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bug identification!

We found this small bug in our bed sheets tonight. My wife has been getting bites in the night recently although I am uncertain it is this bug causing it. Can anyone identify what this bug is?

I looked at pictures of bed bugs but it didn't quite look like any of the pictures. It does have little black eyes at the front and a little sharp horn at the back. I have attached pictures of the bug.

We regularly clean and have clean sheets on the bed



Thumbnail by chrisj19 Thumbnail by chrisj19
Minot, ND

Probably not a bed bug, but image not clear enough for an i.d. - It is very difficult to determine the cause of bites unless you can actually see/catch something in the act of biting.

Prob not much better but is the best close up photo I took. You can see the black eyes at the right of pic and little horn atthe left.

Thumbnail by chrisj19
Minot, ND

Appears to be a small (and harmless) beetle; can't tell much else...

Thanks, not sure if harmless given the little horn or stinger on the back and the bites?
It also has little eyes that make it look like a fish, although I can't tell whether these are false eyes on its shell or its real eyes.

Murphysboro, IL(Zone 6b)

I can't tell much from the photos, but I'm suspecting the "horn" is actually on the head end of the insect, and the "eyes" are markings, not eyes. I would definitely take it in to your local extension office and find out what it is.

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