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CLOSED: Lady Beetle? or?

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

This little one (1/8", 3 mm) looks and moves like a Lady Beetle but is much smaller than your average LB. The photo was taken at digital macro x 2.6 so it is well magnified. I searched for gray Lady Beetle with two black spots and came up with a sort of beige color with black spots or all black. I looked at a lot of images but didn't see one like this so I wonder. This is the first year i have noticed this little beetle in the garden. I also notice small white specks that are new to me, easily removable (but can't be blown off) on the leaves of different plants and i wonder if the two somehow are related? Thank you bug gurus.


Thumbnail by vitrsna
Minot, ND

It is a lady beetle in the subfamily Scymninae, looks like an Azya sp -

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

Ah good, a garden friend then. I like my photo better though because it shows the cute little yellow legs and yellow accent on the front end (or is it the hind end?) Gracias Flap!

Minot, ND

You're welcome; the yellow bit is its hind end, it is facing to the right.

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