Your planned purchases for 2013

(Zone 4b)

Now that we are into January with on-line catalogues for 2013 becoming available I am sure many of us are populating our 2013 "to buy" list:

So far for me :

- "Sweet Summer Love" clematis

- "Mercury Rising" coreopsis

- "Inca Ice" Alstroemeria

- "Misty Blue" Actaea

- "Ieniemienie" Chelone

- "Silver Heart" Brunnera macrophylla

- "Wild Swan" Anemone

- "Havana Blues" Hardy Geranium

- an Epimedium or two ("Wudang Star"/"Domino"/"ElfinMagic)

Anyone have or getting the same?

Please give us your list of purchases to be.

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Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Yesterday I took advantage of a Select Seeds 15% early order discount. I was thinking that this doesn't qualify, but it does, because they are tender perennials. It ends on the 17th. To my knowledge, they have never done this before.

Geranium Appleblossum Rosebud:

Geranium Gardeners Joy:

Geranium Red Rosebud:

These are, as I'm sure you know, pelargoniums, but it was my habit to buy one of each and then propagate them over the winter, so that one plant would become five. The habit was broken by my move.

Heliotrope White (I last purchased this from Glenn Varner of Flower Scent Gardens before he closed his business. It's not possible to grow from seed, at least I never found the seed. I did grow heliotrope Marine.

Heliotrope 'Sweet Heaven' which is an "exclusive".

I have a patio and I am putting lots of plants in pots. I am looking at scented geraniums. I kept some from last year and just love them. I think the rose ones will be at the top of my list. I also put a french lavender in a pot and it is doing wonderfully - it's blooming now.

And Oregano Kent Beauty. It doesn't overwinter for me, but what the heck.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Oh boy, I'm dreaming like mad! Here's my wish list from Forest Farm:
Platycodon grandiflorus Astra White - Dwarf White Balloon Fl
plgr017 Tube $5.95
$5.95 $17.85
Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet - Swamp Milkweed
asin035 Tube $7.95
$7.95 $7.95
Macleaya microcarpa Coral Plume - One-seeded Plume Poppy
mami027 Size1 $9.00
$9.00 $9.00
Artemisia lactiflora Guizho - White Mugwort
arla570 Tube $5.95
$5.95 $5.95
Aster lateriflorus Lady in Black - Calico Aster
asla017 Tube $5.95
$5.95 $5.95
Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis - Valerie Silver Sage
arlu371 Tube $5.95
$5.95 $5.95
Echinacea Green Jewel - Coneflower
ecgr080 Tube $7.95
$7.95 $23.85
Origanum rotundifolium Kent's Beauty - Oregano
orro073 Tube $6.95
$6.95 $6.95
Heucherella Redstone Falls - Coral Bells
here099 Tube $7.95
$7.95 $7.95
Nepeta racemosa Little Titch - Dwarf Catmint
nera058 Tube $6.95
$6.95 $6.95

I bought and started Astra series Platycodon seed in pink and blue, but ever since have been craving the white. What a surprise to find the plant here. I've been looking for the Macleaya ever since mine gave up the ghost in too much shade. I now have the perfect spot for it. I got what was supposed to be the all green E Green Jewel in a coop last spring, but it turned out to be the bi-color Green Envy. It clashed terribly where I had it :-((((((. The Artemesia will add to a section where I already have some and don't want to divide yet. The rest will be new to me.

Is the Origanum really tender? I love the way it looks, was hoping it would winter over. Hmmmm...

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Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Pam, I've had Kents Beauty overwinter some years, and some not, so it'll be iffy for you. Personally, I think it's worth it to have as an annual.

I'm excited about 3 new sedums I'm getting, Dazzleberry, Cherry Tart and Lime Zinger. I think they will be gorgeous next to lilies.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Yes I am looking A Forest Farm for Kent Oregano Beauty, and yes, the tube.

Please let me share my wish list:

Forest Farm has very nice geraniums in tubes that you can get for $5.95 or so. After tons of research, I am seriously considering the cantabrigienses Cambridge, St. Ola and Westray. Cambridge and St. Ola I think are musts. They also have the striatum sanguinium dwarf pink and Sweet Heidi. I will make my final choices soon.

Dave's Garden has been invaluable for choosing, as well as other sites visited by gardeners. Providers want you to buy. I'm trying to avoid what people characterize as floppy or as having other issues. These are just opinions, mind you. Let me share my notes, in case this is helpful. These are the opionions I gathered:

Brookside has to be cut back not terribly floriferous
Geranium Blushing Turtle nice but zone 6 according to Forest Farm
Geranium Orkney Cherry long flowering, low maintenance, zone 5 but I didn't think it pretty enough
Geranium Patricia long flowering but not pretty enough?
Geranium Rozanne very mixed reviews

And the pluses I am choosing from: these are all only my opinions. I wanted zone 5 hardiness and tubes. They are all available at Forest Farm:
Genanium Sweet Heidi. Forest Farm
Geranium cantabrigiense St. Ola - absolutely yes, stunning, Forest Farm
Geranium endressii Wargrave Pink. Really good, gets really big. Forest Farm tube 5.95
Geranium cantabrigiense Cambridge - spreading, Forest Farm tube 5.95 blue
Geranium renardii gorgeous, and Forest Farm
Geranium sanguin. striatum (lancastriense) - Dwf Pnk Hardy Geranium very nice Forest Farm

I hope you don't think I'm presumptuous, but I spent so much time putting together the data that I thought that I should share it if anyone else wants to use it.


Hobart, IN

Donna - maybe it was a bad choice in my siting but I thought 'Rozanne' was over-rated as well. On the other hand, 'Sweet Heidi' has done really well here (planted in the same area as 'Rozanne'). It blooms for a long period of time and doesn't get as sprawly as some of the other Geraniums. I have had G renardii in the past from Mt. Tahoma but I think it was in a too-dry spot. Hmm - can't remember but does that one like cooler temps?

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Heres my take on geraniums:
Rozanne: I have 2. One flowered all summer, wove in and out beautifully, one didn't.
Sweet Heidi: Did beautifully until I decided to put Rozanne in that spot. The next spring I forgot I'd moved it and over planted it with something else. Oops!
St Ola, agreed. Yes, yes, yes. Survived under a box hedge with almost no care. I vow to give it more opportunity next year.
Wargrave Pink: Fond memories from another garden, lovely color, need to find a spot for it again.

Others worthy of note:
Biokovo: Absolutely an all-time favorite!
Nimbus: Found at Bluestone last year, love it. Bloomed all summer, filled in fast, great weaver.

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Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Rozanne really did nothing for me. A lot of people rave about it. So, it might be my soil.

Nice group you did pick, Donna.

Another one I really liked is Tiny Monster.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from DonnaMack :

Geranium Rozanne very mixed reviews

I have had 'Rozanne' for several years and this past season I was tempted to yank it as I do find it (too) sprawling (yet of course very floriferous). I am glad I didn't as there really is no geranium like it in terms of flowering.

But just a thought Donna et al...I think you should consider geranium "Havana Blues".

I planted 4 very small bare root plants last June and yet by August there were lots of flowers. It is advertised as being floriferous but less rambling than "Rozanne". Of course I will be able to better evaluate this claim in this the second season (assuming they make it through the winter).

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(Zone 4b)

Quote from DonnaMack :
I hope you don't think I'm presumptuous, but I spent so much time putting together the data that I thought that I should share it if anyone else wants to use it.

Definitely we want it! I love reading such lists!

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Donna, your lavender is blooming now? Inside? Or in a greenhouse?
My orders for spring will be deer fencing and bunny cages!

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Cindy, Pfg and Rogue, Pollyk,

Thank you for the take on Rozanne. I love getting feedback from people who grow the plants. These darned things are so expensive!

And the good news on Pink Heidi.

I LOVE biokovo. I have one, and I keep talking to it, trying to get it to expand. I planted it under Zephirine Drouhin at my old house. A Zeph is coming this spring. I was given five geraniums by a DG friend. One is a Karmina. I had sent some lilies. These were the first I had ever had. And because I moved them twice in two years they didn't bloom. But in my new yard, I found the geranium in the third pic. It was easily 18 inches across. I recognized it from the trails and thought - how beautiful. But it was the only one in my yard, and it was next to a chain linked fence. So I dug it up (it collapsed into a lot of stems) and replanted them.

So I am very new to hardy geraniums. Probably because I had an almost full sun yard. But I was also given a ton of Bevan's Variety and a good deal of robertianum (bless the person who told me how smelly and invasive this was. After only a week in the ground it was getting established!)
So this is my first opportunity to put in my own. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

Thank you all!
I must check out Tiny Monster!

Rogue, I just love the looks of Havana Blues. Please let me know how it does.

I am so grateful for all of these wonderful recommendations.


I bought "French lavender" in a pot. That was its only identification. I could never grow it in the ground. I put it on my enclosed patio. After a couple of weeks it started to decline (brown branch). I figured that it needed transplantation but I was too preoccupied. Then in May it started to recover. I brought it in and put it on the floor in a room with southern exposure and it sent up a bunch of flowering stems. This is not a great picture but there are more than ten of them. It is still in its original soil. I water it every few days.

I tried to grow Lavender Munsted at my old house, in the ground. It was installed for me, and perhaps not well. I don't really know the difference between French and English lavender. I do know I'll be buying more. I think I paid $3.00 for it at Platt Hill Nursery. It's wonderful having it blooming in January.

Thumbnail by DonnaMack Thumbnail by DonnaMack Thumbnail by DonnaMack
Hobart, IN

'Biokovo' has been a real trouper for me despite it's dry site and neglect on my part. I'm thinking I need to top dress mine though since all of those windy stems (rhizomes?) seem to be begging for it to bring out a healthier plant. 'Karmina' is just as cute. I'm resolving to do better for those this year.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Donna, your #3 Pic is so sweet! I've never seen one like that... If you had an ID maybe I could find it somewhere? Or maybe we could trade in the spring?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

The only geranium I've grown has been Biokovo and it was gorgeous and did very well in full sun next to the sidewalk and parking lot for about 7 years before it became a bit woody and petered out. I think I missed it's cues that I should have dug it up, divided and replanted. Would definitely buy it again though.

I'm wanting lavender and have a little wish list in mind from Purple Haze--a bit pricy but it's not like I need a field full just a few plants.

DonnaMac--I checked out Select Seeds earlybird sale and I've got my eye on a few things now:)
That Gardener's Delight Geranium is on that list:lol:

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Pfg...hold off on getting that Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet....I've got some sprouting or have seed to ship! Just saying!!!

Thumbnail by warriorswisdomkathy
Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Pfg, the geranium looks like the ones I see along the Fox River Trail. I think that it is a simple species maculatum. One of those plants that was used to hybridize other plants but has its own incredible charm.

When I dug it up it collapsed in lots of pieces, and did not rebloom. But in the spring I'm sure that some of those pieces will bloom and I will be happy to trade. Also, there are sections of the trails that are maintained by groups here that have red trillium, jack in the pulpit and virginia bluebells, so as much as I covet them I don't touch them.

Would you believe it was next to a chain link fence? That's why I had to move it. Too beautiful!

But did you notice the plant to its right. It is a hydrangea macrophylla that had never bloomed, and so was moved to the fence to be out of the way. But it bloomed! And it was gorgeous! And it was mauve (pic 3)

So after it settled down in the fall..(pic 4)

I moved it so that it is in front of autumn clematis, and I burlapped it to make sure it blooms again. (pic 5.) Sorry for the blurriness.

The last two pics were taken on the same day.

Gardener's Joy is one of the more fragile geraniums. But wow, is it gorgeous!

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Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

The Gardeners Joy plants they send are nice. Here is one in June the year I ordered it.

Wow - that Purple Haze is gorgeous!

Thumbnail by DonnaMack
Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Can someone help me with a plant? Bluestone is giving 50% off on a handful of perennials, and one of them is Campanula takesimana Bellringers. I know that the campanula talesiman is supposed to be quite invasive, but does anyone have experience with the cultivars.

Let me quickly explain what I'm trying to do. I inherited a yard with tons of lily of the valley, ditchlilies, barren strawberries, creeping charlie and violets. After digging up and restraining the ditch lilies (at least for now) and digging up hundreds of lily of the valley and creeping charlie (I like the violets) I'm looking for plants that can compete. I ordered two Stanwell Perpetual roses, and I put in a Charles de Mills rose right next to the LOTV bed, which is known for suckering. I added hardy geraniums to the mix. I learned that aggressive plants can be pitted against each other and fight to the draw. I pitted bayberries against salvia verticillata against anemone x hybrida and they fought each other to a gorgeous draw because they all sucker. I'd love to do that here.

So, please, do you know about this campanula? Any other thoughts? This shadier garden thing is new to me.

Thank you!

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

Now I gotta look for Purple Haze Lavender--I was talking about Purple Haze the nursery:lol: I wish I had info about shady gardens/campanula but I'm a full sun gal--and now I gotta go check out Bluestone:)

I was looking for other lavender sources and a place Gorge Top Gardens has a 50% off all plant sale going right now. They mention that it could end at any time--shipping is flat $10.95 for all orders.

Hobart, IN

I've had C. takesimana for a long time - '95? - from Canyon Creek and it hadn't been much of a problem. It was in more clay-ey soil, more shade, etc and didn't spread as much as I had hoped. I had to kinda help it along by moving bits and pieces to where I wanted it to grow, trying to get a respectable clump. I got 'Bellringers' from Bluestone in '09 and put it in my half sun bed. It seemed a little more aggressive in spreading but maybe because of a looser soil and more light?. I ended up moving it out of that bed last year to join the species plants. I didn't have the room for that much spread. I think I found a few stray babies later in the season as well. I'm a little nervous around spreading Campanulas since I have the cursed C. rapunculoides roaming at will.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

I have a Symphyandra, which seems similar... It's under a long-established box hedge and I let it do its thing. It's pretty and doesn't get too crazy there. My feeling is- wishI had more specific knowledge- that in the circumstances you describe, tough is a good thing. I also believe in letting the thugs duke it out where the more timid don't survive.

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Hobart, IN

I think I've had Symphyandra in the past - can't remember where I got it. It does look a lot like Campanula. Isn't the S. a biennial? That's what I remember most about it. Never collected the seed to start new plants but relied on the plant to self sow. Sadly, they're all gone now. Didn't seem to be too aggressive but it was growing in some unamended soil at the time. Tried to grow S. armena from seed but could never get it to sprout.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Sold! Thank you.

The scene of the battle. Interestingly enough, Red Husker digitalis always held its own. This was at the front of my property where I wanted things to look nice but didn't want to spend my life weeding. It was, to a certain extent, dumb luck, but it was perfect! It was so sound that I had it on both sides of my entrance. I do find that plants with these characteristics are hard to transplant. It took many tries to get a couple of anemones, and about a dozen attempts to get one tine bit of salvia, which I really wanted to do, since the white is out of commerce.

Thumbnail by DonnaMack Thumbnail by DonnaMack
Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Thank you everyone. Bluestone had a 50% off on a few plants, so I got 2 penstemon digitalis Husker Red (it was so expensive elsewhere that I'm willing to baby it) and three of the campanula. I also thought it would be fun to try a panicum.

Then I'll order the geraniums and STOP!!!!!

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Hobart, IN

Score! Good deal on the BS plants.
I remember now that the Symphyandra was hoffmanii if that's of any use to anyone.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Also my Symphyandra is perennial, and a volunteer, so I don't know any more about it.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)


That Symphyandra is under a box hedge? It's really prety, and I have inherited an evergreen hedge. That's really beautiful. One heck of a vounteer.

I have plants that need love and tending, and I enjoy it. It's neat to deadhead roses - you have to approach them and smell them and clip them. That's why I grew Heritage again. Thornless, gorgeous, fabulous scent, healthy, and then surrounded it with plants on my wall like stipa (now nessella) and salvia farinacea.

Better yet, this is in late September a couple of years back.

Thumbnail by DonnaMack
(Carisa) Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

dmac - Looks like we are in the same area. I am adding two lavenders this year that I am excited about. Lavender Anouk and Madrid Blue. The Madrid Blue says it's borderline here, but I couldn't resist trying it, as I have heard that it is hardy in Zone 5 for someone, so should have a great chance here. I currently have Lavender Silver Anouk and it is doing amazingly! Huge plant, beautiful even right now, but I was looking for something a little less silvery, foilage wise, so decided to try Anouk. Expecting the same results from it. Plant Delights (local to me) has it and they said it's doing well for them, also.

I am starting from scratch this year! I have an entire yard begging for landscaping, so I am really excited! I won't bore you guys with my 5-year plan of exhaustive perennials, but I am keeping it simple, going for long bloomers right now. Here's a few:

Coreopsis Moonlight
Verbena Blue Princess
Iberis Masterpiece (if it will get to market, already!)
Echinacea Hot Summer, Secret Glow, Cheyenne Spirit, Leilani, Secret Joy, Marmalade and Hot Papaya (yes, I must!)
Heuchera/ella Obsidian, Kimono, Green Spice and Spellbound
Scabiosa Fama Blue
Eryngium Sapphire Blue
Several Dinnerplate Dahlias
Helenium Ruby Tuesday
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
Clematis Bijou

Come on Spring!

(Zone 4b)

Quote from funnthsun :
I am adding two lavenders this year that I am excited about. Lavender Anouk and Madrid Blue. The Madrid Blue says it's borderline here, but I couldn't resist trying it, as I have heard that it is hardy in Zone 5 for someone, so should have a great chance here.[/quote]

I put in my first Lavender this past summer; 2 of the more compact "Blue Cushion". I have my fingers crossed extra hard hoping they make it through this current very trying winter.

If they go to 'plant heaven' I may replace them with this very new but highly thought of lavender called "Phenomenal". It even has its own Facebook page! Take a look here:

Quote from funnthsun :
I won't bore you guys with my 5-year plan of exhaustive perennials,[/quote]

Never a bore 'funn'. We love reading about what others are choosing for their gives us lots of good ideas.

Quote from funnthsun :
Iberis Masterpiece (if it will get to market, already!)

I too was excited about this same plant last season. I did find it and planted one. It slowly but surely vanished from the garden during 2013. To be honest I had it in less than full sun conditions and it was squeezed out by a vigorous mound of annual alyssum (which did just fine in this same location).

I don't think I will try it again. I have always been very pleased with my traditional early flowering candytuft. I love this plant for its early, very bright white and very long lasting flowers.

But for sure let us all know know how yours does.

[quote="funnthsun"]Echinacea Hot Summer, Cheyenne Spirit, Hot Papaya

I have the first and the last one. I really did like HP and HS was good too. BUT even so I ripped out several stands of Echinacea last season as both "Sunflower Moth Larvae" and the disease "Aster Yellows" hit many of my coneflowers. I will buy no more echinacea as my full sun real estate is too valuable for too easily diseased plants (for me anyways).
(I have heard very good things about CS but as far as I know this will be the first season that Cheyenne will actually be in 'regular gardeners gardens'!).

[quote="funnthsun"]Eryngium Sapphire Blue

Can I make a suggestion?

I love "Sea Holly" and a few years back I planted several 'Sapphire Blue'. But for me all of them were so floppy and attracted so many yucky flies! So I pulled them out a couple of years back and replaced them with "Big Blue" Eryngium . They have performed very well i.e. sturdy upright and the most incredible blue.

I hope these suggestions get you thinking.

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(Carisa) Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Ooooh, good suggestion on the Eryngium, thanks!

Echinacea is my FAVORITE flower by far, so even Aster Yellows would be worth dealing with for me. I have created a raised bed just for them! They will have some friends, too, of course, but the bed was made with them in mind :) Moth Larvae, too? Not a good year for echs for you!

I looked at (slobbered over) Lavender Phenomenal, also, but in the end, decided to go with the old reliable Anouk. I was thinking about adding it into another section with some roses, though (a future bed, not this year), so I may still do that, especially since there will be some feedback on it by then. I have stuck to Lavandula Stoechas, knowing it's hardiness and since Phenomenal is not a Stoechas, I am leary! We shall see!

(Zone 4b)

Quote from funnthsun :
I looked at (slobbered over) Lavender Phenomenal, also, but in the end, decided to go with the old reliable Anouk.
I have stuck to Lavandula Stoechas, knowing it's hardiness and since Phenomenal is not a Stoechas, I am leary!

You have more willpower than me...I love trying the newest intros...lots of fun.

But reading more about "Phenomenal" here:

It makes specific mention as to its (excellent) hardiness. But for sure only time will tell if it really does deliver on the 'goods'.

(Carisa) Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Willpower? Have you SEEN my echinacea list? LOL! :)

(Carisa) Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Oh, by the way, is Big Blue sterile? Don't want any spreading, that's why I chose Sapphire Blue. That and Sapphire Blue is a bit smaller than Big Blue. Does yours spread or is it too soon to tell?

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh dear, more purchases!

Campanula Bellringers
Digitalis Husker Red
Panicum (for a pot, since it's not hardy here)

But worse - shrubs!

2 fothergilla Mt. Airy

And worse - a two gallon viburnum plicatum Pink Beauty from Plant and Gnome. I had the choice of 3-4ft bare root or 2 gallon container for $17 or a 1 gallon container @ $13. With $10 shipping. Seed grown plants! Last year I git three bare root oakleaf hydrangeas for $70 - including shipping. They were 3 feet tall!

The bareroots would have to be shipped in March - last year I heeled them in. The containers can be sent at any time.

I'm so bad!

Viburnum plicatum Pink Beauty. A large pink doublefile that can take some shade.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

Well, I bought these so far and will receive later once things warm up. All are small 3" or bareroot depending on the plant:

Hydrangea Stargazer (2)
Hydrangea Wedding Gown (3)
Phlox Tequila Sunrise (3)
Phlox Twister (3)
Phlox Orange Perfection (3)
Phlox David (3)

I don't know if lilies count as perennial but they do come back (fingers crossed) and these are some I'm trying:
Crimson Pixie
Gran Paradiso
Orange Pixie
Peach Pixie
Salmon Star
American Treasure
Russian Morning
Tiger type:
Black Beauty

I usually buy too many of those baby plants to hedge my bets--hoping one of the 2 or 3 will live:lol: Lilies I'm sometimes hit or miss with--some flourish and some just seem to disappear never to be heard or seen again:lol:

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

DonnaMack (I am also a Donna Mc!)--where you shopping with the great prices and shipping? Mine was a yahoo garden group:)

(Zone 4b)

Quote from funnthsun :
that's why I chose Sapphire Blue.[/quote]

I made a mistake 'funn'. The "Sea Holly" that was a flopper for me was "Blue Glitter" (Not SB). So I can't make conclusions about that particular 'holly'.

(Btw, I was blown away by a mass planting of "Sapphire Blue" at an university arboretum a few years was breath taking)

[quote="funnthsun"]Does yours spread or is it too soon to tell?

It may be too early to judge but I have had no issue with spread thus far.

(Carisa) Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

oh, wonderful! So glad to hear that! Bluestone said that Sapphire Blue was the best one that they've seen so far, but I like to hear it from everyday gardeners before I bank on it.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I got the two fothergillas from Bluestone at half price. I will have to pot them for a year or two but that's OK. That is also where the other perennials came from. I watch out for half price sales.

But Plant and Gnome is available at any time to any one. I don't know how you ship plants via Fed Ex for $10, but it is $10 an order! Not per plant - per order. I couldn't believe it. And his plants are huge - and gorgeous. The selection is somewhat limited, but the plants are magnificent. Here is their site:

Check out the plant price list. This is one of the few places that will ship you a true hydrangea Querquefolia Snowflake (lots of people substitute, and a major company, to whom I was paying $42 plus shipping, gave away my order). If he doesn't have it, he lets you know.

I check him every year when I am looking for shrubs. I've ordered six shrubs from him so far.

And Garden Watchdog loves him:

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