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Shenandoah, TX

just asking if someone can identify this plant for me. i bought it as a valentines gift feb/11 . they had it out for valentines because it grows these little pink flowers. i need to identify it so i know how to take care of it because obviously it needs some tlc. thank you.

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Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Kalanchoe of some sort. Hard to tell which one from the photo.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I bought a similar looking Kalanchoe last spring. I thought it was called "Angel Wings", but I can't find one by that name when I photo search. Mine blooms most of the time - it started out more compact, but is tall like yours right now due to the short day low light conditions this time of year. Last summer I divided & repotted mine in fresh potting soil, which perked it up - but I think it needs it again.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

chris79 - yours actually looks OK considering it's 2yrs old. The mass-produced plants sold at retail have been carefully propagated from cuttings and grown in greenhouses with ideal conditions to produce compact growth and profuse flowering. It's almost impossible to reproduce these conditions in a home environment. Suggestions: Give the plant lots of bright, natural light. In autumn and winter, to encourage flowering, limit exposure to artificial light after sunset and keep the plant in a cool area until flowers start to emerge. If the plant starts looking too leggy / sprawling, you can break off the longer branches and stick them back in the soil where they will root. Repot as needed, etc. Even with proper care you probably can't recreate the original form but you can have a long-lived, attractive house plant.

Shenandoah, TX

thanx for identifying the plant. i failed to mention that the plant has dark green waxy leaves. however im pretty sure you all have identified it correctly. so a few more questions i have is what kind of soil does this plant need? can i just use regular potting soil? or do i have to mix potting soil with something? i dont know much about the different kinds of soils to use. also, Tom had mentioned that i can break off branches and stick them back in the soil? can all plants do this? or just kalanchoe's? ok.. one last question is how do i prune this plant? thanx for all the help.

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