Strange bug

Leiria, Portugal

Please ID this big bug on a leaf of a grapevine

Thumbnail by Pilriteiro Thumbnail by Pilriteiro
Homeworth, OH(Zone 5b)

Nice photos, maybe you can post this on the insect identification forum if you don't get an answer here.

Delhi, LA

Looks like some type of stink bug to me.

Leiria, Portugal

I myself found the reply in Google images: it is the scarabeus Melolontha melolontha. Solved

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Leiria, Portugal

Best definition: Melolontha vulgaris. Larvae: common cockhafer.

Abbotsford, Canada

We as gardeners are always worried about the pest that will suck our beautiful garden dry. Orius insidiosus, a type of flower bug, are a pest’s worse enemy and a grower’s best friend.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Ah yes, the Minute Pirate bug....another member of the beneficial bug tribe.

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