Lavender or Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Breed

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

If anyone interested in getting these 2 breeds, send me a message...

Richmond, TX

I have never seen the lemon Orpingtons, do you have pictures? (Just curious, no room for more chickens right now.)

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

Well soon as the rain stop long enough, I will post pics of my Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons. They have the coloring of the Buff Orps but have barred feather markings. Pretty.

(Zone 6b)

I am interested in the lavender. They are lovely. I've heard they are the sweetest birds of all. Do you think they'd be aggressive toward the other chickens?

These little partridge wyandottes I bought are just the nicest birds, they never bother anybody.

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

Hi, been busy at work getting ready for this head boss man n some other bigwig from education board to come visit us to see our fleet of over 20 year old school buses we got.
My birds are super friendly since I handle them alot. I am getting few lavendar orp roosters. I am suppose to get LC Orps as well from my cousin. LoL

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

Ok, I heard from my cousin and I am suppose to go visit her soon as the weather warms up..Stay tuned...

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