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SOLVED: Help me ID

Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

I have 2 shrubs in my yard I need to ID. We just bought a house and the plants were in the yard. The one with the red on it is really pretty (when not in bloom) and I recognize the other but can't remember what its called. I'm hoping they are safe shrubs, I have 2 dogs and don't want to pull them out. Please help me identify these plants!

Thumbnail by sirensongx Thumbnail by sirensongx Thumbnail by sirensongx Thumbnail by sirensongx Thumbnail by sirensongx
San Francisco, CA

your first one looks like Pieris, perhaps P. formosa. It is somewhat toxic, but really not attractive to dogs - only a danger to grazing animals that are very hungry.

Edit: the second one looks like a Camelia; no danger.

FWIW, both look malnourished and sunburned - they would greatly benefit from a winter feeding with an acid fertilizer.

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Seattle, WA

2,3 looks like Camellia

Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

Oh wow, thank you!
I googled the Camelia and the Pieris and they are a match and both are DEFINITELY staying.
We just bought the house 3 weeks ago and since it's during the rain/hail season here we haven't had a chance to work on the yard. But when its finally sunny, I'm attacking the yard and fixing it up, these 2 beauties also.
Thank you.

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