Breeding pen in a house :)

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Remember that old house next door I posted pictures of? I was thinking I'd put down a tarp on the floor in the back bedroom and put two or three birds in there and see if they'd mate and lay some fertile eggs for me. :) Yes, I'm a little bit silly. Might work for me though, who knows?

I had been just thinking and thinking how I needed a breeding pen like that lady in Dallas had. She had these dog kennels inside her barn. In one of them she probably had twenty or more chickens and one or two roosters. Then she'd just pick up an egg and mark it W for White or whatever the color was, with a pencil. She had it going on. Well, I have that old house that isn't doing anything anyway. :)

The smell in there has diminished considerably. Have had the windows up for all these months.

Don't ask me why I want to raise baby chicks, I don't know. I'm probably too chicken little to sell them. I might be like one of those people that hoards animals. No, I take that back. NO no NO!

Maybe I can be strong and keep the ones I want and sell the others. There now.

It is a shame Amarillo won't let the people in town have chickens. They approached the city and the city denied them. Mostly from what the paper said, it was because animal control just didn't want to deal with chickens. What a shame. Chickens don't bark and they don't go in other people's yards like cats do. To me, it sounded like they just didn't want to have to settle disputes about them. They just didn't want to be bothered. Period. Oh well, they may not have the last word on chickens. Popularity of chickens is growing.

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This is the splash showgirl bought in Shawnee, OK last month. Could be a rooster, still not sure.

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This is Polly, the little chick the lady handed me on my way out the door, when I visited north of Dallas/Fort Worth last spring. Think the lady felt sorry for me, knowing she had just sold me three roosters. So she added this one. She's a sweet little bird, and I don't mind the roosters as long as I can take care of them. I do need to either get rid of some roosters or build new pens for them though.

Polly's been locked in the garage so nothing would happen to her. It's been so cold here the last two weeks and the water freezing up. She was a mess. Yesterday I washed these two to take to visit my grandson. He likes chickens too, like me. Polly cleaned up really nice. Had no idea she was looking that good. Amazing what soap and water can do.

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oh there beautiful. Are they silkies?

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