Neck of the Woods Chat January 2013

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

What busy chatterers we are these days, Guess we are all excited that the days are getting longer and our gardening and other adventures will soon be in full swing.

We came from here

Chat away, Chat away, chat away all!

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

Ahem.....Broke my wrist 2 years ago when I slipped down the deck steps wearing Crocs. Remember, Ric.

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

No broken bones to report here and no flip flops either. Unless a shoe or sandle is anchored to my feet, they tend to fly off at the most inconvenient times. Currently, I like Tevas with the multiple, infinitely adjustable, velcro straps. Learned in a rock climbing course to keep my center of gravity properly positioned over my feet so as to not fall off the mountain by not letting my feet get out from under me.

Tai Chi helps with this balance thing, too, As does going barefoot. There are millions of sensors on the bottom of our feet that have helped us be homoerectus and wearing shoes throws that innateness off. Heels are the worst for throwing our alinement off, etc.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I'm trying to get inspiration to go outside and work in the yard, but it is so cold and damp instead of the unusually warm day I had been led to expect....

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I have 2 very well worn croc-type "shoes'. The soles have absolutely NO tread left.
I wear one of them in the house all the time (the pea green ones) and the others when I go shopping or such.
These are black and, I think they are men's--as they are a bit loose and wide on my feet.
They both fit best with thick socks on.

Just a few weeks ago, I came to my HD (shopping) and when i was leaving--I had to walk
a ways the outside of the building which has those wide, yellow lines painted (NO parking). It was also drizzling.
Without any thought--as I took a step--I went down--and as is automatic--on one of my knees.
Because I was wearing heavy, warm pants--i did not rip off my skin too much--but the top layer on my knee got
such a nasty scrape/burn that it took the top layer of my skin off. it is still trying to re-grow. All red...

Simce my "crocs" are smooth on the bottom--and the yellow painted lines were slick--I just went flying.
It happened in a split second! A man from behind cane over and said--"Are you al right"???
I said It's OK--but I will not be able to get up so easily. So he just put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up.
WoW! i an NO featherweight!

in general--I fear like crazy falling--especially landing on my knees--as they are both replaced and I dread what my
happen if I fall too hard. Don't want to think about it!!!
I am very careful even in my own garden--as the concrete floor that extends outside my patio roof can get slick
when it has algae on it. Or a wet spot on my kitchen floor. One just never expects to slip--and then it is too late.I could NEVER garden in my flip-flops!!! I have a collection of old tennis shoes for that job.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Teri, I remember your wrist and the Crocs and I'm sure you do too in this weather. Gita, I know exactly what you mean about painted lines being slick, every-time I see a crosswalk painted with those slash marks I cringe for how many seniors may be injured using them. Some surfaces are just treacherous under different conditions. Our back deck can be like black ice with a very light frost where being wet isn't bad. Then there is always the errant sea gull flying over the stairs, as I had happen in OBX. I wasn't laughing then. Ric

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

Those new "flip flops" with the contoured orthotic (?) sole plates and the extra instep straps and the treaded soles are nothing like the flat flimsy flip flops. You can tell the difference immediately. Foot is secure feeling.

I have a beginners balance board that we bought after therapy for my ankle. Really fun to try and not to easy to get right. It's a square board with 2 wheels imbedded underneath. Only tilts 2 ways. The ones with the balls underneath can tilt 360 and are much more difficult to manage.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

That's the kind of flip flips I have -- two pairs of the firm ones with contoured soles. I love them.

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Sounds like an injury discussion thread ;-). Hope you are ok, Gita. I never knew those painted lines were slippery. Must be careful from now on.

Had my ankle surgery 4 days ago to get a ligament reconstructed. Now I am sitting in bed, completely bored. The splint is very heavy, but it will be replaced with a lighter cast next week. So I stay hopeful.

My winter/spring seed planting plan is plant nothing :-(. Oh well. I should be able to walk properly just in time for spring garden work.

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Do yours have the velcro straps? Here's a pic of my tevas. They last a long time, very durable. Like birkenstocks, I wear them with socks, too.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

They DO look durable, Judy.

Where do you buy them and how much do they cost?

I always need to know the price.....frugal me.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

The sandals I wear the most are Keen Newport H2, they are rather similar to Judy's Tevas. They are a "sport" sandal, made for every sort of outdoor activity, and man are they rugged!! I muck through all sorts of slop at work, and I never slip or slide when I'm wearing them, and having that bad right ankle (which has been broken FIVE times!), I am really picky about support. I feel completely supported and sturdy in these.

I got 'em 3 years ago at zappos (online), and after I hose 'em off, they look just like brand new. They can get tossed into the washer then just sit out to dry, or if you're like me, just hose your feet down while you're wearing them, and they dry really fast.
They were about $100, but that was money WELL spent as I don't see myself needing to buy another pair.... ever. =)

(photo compliments of zappos website, by the way). :)

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

For good prices on shoes, try "".

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Oh cool, I've never heard of them before, thank you! Saved that page! =)

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

I got a pair of Khombu sandaly things I wear for just about everything at DSW. Love them. In the garden I wear crocs for most things or barefoot.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

OK, I give; what's DSW? < =/

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Oh Speedie, you've been missing out! :)

DSW = Designers' Shoe Warehouse.

It's a dangerous place...

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Ooooh, you guys do love to live dangerously, don't you!? < =P I think I'd better stay away from there, sounds scary! < =0

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Well, I just checked, and pretty much ALL of the crocus bulbs are blooming.

This is not good news at all, as we're supposed to get hit with an "arctic blast" next week, and I'll probably end up losing all of the flowers. AAARRRGGGHHHH.... Only 1 week of flowers: :'(

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Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

You can get some good deals at DSW. I think the Khombu sandals I got were $40. A couple of years ago.

Why is it, when I go outside to do a project in the garden I get sidetracked by another thing? I know some of you have this same problem. Today's side track-I started digging out some English ivy. Why oh why did I plant this years ago? I know there is some poison ivy in one area, so I MUST take precautions when I get close.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


A frugal suggestion to you--and anyone else that works around plants that may hurt or give you a rash.

Look for an old pair of long-topped socks--like the "tube socks" of yore.
Cut off the foot part and use the top to pull over your arms--ribbed end around your wrist.
This will protect you from Poison Ivy, plants that are sticky/thorny to touch, very dirty plants...etc.

Remove and launder--and re-use. Gita

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Thank you, dear for the suggestion!!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

oh boo donnerville- need some books/ movies/ knitting...knida glad the weather is not tempting for outside activity of any kind. Sounds like pretty steady rain tonight for some time now.

yes, Teva, couldn't remember that name. Keen is an excellent brand.

Jan, must have been meant for YOU the nicknack I saw in a gift shop today.
"Time wasted enjoyable is not wasted time" or soemthing to that effect- they phrased it cleverly )

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Sally, that sounds like an adorable nicknack, where'd you see it, what gift shop? I love that saying, it sounds very "me" as well. :)

I googled "DSW" a few minutes ago and, well, I've got a Norton Internet Security package that shows the 'status' of search results on google (whether the site is safe to go to or not) ... DSW had a warning next to it... something about "E commerce safety threats". Upon further reading, it seems as though they have been caught selling counterfeit goods under the Prada name. I can't say if they have done so under any other names but... buyer beware!

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)


Donner, thinking of you this morning and praying you heal well.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

speedie, it was a plaque in the gift shop at Balt Wash Hospital- (we were just there to eat at the deli, no worries.)

Oh here is the phrase

Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Glad to know I haven't been wasting my time ALL these years!!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Get well soon Donner, Hope to see you at the Seed Swap,

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Just came back from the doc with a new cast. Unfortunately it is not lighter than the splint as I had hoped :-(. Should have bribed the nurse for a smaller cast. Hahah!

I will have to garden vicariously for now, but I will definitely go to the swap. May need a pair of good clogs you have been talking about.

Hop, hop.

Thumbnail by donnerville
Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Donner -- I'm so sorry -- what a pain that must be. How much longer do you have to wear it?

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Happy, the cast will stay on for 2 more weeks. I will wear a post-surgical boot for another 4 weeks after that. Then physical therapy :-(

This was an old injury. I sprained my ankle years ago, but thought nothing of it at the time. Then I started to sprain it again and again, and had quite a few bad falls too when the ankle just suddenly collapsed for no reason what so ever. Finally I decided that I needed to see a doctor. The doctor said the ligament was so stretch that it didn't stabilize me any more. Some arthritis (arthritis!!!) also developed in the area because the ligament was "in shreds" (his words) and other things were rubbing the bones. Lessons learned -- go see a doctor immediately if something is wrong. I know at least 2 people with similar problems and they are not seeing doctors.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Been there--done that. Funny story: (well--not exactly!).

Back in the early 80's, I broke my own leg. NO! I did not take a hammer and beat myself up--
I slipped on ice stepping off a curb (picking my then younger daughter up from Brownies),
I went flying and my left leg went under me and I fell right on top of it...Crunch!

I was the last Mom to pick her up--and there was no one else there. So--I hobbled to my car
and drove home. Glad I had automatic transmission!
Hobbled inside--my hubby was not home. He was out playing handball.
So--I sat on the sofa, my leg elevated on a chair, and waited for 2 hours.
When he walked in--I just said: "You have to take me to the hospital--I just broke my leg...
Luckily--it was NOT the ankle (very complicated to break that one)--it was the fibula bone(??)--
the one on the outside of the leg, just above the ankle.

So, I also spent a couple months in a cast. Of course--knowing me--After a couple weeks, when I got
my "walking cast'--I never slowed down. I was so active, i wore out the bottoms of two times and they had to
re-tape it. After all that, my foot part of the cast looked pretty fat.

I crocheted little toe covers (it was winter) that matched most of my outfits and partied on.

Sally--I wanted to send you a Get Well e-card--but I did not have your e-mail address.
So--I went to Jacquie Lawson and chose one--then copied the URL and will attach it
here as a link. I do not know if that will open the card--but here it is:

Wishing you a speedy recovery, friend! Gita

YES!!! It worked!!!! There just isn't anything in the "message scroll"....
You know it would have been full of best wishes!!!

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

Little "toe covers to match my outfits" never cease to amaze me, Gita. I sprained my ankle and "shredded" some ligaments. Saw the doctor a year later when I couldn't put my foot down on the floor anymore. He said told me that that kind of damage really needs time to diagnose. Put me in a boot for 4 months. No surgery because I was already past the age where I'd really be putting athletic strain on it. Worked out fine. Only have a problem if I go barefoot or spend too much time in shoes with no arch support. The new flip flop type sandals with all the support now make it possible for me to wear sandals again without getting into trouble.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Roses--I have been dealing with what you describe now for 2 years.

I have had "Plantar Facitis" and need to wear sole inserts in all the shoes I wear.
It started out being diagnosed as a tear in one of the ligaments under the 3rd toe.
My Dr. did all kinds of soft cut-outs to glue under the ball of my foot. Then I did it myself.
I believe that may have healed bu now--but I have not been back to tht dr. for 2 years now.
He said--you can come back on an "as needed" basis. I haven't "needed"....but a follow up
would not hurt.
Hence--I cannot wear flip-flops, flats, or any other "normal" shoe. Have a closet-full of them...

I have inserts that give me arch support and cushioning under the toes in all my shoes--even my "crocs"...
It has gotten better over time--but i do not dare start running around barefoot or anything like that.
Luckily--my usual attire is sweat pants and my slick "crocs"....At work--it is tennis shoes.


Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Ouch, ouch, Gita and Roses.

Gita, thank you for the lovely card. So pretty! Very thoughtful of you.

Roses, you saw the doctor a year later. It is embarrassing to admit that I actually left it for 13 years :-(.

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Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Donner, OH MY GOODNESS, I had to read back to realize what I'd missed. BIG get-well hugs for you!!!!!!!! And, tsk tsk tsk, waiting so long! < ;P (yeah, I just had to throw that in there, heehee).

I've broken my own right ankle 5 times, each time in a cast.. the first time it happened I was walking. Yeah, nothing more exciting than walking, across a street, stepped in a pot-hole "just wrong" and went down right in the middle of the street. I was 15 and was on the way to school, and thankfull I was with my cousin, so he ran into the grammar school that was right across the street to call my Mom. The rest of the times that I've broken it were just as idiotic, I won't embarrass myself by telling the details. (hopping back and forth from foot-to-foot in a parking lot trying to keep warm... on a FLAT SURFACE! Come on!!!! At a church retreat, no less! Spent the rest of the retreat in a cast on crutches. HAHAA!!)... anyway... yes, joints can be oh so much fun, huh? < =D

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Speedie! Five times!!! Ouch! Do you wear an ankle brace now? I did it for several months before the surgery, and will consider wearing it again. It will give you some support when you work in the garden.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Errrr.. ummm.. uuhhh... no, I don't wear one. < =/ Heh heh. But I don't roller skate or ice skate anymore! =)

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Oh ouch! Donnerville, I hope you recover fully this time. I was told that these ankle injures take forever to heal properly.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Hugs to your poor ankle, DonnerSally. I've been trying to think of movie and book suggestions but thats so varied.
THe last book I read was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I liked it.

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