Alberta-British Columbia Boundary.

I wonder if any of you Canadians have ever been to this spot ???
Alberta-British Columbia Boundary.
A really nice 10 hour summer walk.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

What a beautiful spot! And such exotic wildlife.

Yes June.
It sure is a wonderful spot.
I don't know if you can see it but a fence disappears up over the far Mountain.
This next Picture was taken on the way home.

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I live in Alberta, and have driven over into BC, but would suppose it depends on where you cross...... we went on the Trans Canada, hours north of the Montana border.
Where exactly IS this beautiful spot? West of Waterton/Glacier National Park?

Hi Tallulah,
The exact spot is "Rock Island Lake. Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park".
There are no roads within cooee of this Lake.
So the only way in is a long long walk.
These next Pictures are all of Rock island Lake.

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I'm not sure what all the white Flowers are.
But there sure was a lot of them.
Next trip I will take a few close ups.

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I wonder if anyone knows what Lake this is ?
The colour of the water is a bit of a give away.

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Another Picture from one of the highest point reached on this walking trail.
Still no takers on which Lake it is ?
Maybe Yall don't do a lot of 'Hiking'?

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Ginger - I've never been to that part of Alberta/BC, so cannot say what the name of the lake is.


Hi Susan,

I have always looked at visiting Calgary.
But as a dumb Ozzie I only know what I read on the net.
I do remember Calgary was the first Canadian City to host the Winter Olympics.
And of cause the great Calgary Stampede.
Making it 'The Stampede City'.

Here is a water level look at the Mystery Lake.
Sammy with the Glacier way behind him.

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hahahaha Mystery lake - I should have guessed!
however........ the colour isn't what would give the name away..........

No Tallulah it is not Mystery Lake.

The Village the Lake and the Ski Area is located in Banff National Park, approximately 184 KM (115 miles) west of You.
The Lake is fed by the glacier to the left of the red dot in this Picture.

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Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi Ginger
This looks like Lake Louise to me. I have always been there in the winter so my view has never been from this angle or when the lake was not frozen. LOL.. Very beautiful and a lovely place to stay and ski!.

Looks like your friend the moose has been around.
Alberta Ann

Hi Ann,
Yes you are spot on, it's Lake Louise.
We were also there in winter 2010.
We were lucky to see the 'Ice Magic Festival' that year.
I think it was in February, I'll look it up later.

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Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Ah ha, that is the view I'm used to. Super sculptures!
Alberta Ann

This Picture was taken on 22-Dec-2012 at LL.

Looks like a good Skii season ahead.

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Back to Summer @ Lake Louise.

This Picture looking down towards the Château on the far banks of LL was taken 1½ hours hike from the Fairmont Château Car Park.
The walk officially starts from just beyond the Château and follows along the north shoreline to where the silt-laden waters from Victoria Glacier feed into the lake.
From there on the Hike is all up Hill/Mountain.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

What a fantastic view! You must be incredibly fit. It would take me 1 1/2 days to hike to that elevation.

Yes June,
It sure is a fantastic view.

This spot was as far as one could walk towards the Victoria Glacier which feeds LL with milk coloured, icy cold water.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

The picture brings back what I learned about glaciation in Geography class, 50 years ago. It's a textbook U-shaped valley, with lateral moraines, striated and ice-plucked erratic rocks, etc. I forgot how I loved my Geography classes - thanks for reminding me!

What a great description June.
A picture tells a thousand words.
But standing right there only meters away makes the hair on the back of ones neck stand on end.
And there is the constant sound of rocks falling.
This Picture was taken from the same spot as the last Picture.
But looking straight up Victoria Glaciers Gorge.
If any of yall have a day or two to spare you must do this Hike at least once in a life time.
We have done it twice in three years.
There is no place like CANADA on Earth.

See the water fall to the right of this picture.
It's much bigger than you think.

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Just a light relief from all that cold weather Yall are copping over there in Canada.
This is My property during our Hot Hot Summer.
During this last week Brisvegas has recorded the hottest temperature on living recorded memory.
I wonder how quickly I can get back to Banff ??? (love that cold weather)

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

Send me a new body, I want to take a hike in the Rockies! LOL. 40 years ago, when I lived in the UK, I visited the Rockies - a wonderful experience - took the train from Vancouver up to Banf, the bus to Jasper, and train back to Vancouver. The next year, I got married and insisted my DH see the Rockies too. As a result of our visits we both loved Canada and wanted to emigrate, but we didn't have job offers or any money, so got turned down. Nine years later, when we'd almost given up on our dream, my DH was offered a job in Ontario and we finally emigrated to Canada.

Not much cold weather yet in southern Ontario, Ginger. We've had record-breaking warmth since Christmas, and all the snow has melted. The temperature will go down to minus 10C tonight though.

I hope you soon get some relief from the heat in Brisbane. Those are gorgeous flowers - are they amaryllis?


As we see the mountains all the time, and go camping in them, here's what I have pics of....... mountains are SO majestic, no?!?! This is in Kananaskis - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, where we were camping in October. We were walking down a path in the campground.

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Yes June, they are Amaryllis.
We call them Hippeastrums.
I started off with 4 bought ones and now have more than 800 bulbs in the ground.
Your journey to Ontario sounds very exciting June.
-10 C. and no Show sounds cruel.
Are you looking forward to some more Snow ?

My Mut/Dog seems to think the heat is very funny.
She is a lovely Dog.

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We feel a bit the same living 30 minutes drive from the Gold Coast.
I have not been there for more than 12 years.
And yet tourists come from all over the world to walk on our beaches.
I prefer the mountains and real bush Camping.

I hope you don't mind but I have saved your picture as one of My screen savers.
If you have anymore pictures I would love to see them.

This next Picture is taken from inside My Studio looking out towards the front gate.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

Awesome view, Tallulah! The trees get so tall on the west coast, it's as if they're columns in a giant cathedral. Long may they grow!

I love the dog pic, Ginger. I'm really a cat person though. (I have two elderly felines, Alba and Stumpy). Your garden is so manicured, with neatly trimmed grass and hedge - you take good care of it. My lawn is uneven, weedy, full of holes that skunks and raccoons have excavated, and looks more like a cow pasture. My bushes only get pruned if they're obstructing the view, and my flowerbeds are chaotic. I call it a "semi-wild" garden and pretend it's that way on purpose.

Sounds like a good plan June.
I love Cats but My OH is alergic to them.

This is My last Picture of the Hippies.
All the Flowers are now spent and the Garden bed is re-mulched for the next growth spurt.
That's My Studio in the background.
The big Palm is a Çanary Palm.

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This is Sammys Sister and Mum.
Who was it who said he looked like a Moose ?

They are just fantastic feral critters who come to visit with Me.
They do not dig holes, They do not eat the Plants in My Garden, They only eat grass.
Thank God we don't have Skunks or Raccoons.
My two Rotties would love to cross their path. ^_^
But fortunately they like our Native wild life.
They never bother My Birds either.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

Lovely critters! Are they wallabies?

Here's a pic of some of the wildlife that visits my garden.

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What a lovely picture June.
We also have 'Scrub Turkeys'.
But they are much smaller than yours.

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Yes June they are Wallabies.
They are the most friendly Critters you could ever imagine.
This one has been feeding on My leftovers for about 1½ years. (while Camping)
But Winter last year he discovered the opposite sex. ^_^
So now he totally ignores Me and chases the girls around all day.

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I don't mind if you use my pics as wallpaper!
Glad they're being enjoyed!
These were taken around Banff
1. Here are some ice Fields
2. and more
3. I love this pic....
4. Not sure which lake this is, but it's pretty....

5. This one was taken while on the Waterton ferry, on the way to Montana's Glacier park

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Wonderfull pictures Tallulah,
I think I have been past the last one.
There is a waterfall hiding behind the frontal view.

I notice there are a lot of 'lurkers' on this Thread.
PLEASE feel free to comment on anything you see here.
I did start off on Pictures from Canada and I promise I will get back to them.
But sometimes we do get a tad sidetracked don't you think ?

This is Bush Camping Australian style.

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Just backtracking to the partly tamed Wallaby.
During the time I was his best friend, I did teach him to play the mouth-organ. ^_^
Welll!!! He never did blow a decent tune, but I did get some great Pictures as he was trying to eat my mouth-organ.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

Makes you wonder - if there were no humans, would wallabies evolve intelligence? Wallaby World. (I read too much science-fiction).

Camping bush-style looks like fun!

Bush Camping means no facilities at all.
Not even mobile phone reception or Internet.
Only a long drop loo.

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A view of My whole Camp Site.
Temperature was about 7 deg C.

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Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

Is eggs, sausages & bacon a typical Aussie breakfast? It reminds me of the hearty breakfast my English mum used to cook before sending me off to school. She served it with fried bread, and sometimes a fried tomato. All fried in lard, of course. How my diet has changed! Now my breakfast is a bowl of muesli with goat's milk. Now I've admitted to eating that sort of food, will I be refused entry to Australia?

On your campsite without phone or internet, how do you get word out if you have an emergency, or receive warnings about storms or fires?

7C is cooler than I imagined it ever got in Australia. What time of year do you go camping?

Yes June,
Bacon, sausages, eggs, fried tomatoes, and potatoes cut into ½ inch slices and fried.
I cook it all in cold pressed Virgin Olive oil.
We will still accept you even with your admission.
Is your Goats milk fresh ?

As for warnings about storms or fire or broken bones.
Tough Cookies.
They do advise us to always walk with a friend.
If you fall off a rockface like this, you won't need help.

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