Small soft thin blade tufts of grass

Walterboro, SC(Zone 8b)

These little thin blade soft tufts of grass are growing in my yard where I have moss. Does anyone know what kind of grass it is and how tall it will grow? Thank you!

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Kerala , India

this grass is very common in kerala

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

This strays out of my woody plants realm, but compare with Poa annua - Annual Bluegrass.

This is a pest species on golf courses...

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Grass ID is almost impossible just looking at a tuft.
Carefully take apart a few leaves and post pictures of how it looks at a joint. There are specific ways that the blade comes out from the base that can help. Usually there is some sort of sheath, then the blade grows longer out of that. The way the sheath wraps around the blade, if there is a collar of tissue or hairs and other details are specific to each species of grass.
Also, post pictures of the flowers and fruit. These are distinctive, too.

corfu, ionian island, Greece

there are hundreds of grasses,this one looks kinda like lemongrass.when you snip a piece it will have a lemony smell. it is quite difficult to identify with a pic only

Municipality of Murr, PA

Yes, VV, this really does resemble the tufts of grass I also get on acidic, mossy, thin, soil. It is hard to tell but it is only maybe 3 inches tall. Because of the previous residents' attempts to grow grass on rocks under pinoak trees, I see this often. When it does flower, the stalks are thin and wispy. I think it is stray bluegrass.

Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

I agree with VV. Poa annua with a sprig of Cyperus esculentus coming out of the upper left part of the clump.

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