuff required that it be hand carried. The pharmacy I picked didn't have it. She said no one had it in the Allentown area. I had her call the store south of us (other side of us from Allentown) and fortunately - they had it. So I also did a lot of running around. I'm back in my PJs and planning to veg out the rest of the day.


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Not much going on for is not bitterly cold so I went outside to tend to the plants...potted about 6 pots of a rose..and watered a few things and when my hands and feet got cold, and Corky was begging to go inside..I did. Only lasted 2 hours.
I decided to have a birthday party for me in March..haven't told Phil yet. so far 11 people have told me they would be there. I want a Tres Leche cake and I know better than to have one for just us..Phil would eat one piece, and I would eat the rest.
I still love the toaster oven
Dianne I am glad you were just bruised from your fall.
I am going to have to get another collar for Corky..I don't like him going around naked.

somewhere, PA

Forgot to say - I love the Izzy pose! And that the doctor said the vaccine this year is not effective against the strain this year.


somewhere, PA

Hey Melva! I hope the Tres Leches Cake tastes as good as you hope. I suggest you make sure to invite Phil soon. :-)


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

What do you mean by hand carried? Glad you went and I sure hope this does it for you Tam!

Did banking and grocery shopping. Picked up a rotis chicken that was on sale plus some jojo's for lunch. Will have chicken something for supper. Ended up with a migraine. Should go see chiro.

Deb I am glad that is done for the day and I hope the test results are good.

BonnieB I think that town would be pretty situated like that. Glad all went well with DS.

Sandy can hardly wait to see your pictures. Some turn out better on a cloudy day. Hope the healing is fast.

Dianne things are still busy at the store. We had those late trucks and are now back on schedule. Plus we are starting resets and the first of next month is inventory. Plus wahing the floors as often as we can. The one girl has no clue. We just wish we would of had some of this work to do when there was nothing to do.

Terese hope you stay healthy.

Adina congrats to your DD and SIL to be. Hope it works for them. Sure will be hard to stay quiet at times.

Not good company so will go for now. Will work on the backroom some. It is slow going as I haven't done much back here for over a year except vacumn.

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Verona, ON

Vicki what are "jo-jos"? A rotis chicken sounds good to me,,,,, Maybe I will cook up some chicken breasts I have frozen.

Quill is here begging for food so I best go feed her. I am just delighted she has regained her interest in food. She has lost so much weight she is just skin anda bones at the moment. Her hair has lost some of its lustre too so I need to find a supplement to get that shine back. Haven't been given them brewer's yeast in their food for a few weeks, maybe I should go back to that.

UPS just delivered to my old neighbour from when I lived in the farm house. UPS driver called me frantic saying he just couldn't attempt the lane (it was getting dark) and he had been stuck 3 times already today. I immediately thought perhaps he needs some winter driving skill lessons. I told him it wasn't an issue about him coming down the lane so that helped calm him down.I just wanted the books! Will drive up in the morning and get the parcels then. I need to go to the PO as the mailman will not deliver the mail as he says there is a rut in front of the mailboxes and it is too dangerous for him. Of course there is a rut there - he made it!!!! Oh the joys of rural living!

Tam what was the cough medicine? I take hycodan and it works like a charm. Hope the meds will work quickly for you. What a bummer being ill when you are so used to being healthy.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I have some nice pictures but I have to process them-this is different from the things I have to do with regular pictures but I have a lot more to work with.

1 more day and the brat goes to the kennel-and right now that is not soon enough.
He is telling me that WE need to go out and play

Sandy and the BRAT

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Dianne jojo's are potatoes cut kind of like apple slices and lightly breaded and seasoned and deep fried. Very unhealthy but oh so good. You can get them at Kentucky fried Chicken. Those are better then what we got today.

Lyndonville, NY

Vicki, I don't know if it is the same for Tam, but most all of our scripts are now "electronically sent" to the pharmacy by the doctor. BUT if it is a controlled substance, like the codiene cough syrups, it has to be manually written/signed and hand carried to the pharmacy with ID proof of the patient.

Tam, I am glad you went! That is what Shannon had, pustular pockets on the tonsils and the 3rd med given was the z-pack so sure hope that helps! I would say 3 days in PJs and you will be feeling much better!!

Well, I found a warm spot on the couch to sit and read, never turned a page and zonked right out! Guess what woke me up? Pauls stomach rumbling! LOL
It is still churning. Had burgers for dinner...his request.


somewhere, PA

Vicki - sorry you've got a migraine! I certainly understand how that would affect your mood. Never heard of jojos either. "Hand carried" means the doctor couldn't call or email in the prescription. That meant that the pharmacy couldn't tell him that they didn't have it.

I just don't remember being this sick this long! My cough is worse so I decided to take the new med.

Dianne - Its call Promethazine/codeine syrup. I'll have to go look it up ... hopefully its OK!

One of the side effects is headache on the included document. crap!


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, remember that is a "possible" effect....not always probable. Just make sure you eat something with it so doesn't upset your stomach.

Should have kept that nasty little roo for a chicken soup!

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, I hope the meds make you feel better. A good nights sleep should do wonders. I just love a good narcotic cough med. hehe I hope nothing gives you a headache.

Debbie, so glad the day went well. I hope the news for DH is good.

Melva I had tres leche cake at a Spanish restaurant we went to for my Dad's birthday. It was very good. The waiter said it was the best dessert on the menu.

Vicki, I love those potatoes. And I just got back from the grocery and they sell them. Now I want some.

Adina, congratulations to DD - I hope all works out very well for them. Love the pics.

Sandy, isn't there something you can take to boost your immune system - vitamin wise?

It was a nice sunny day today - lots of snow melted. I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I think I should have gotten a sandwich at the store. I'm rather pooped from work today.

Lyndonville, NY

Elsie, you must be exhausted back to work a full week after the long holidays with "short weeks".

We are supposed to get warm temps here the next few days into weekend, they said might reach 50.
BUT everyone is complaining we are "20 inches" below snow level for the year so far.

Verona, ON

Tam I think it is worth the risk of a headache to get some relief from your cough and get some sleep.Who's to say youo would even get a headache. Do you have one now from the congestion? Here you have to show ID for a narcotic but they can electronically transmit the Rx. Its the pu they are concerned about.

Those potatoes sound delicious. Like you Elsie I would like some now it has been mentioned. I will have to look for some the next time I go to a larger grocery store in Kingston. At the deli, right?

Melva the cake sounds good. Think Tam is on to something there Melva about soon inviting Phil to your birthday party.

Dogs are jumpy tonight. There must be something out there rattling them. I have a new motion light at the front door facing east towards Mosquito Creek and it has been flicking off and on the last hour. Coyotes were noisy last night so maybe they are on the move.


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

I lost a wonderful post this morning and haven't had the inclination to recreate it all day. In it I thoughtfully addressed everyone and offered appropriate words of support and wisdom. Then I added news of myself and "M" (no "D"), and hit the Send icon. Poof! went my post when I had lost my connection to the Internet. $$%^%^&*(*&&^
I am still bummed!!!!

I am happy Tam went to the Dr. and 86ed the bad roo. Happy Paulís test is over and the news was good. Congratulations to Andreea and whatshisname. Thankful Dianne and Diesel didnít break anything while practicing acrobatics on their walk. Smart move - installing the motion light. Wish I could have shared some of Vickiís yummy breakfast. I want to go to Melvaís birthday party. I have a wicked recipe for Tres Leches cake - in Katy.

Found out by accident at 2:30 yesterday when Judy called her, that M was waiting for me to take her to lunch, Walmart to have her nails done, and Kohlís to exchange two Christmas gifts. Never did I tell her I was coming to do those things on Sunday or any day for that matter. She made it up in her head. I did say that when we had our nails done it would be at Walmart, but no day/date was mentioned. Getting her and all her accouterments in and out of the car is more than I can handle. I am going to have to tell her that I cannot do it. That is why she had Monique.

I did not leave this house today. I am beat. Started going through the piles of stacked mail and made it about half way. I have to stop. Cannot push anymore today.



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Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

When we went to Key West last time we had Tres Leche cake and Flan too...loved both of them...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, glad to hear that you got to the Dr Tammy. Go ahead and take the meds, and the cough syrup and just zonk out and have a very restful night. I know you don't like to take anything, but if this will get you feeling better quickly, DO IT! I still think that you needed to make chicken noodle soup from the roo. It would have been satisfaction knowing you were eating him, the mean little snit! Didn't mean to put an "n" in that word either!

Bonnie, yes, my DM used to "make up" things too. I would think I was current on everything, and all of a sudden, she would blind side me with something I had supposedly said. I didn't rush to her, just laughed and said that I must have been partially asleep when I told her that. If it was something important, of course I would make sure it got done, but I never did let her rattle me and rush around trying to get her someplace when I knew it wasn't a real plan we had.

Melva, I think Phil needs to be invited to your party soon. He may make other plans, and skip out on you! What day is your birthday? Did you say March? I have a March birthday also.

Dianne, glad you have the new light up. Until the dogs get used to it, they are likely to bark a lot. Ours used to bark at the noise, and then if the light came on, they would bark at the light. Now they know that the two are usually connected, and they don't get too upset until the light comes on, then they know that there is something out there to really bark at.

Vicki, the potatoes sound good. I don't think KFC calls them that here, but just listed at potato wedges. I have had them, and they are good, but don't make a habit of having them too often. KFC has a new grilled chicken here, and it is good. Lot's healthier being grilled and lots less fat. I had baked fish today for lunch. I get it at this little restaurant in the town where I was, and I ask them to put it on rye bread and made a sandwich to go. Sure tasted good.

Terese, I am holding my breath that you don't come down with something before you get gone for your trip. Take some Vit C with you and load up, as you will be coming in contact with lots of people, and it will help your immune system.

Sandy, I don't understand what type pictures your camera takes. Since I am semi literate in photography, don't try to explain, as I probably wouldn't understand!!

Debbie, what did Paul request for supper? I know burgers for lunch, but as "empty" as he was, I am sure that he wanted something for supper that would stick to his ribs.

Adina, let us know when your article will be published. It sounds very interesting. Since I have my license to preach, I am interested in religion, or religious customs of other countries. Maybe you could help enlighten me to some Romanian customs. Do you go to church, or are you a faithful member of a religious organization there? How many different denominations are there there? Sure am hoping that Andreea and the boy friend do have a good/happy marriage. It would be good for Nicholas to have a man figure in his life for him to have to imitate, but not if he is not kind to Nicholas. That is what would worry me, that Nicholas would be treated well by him.

Hope you all discovered my error in my post about DH visiting with former neighbors and maybe seeing his SO. That was supposed to be DS! Hope my DH doesn't have a SO that he wants to visit. Much less, me taking him to visit her!

Tammy, the city that I talked about today, is very pretty. I worked there for 30 years, and it was very confusing until I got used to it. It is almost like two cities that are just connected by the road system. People who live there, if they are trying to give directions, refer to it as East Frankfort and West Frankfort. That way, you know what side of the river you need to be on! I used to go out at lunch when I first started working there, and would just drive around, finding my way. It really helped, because it took about a year of 1 hour lunch periods to explore, be able to find a particular store, and the trick was to go to a neighborhood where you could find something to buy for lunch. Many times, I would get lost and by the luck of the draw find my way back to work, but without any lunch! I got in the habit of taking something from home, that way, I could explore on lunch hour and still have something to eat! I had different work acquaintances that would volunteer to go with me and help me with exploring. The good ones, lived there!

Melva, Flan is good, as is creme broule. There is a very good upscale restaurant in Sarasota, Fla, it is a spanish restaurant, and they have the best flan I have had anywhere. Never had Les Treche, but need to google it and find out what it is, because I am sure I would love it.

Well, off to read some more, and then to bed.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, he had chicken salad for lunch and burgers for supper! AND...we already have a "chicken and biscuits" request for dinner tomorrow.
I was going to make it tonight...but I zonked right out.

I am freezing here, I think just over tired, so heading to bed shortly and my electric blanket.

Bonnie, my DM used to make lists in her head....and assume I knew of what she wanted or that she had told me.
Sounds like your Mother is doing something similar. I started filling in a calendar for her (and SF) of "weekly plans" and unless I put it on that
calendar...or there was an emergency...she was pretty good about it. I am sure you remember our Emergency Cracker Barrel runs....chicken and
dumplings....which I loved doing for her.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good Morning everyone

BonnieB I will keep it simple, I hope. A camera has a number of "film" settings, that it uses to store your picture. Most of the pictures are pre-processed by your camera (developed). The max setting is called "RAW" the camera stores all the information that comes in but does not process it, it leaves the picture in something like a "negative" kind of like in the old film days and it must be "developed" after it is down loaded. I have to "develop" this by deciding how I want the picture to look. I can not post the picture before I do the editing as it is not a real picture yet.Why do I want to use "RAW" if you saw the differences between what the camera "developed" and what I get with "RAW you would understand. Most prof. photographers use "RAW" The only problems is I am still learning how to do this and it takes a good bit of time, specially as I took over 163 pictures

Sandy and Andre

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Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

Apparently it was not a good night for cats, I am cleaning big time this morning.

An unplanned trip to Rochester also, picking DD up from work at 11:30. I get to do it tomorrow also, Tomorrow is a dermatology appt. for 6 month check up.

Enjoy your morning!


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! My cuppa sure is good this morning!

Should call chiro and make an appointment. I just don't want to go anywhere today.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, I scheduled a technical call at 10:00 this morning, so have to get the cobwebs out of the brain.

Sandy, I don't understand, but you didn't really expect me to did you? Glad that you have another option available, and that you are beginning to understand it in order to get better pictures.

Off to dress and get ready to face the day!

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

BonnieB - my first job was in Reading, Pa. Its a city by rivers. I would get lost and frustrated and just didn't have it in me to explore like you did. I just gave up and avoided driving new places unless I had to.

Debbie - I wonder what set off the kitty problems? Drive safely

Bonnie - Your DM is going to miss Monique isn't she? I hope you get some rest.

Dianne - smart to put up a motion sensing light. I'm sure the crew will get used to it and calm down.

Well... I think I'm worse today. I as up all night coughing. So much for the heavy duty cough med. I guess it might have been worse w/o it. Who knows. I'm just so sore from coughing & blowing my nose!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Whoops -- forgot to "watch" this thread.

had dinner with the "in laws' last night... got home about midnight... way past my bedtime.
BUSY day today.... I need to 'repack'.
i got everything in "the suck the air out if it" bag -- but I need to remove a few items to 'shuffle' things up a bit as DH and I are using 1 suitcase for the 'over night bag' - for the 2 nights in hotels.
For some reason i initially thought i'd only be one night.... what was i thinking.

I'm planning the 'rough route' and i'm thinking we can get to Charleston West Virginia the first night and near Savannah Georgia the second.... I'd love to spend a little time in Savannah as I've never been there, and it's only about 4 hrs from New Smyrna. We shall see how things turn out.

I'll drop in later today.... have grocery shopping to do to stock up the house for the boys.

OH and so far so good... no cold. Think I skated on this one, as everyone was slightly under the weather since last week....

I do have my EmergenC packed.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tam, even the best of the cough syrups don't always completely stop the coughing. That has been one of my issues. Right before I go to bed, I take a Tablespoon of honey, straight from the container, and it sort of coats the throat and it helps to silence the cough for a good while. I have gotten up during the night to do it all over again.

When I was doing the exploring of that city, I was quite a bit younger and undaunted back then. So today would probably be an entirely different story.

Debbie, I don't envy you your job of cleaning after the kitties. I am dealing entirely in heavy church finance today, and filing out year end financial reports, and I will choose my job over yours any day.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - I'll put some honey in the upstairs bath. I did find gargling with salt water helped sore my throat.
Have fun with the finance stuff!


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I am really frustrated. Their web page is giving me fits. Enter a few numbers, then it will freeze, will have to close it down, reopen it, and sign in, and try again. Grrr. I have used up all of the non cuss words I know. May have to resort to the cuss language before I get this done. Hehe, a certified law speaker, cussing the financial pages of the church!

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Bonnie B. it is Tres Leche (3 milks) as far as I can tell by looking at can be as simple as buying a plain cake and infusing it with the mixture that has the 3 milks..some recipes I have seen call for Rum, while others an orange liquer...
I will invite Phil soon..another reason for having the party is to get the house is at the point where it needs a shovel.
My birthday is March 24th a Sunday this year so I am going to have the party the day before on Saturday night. I have only had creme brulee once, and it was wonderful!

Lyndonville, NY

Well, picked up DD from work, and she was upset. The cats pee'd on her new coat....she went to put it on and the urine dripped down her jeans, onto her shoes and the entire issue.

SO, we stop at Kohls and I decided to look at shoes also while DD was. Took off my shoe to try on a pair and almost died. They nailed my shoes also!

I don't know if it is retaliation from me not being home yesterday, or DH being home too much...or what is going on, but it has to stop.

The good thing today, I had answered a trivia question on our "Groomers" web site, and won! So stopped to pick up Izzys "winnings" and set up an appt. for
her grooming next week.

She is happy!

Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy
Verona, ON

Aw look at that face!! Love the photo!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

I bet Izzy is happy!

Lyndonville, NY

I am just breaking pieces off of it, she is laying right at my feet, in case I decided to give her another morsel.

Found out we have a new baby on the way, Great nephews GF is in labor. Hopefully little Max will be here today, he is a few weeks early but doctor said should
be a good size.

somewhere, PA

Debbie - it sounds like you need to make a space that will have the least impact on your possessions and put the cats there when you don't have your eyes on them. That's what we've had to do. Truffles gets teh library & DH made a room in the basement for Fred so both he & Pixel can be in there at the same time. With each in its own space, there is less "retaliation". Certainly you've got to keep your bedrooms & bathrooms all shut to keep cats out.

Melva - You are really thinking about those desserts! Maybe you could try a reduced fat & calorie version of the flan or creme brule?

Check out these recipes:


I took a really hot shower, rinsed my nasal passages with saline solution, gargled w/saline and then took a really hot bath. It seemed to help.

Lyndonville, NY

Tam, right now I am thinking about putting them ALL in the basement but the kittens. Keep them and Lexi upstairs with those litter boxes. I have yet to see any of them mess. Right now, it seems Daisy and Axl. Dexter got caught with the towels in the bathroom. And Huck seems very territorial around me. He does not like ANY of the other cats on me, especially in my room....he fights them if they get on the bed. I know if I put those 3 in the basement, it will be major fighting all the time.

Verona, ON

Afternoon everyone! Weather Liars were up to their usual tricks today and instead of being warm and rainy it is cold and grey out there. The lane is a sheet of ice - quite the tricky ride in and out. I should have trusted my instincts and gone out yesterday. Oh well I got in and out safely and didn't meet anyone on the lane.My goal on the days I do go out is to get in and out before my neighbour who cannot drive the lane goes out. Thank goodness she is not an earlier riser.

Had to go to Foodland for milk and bread and they were telling me very few people have been shopping and those that do come in, rush around and get out in hopes of not catching any germs. The flu bug is so bad here that the grocery store has started to sanitize the carts daily. - that is unheard of and the posting on the sign outside the store you are doing such a thing is even more unheard of in these parts.

"Duh", it just hit me I was in the grocery store and didn't look for those jojos. Dang!! I have a hunger on for them now.

Tam I sure hope this flu bug breaks soon for you.Its hard to be ill when you are used to being healthyl.Have you tried a humbug or horehound candy for your cough and sore throat? I used to get them from the local candyman for my MIL. She had a chronic cough and those 2 hard candies were the only things that gave her some relief. When I take my narcotic cough medicine it takes a few doses before it actually begins to work, so maybe you need to take a couple of doses at night, one 2 - 3 hours before you go to bed and then when you actually do go to bed. Dr Death advised me to do that if my cough is really entrenched. And it sounds like your cough is entrenched!

Debbie I would be screaming blue murder if Streak and Sassy got into a peeing contest. If Warren was here and that happened the cats would be banished to solitary.. He always reminded me that as much as he loved the kits he would not tolerate such behaviour. I so feel for all of you who are experiencing this problem with your kits.

Vicki, hope you are enjoying your day off! You and Ty go out for a walk? Quill, Diesel and I have been out a couple of times today.

BonnieB glad you got all the church paperwork completed. Bad enough when you have troubles doing your own let alone for someone else.

Started the book Concierge Confidential that UPS delivered yesterday. It is really good. And our Bonnie has the inside track on what this author is saying.. The author co-ordinated a first date for a wealthy New Yorker that was arranged by the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. I have never seen the show but this concierge organized a helicopter ride in a brand new helicopter to the East Hamptons where the couple had lunch between the vines at a vineyard after a personalized wine tasting session.. The concierge was able to get a restaurant that does not do deliveries and does not open for lunch to deliver this lunch. The whole thing cost well over $10,000 but to quote the guy who was having his first date it was worth every cent. Sort of makes a movie and dinner out seem a little mundane doesn't it? Can't wait to read what other magic this concierge can do.

Bonnie how are you doing today? Get any sleep last night? How are the boys settling in?

OK need to go tidy up the kltchen. How the kitchen that only 1 person and 4 furries use gets so messy I have no idea but it does.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dianne, who said I was through with the church paperwork? I got frustrated and started on something entirely different, so will need to get back to that doggone report.

Tammy, you did everything that I would have done to feel better. I hope that tonight the cough meds kick in and you can sleep uninterrupted.

Debbie, oh, wow, I couldn't stand that peeing. Now every once in awhile, but everyday, and you never know what they are going to target. I don't blame your DD, I would have been in tears. I know cleaning will clean it, but if it was new, she probably won't ever feel the same about the coat.

Melva, I guess the recipes that Tam posted would be much healthier, but on birthdays, I think we are entitled to an extravagance. Oh, dear a reason to clean house. I understand, when I know I am having company, I clean like it has never been clean. Other times, I can sort of wave the dust cloth around the room and call it good. Hehe.

Well, cooking supper, so need to go tend to it. I will be back after the kitchen is cleaned.

somewhere, PA

Oh I didn't mean INSTEAD of the birthday treat. I meant to tide you over Melva!

Fever is up to 102 today. I made chocolate pudding. Chocolate should help knock this crud out! :-)


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