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SOLVED: Need help with identifying this plant growing in my pot!

Creston, OH

This plant started growing inside my small bonsai tree.. really curious what it is. it seems very sensitive to water as it will begin to sag if it gets dry even to the slightest so hes my little friend and helps me know when I need to water my bonsai its about 4 inches tall and has a few stems that reach out, I clipped this one off.

Thumbnail by willthiswork89
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)


Creston, OH

hmm after googling it does appear very similar, the only thing im not certain of is the little stems, you can see them in the picture here at the tip of this there are two of them, almost like a seed pod.

Creston, OH

it is a tad spicy when eaten, which was one of the attributes to water cress, I believe this may be a proper identification but I would like a second opinion to be sure

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

It's one of the weedy Cardamine species.

Delhi, India

Yes bittercress, Cardamine, more likely C. hirsuta.

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