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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

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somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Sandy - thanks for the new thread!

BonnieB - and what are the tomatoes you are getting this year?

Debbie - what did Izzy do this time?


Lyndonville, NY

Izzy didn't do anything, I think it ws mostly the wind...and She just needed to go out ...three times. And it was the cats I think causing her upset, for some reason they are suddenly very nocturnal.

Ready to strong up DH. Didn't tell me we are out of coffee.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. Up and had some sausage and some coffee and need to dress and get my day going.

Tammy, last year we had such a horrible growing season and the only tomato that did well was Celebrity. We will grow that one for sure. Another one was Brandwine, and I like the Cheokee Purple. For canning purposes Rutgers.

Will check with the florist and if they are not busy, will go help get that computer up and running. May make a run to Sam's later in the day.

All my animals behaved last night, so sleep was uninterrupted.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Will start with Good Afternoon as it will be when I finish this.

DH and I had to get up and get going early this morning. He has been having terrible pain in the upper teeth. So I called and made an appointment for him and made one for myself. What a fast hour and 15 minutes. The Dentist pulled 2 of his teeth and fixed and filled 3 of mine. My mouth is at that fat feeling stage. I go back next week to get the other side done and a cleaning. He does not believe in doing unnecessary dental work. Think I might of found the Dental office of my dreams. At my age I don't require excellent looking teeth. Just want ones I can chew with and enough for a good smile.

BonnieB I have grown tomatoes that are 80 day. I prefer to stay at 75 or less. Last year I grew Big Mama Love these, Opalka love these, kelloggs breakfast will not grow again. The couple of tomatoes I got were good. Didn't produce enough for me. Sunsugar to grab and eat and for salads.

This year I am looking to grow Big Mama and Opalka. Looking at Amish Paste, Old German,and Terenzo to try. But I could change my mind before I order. I am a lazy caner and prefer as big as possible tomatoes to work with! What can I say? Insert shoulder shrug.

Deb was going to ask you if it was the wind and I went and looked again. I figured we have been windy for about 3 days it should be hitting you also.

Lyndonville, NY

Vicki, the wind moved in here about 11:00 last night, and although it has never bothered her before, it has started too. We had a doozy of a windstorm when the storm door flew open and shattered last year. Ever since then, I have to sleep down here with her if she is bothered. She will sleep in kitchen on her bed...but just needs someone nearby.

Glad to hear all went fairly well at the dentist. I guess I am at the opposite of the spectrum for you. Even at my age ..I would want braces. I hate smiling in public, have two teeth that are "bonded" and twice the size thickness and I hate eating in public because of it. I have wanted braces my entire life and it was always "NO" or then the kids came first. I feel it just holds me back and causes shyness with people.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Perfect teeth are nice to have. I just don't like seeing someone smile and their teeth are all rotted and broken. I had a silver cap on my front tooth until I was 15 or 16 and yes I was very consious of it and it affected my smile. But I have to say not too many kids said anything to my face about it.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I will have a very, very tired dog tonight. He has been outside all day supervising the yard work. If I go out there he will go play with the eggee

Well I have the calenders printed and bond and have envelopes now to put them in them, find addresses and get them mailed.

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

Sandy you are so busy! I am surprised Andre' isn't tired from keeping up with you.

Vicki, I was teased my entire life, and in 1990 right before I married DH, a wonderful dentist did the bonding for my two teeth that
are set way back on the top, so my wedding pictures would look nice. He said they were "temporary" and would fall out within two years.
Well, they are STILL intact, and it has been 23 years!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Debbie I sat on my "A" and watched the yard guys work. We now have 2 new level walkways, they will finish the last 3rd later. Tomorrow or in a few days they will be back to plant the plants that I bought Friday and the ones I get today. The only thing I did was take the calenders to the shop to be bond and bought more stuff. LOL

Sandy and Andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Got in a nap and I am still tired. Can just image how DH feels. Gotta find something soft for supper.

Sandy did you get pictures of the walkways?

Deb that is like the dentist telling me the tooth with the root canal would get brittle and I would need a crown. No crown yet.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Vicki Not yet will take a picture after they plant the boarder.

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Sounds like a pretty good day for folks here.

Funny - I was going to suggest Kellogs Breakfast to BonnieB 'cause its been our workhouse in tough weather. And then Vicki goes and says it didn't produce well! 70% of the roasted sauce in my freezer is yellow from those 'maters! Must be a regional thing.

BonnieB - a good nights' sleep is like gold. Very happy for you!

Vicki - glad to hear you found a dentist you like. I would do anything I could to keep my teeth. Have not (yet) had to make a decision on beauty type issues iwth my teeth. I have a terrible underbite that would require jaw surgery to fix. I will NOT do that... but that leaves too little room to do anything about the crowding/overlapping of teeth on the lower jaw.

Debbie - you just sounded so frustrated w/Izzy this morning. Sounds like a rough night sleep wise?

Sandy - congratulations on the progress with the calendars!

I am very happy to say I found someone to transport the rocks for the flower show. That was the big item that's caused me to lose sleep. Whew!


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Quack Quack - Duck Dynasty is on.

somewhere, PA

OK. Found it and will give it a look see. Thanks Loretta!

Lyndonville, NY

Yes, I was very frustrated with Izzy. She wouldn't go out before bed, growled at me and showed her teeth when I took her by the collar. SO I let her
go to her bed, and then an hour later she is barking to go out, and doing it every 20 minutes or so. Its just hard for me going up and down the stairs
and in the middle of the night it isn't that welcoming.

I did not know it until DH sent me an email that the cats had messed on her bed...which was probably her issue and without my contacts in, I couldn't
see it. Sigh.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, I like Kelloggs Breakfast and it has always produced well for me. I like the heirlooms but if I have grown them and they are good producers, I will grow just about anything. I like the Cherokee Purple for a good eating tomato. They do not have any shelf life, but they are good slicers to just eat. I like the brandywines, as they are big enough to slice and I even throw them in the juice or roasted sauces. For canning whole tomatoes or juice the Rutgers do well. Produce smooth medium size tomatoes with no big cores or blemishes.

Vicki there are some very good 65 day varieties. Since your growing season is shorter than mine, I certainly would give them a try.

The lady who has been elected to help me with the church treasury and secretarial duties came down tonight, and we worked a while Had made a blackberry cobbler to serve as a dessert about halfway through the work. Her DH and little son came with her. He is 20 months old, and into everything. His DD, and my DH entertained while we worked on church stuff.

While we were working, I had a call from a preacher who needed me to fill in for him this coming Sunday. He has a family situation that he needs to drive to Connecticut. I will work tomorrow on a sermon for that sunday, and then I preach again on February 3, filling in at a church where the pastor has graduated seminary, and will be away for graduation. That will be priority this week, before anything else gets done.

Verona, ON

Evening everyone! Finally made it here.

Diesel has been a little pistol all day - its very windy out - and that usually means he will be beyond hyper.He has finally settled down in his spot by the bed but hasn't closed his eyes. He is too busy watching me and trying to figure out what I am doing next. Almost afraid to say anything but Quill is doing really well. This is the best I have seen her in months. She is active, brings her ball for me to toss and I can't fill her up.Her back legs especially the one is very wobbly but once she gets up and on her 4 feet she does well.

Poor Izzy and poor Debbie! My 2 are bringing in muck every time they come in - all that rain over the weekend has made the lane very soggy and muddy. Same conditions for Miss Izzy?

Bonnie when you go back to Katy will the boys go with you? Did you sleep well last night?

There has been quite a commotion across the lake and I was shocked at what someone has tried to slip through the by-law office. A man came from Toronto with lots of cash and proceeded to buy up the smaller seasonal cottages across the lake. He has a section of 3 places to the north of the Township beach and 2 places south of the beach. He has had it all surveyed and tried to slip in a clause for his severences whereby he would buy the Township beach and give back to the Township 2 of the parcels he has bought. He wants to put in a marina plus a small motel with a bar. Of course the Township Beach is beautiful, a prime location and the parcels that he will so gladly deed back to the Township are horrid.The village is in an uproar. I worked the phones for a few hours today trying to get people to come out to the Township meeting on Thurs. night. I am all for making the village a better place to shop and to provide desperately needed jobs but the way he went about it is very underhanded. Did this developer honestly think he could pull the wool over everyones' eyes? I have had a great deal of experience with this township and severances so 1 of the council members called me on Sunday asking if I would help protect what the village has in place and help make the villagers aware that they are in danger of losing their beach area completely. We (DH and I) almost sold 155 ac to what turned out to be a far out religious cult who wanted to set up a commune. They were going to build 40 10'x10' cabins and 1 huge dining area where they would all take their meals. There was just something the guy who was representing the group (Although at that time he pretended it was just 1 person - himself who was going to build) said that made my warning signs go flash. I was able to track down who he actually was and what was exactly going to happen on the land. He had tried the same thing near the Barrie area and the sale had almost gone through before everything caught up with him. It seems the developer across the lake is not affliated with the fellow W and I dealt with back in 2001. Makes my blood burn when these larger corporations come in and try and bambozzle the locals.

BonnieB I am slowly getting all the grit and dust cleaned up and the walls washed. This shop vac is huge - it is a professional type. We used it in the glass workrooms. It stands about 3ft tall and as big around as a bushel barrel so there was lots of junk, grime and dirt flying around. You will do really well with these 2 sermons coming up - I know you will.

Tam sounds like you are feeling a bit better today. Sure hope so, you had quite a case of the crud.How is DH feeling today? Wooo hooo on Scirroco gaining some weight.

Well I had better go empty the dishwasher and clean the sinks so I don't come out to a mess in the morning.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Lyndonville, NY

Dianne, it has been rather dry and no mud here, just wind. Izzy went out on the weekend and played quite a bit. We just watched the weather and calm tonight but a high wind warning for Wednesday again. I will probably just park it on the couch if it is and never mind the up and down trips.

I ended up doing a later grocery shop leaving here at 7:00 and got back home right at 9:00ish. DH stayed up to help me carry things in. Our anniversary
is this weekend and I need to come up with something for him....besides a 2 X 4!!!

Tam, are you feeling better? I hope you are not over doing it!!! (stern finger shaking).

Dianne, I think I know the area you are talking about across the way....which was beautiful. Sure hope that doesn't happen on that quiet peaceful lake.

Waving to all.....I need to get to bed.

Sweet dreams to you all also

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Poor Izzy! That darned cats got her bed?

Debbie - not doing more than using my brain, voice & fingers again in exchange for a paycheck. :-) I hope you got a good nights rest last night! Are you making dinner for your anniversary? Maybe you could come up with something the two of you could make together?

Dianne - so happy to hear Quill is doing well. Its awful how we have to be vigilant against people & corporations ready to take for their own profit.

BonnieB - maybe I'll give Rutgers a try. I've had other hybrids developed with the same line as Rutgers but never that famous one itself. Thanks for the tips You sure are gonna be busy getting those sermons ready. I guess you try to have a spare in the bag for short notice needs?

Sandy - good morning!


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. It is super cold here. I have some bills to pay, and some paper to wade through, but need to head to Sams as our paper goods supply is nil! That just won't do.

Tammy, the rutgers is a good canning tomato and it was absent from the market for several years, as some saw it as an old variety not worthy of any kind words. However, around here there has been a resurgance of interest in it, and it is available in several catalogs.

Dianne, still working on the dirt, grit that came out of that vacuum. I sure hope that I don't have to deal with anything like that. I have enouch current dirt that I don't need to seek out any more!

Yes, I do try to keep a couple of sermons on the shelf, for just such instances as this one. I will go over one and make sure that it is good to go. I always try to become familiar enough that I don't have to read, but maybe only glance at notes. Also like to time them to see if they are within acceptable limits.

Also have more year end reports for the church that will be due by the first of next week, so HAVE to get them done.

~~~ and may be absent for most of the day trying to get it all done.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Bonnie I will try Rutgers as it has been years since I did. The local nursery carries the plant and they are nice sized. If I go with a 65 day tomato they will ripen while the beans are ready to pick. I don't have time to do both at once. But will look again at 65 day one.Don't like juciey ones for canning or small tomatoes to work with. For me it all comes down to a time factor.

Coffee gone. Time for breakfast. Will try to comment more later. I have to work today as Manager has an all day meeting. So I get tomorrow off.

Lyndonville, NY


I think my new pillow helped me sleep last night and being so over tired. Laid down and heard nothing but my snoring waking me up a couple times! Poor DH!

I put coffee on and still haven't had a cup as miss Darla needs some grandma love here. I feel like a pirate with a little kitten on my shoulder instead of a parrot!
She reminds me of a squirrel with her long tail and way she will hold onto it.

Going for coffee and breakfast


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Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

I will be glad to start a new thread on this all its own, if this question is to depressing. I was however, wondering about when you know its 'time' to do the unthinkable.

My 16 year old cant cant eat anymore without pain or dropping the food out of his mouth. He doesnt really walk well or steady, but is very alert when awake. It seems his life has come down to sleeping or meowing for food which he cant eat. The vet says I could pull all of his back teeth, but he might not make it thru surgery. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for when your keeping the pet alive for you, but are not really doing the right and humane thing for him. Im so afraid Im subconsciously thinking of money and not the cat, on the other hand, is putting him thru the surgery etc. humane either???? One thing is for sure, after such a good life, I dont want to slowly be starving him to death.


somewhere, PA


I'm so sorry you are at this point with your cat. (what is his name?) If the vet is telling you he might not make it through surgery, that's a big clue that its not the right choice for him. And it sounds to me that your gut is telling you his time has come. Oh this is the very most difficult time in our relationship with our pets!


Lyndonville, NY

Pam, I agree with Tam, your gut is telling you "it is time". There is a saying about quality of life vs. quantity. Your baby does not have much quality of life right now, and is hurting. Sixteen is up there for a have been blessed to have a furbaby sixteen years. And at that age, I do not think it is fair to put him through surgery.

I am so sorry you have to make this decision, we sure understand how you are feeling. Sending hugs for strength....


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Pam, I feel for you since I have been in your position more than once...I had a cat and I selfishly made her stay as I could not imagine life without her..she was 18. It is never an easy decision...but it is sometimes the loving one to make..Listen to your heart it knows.

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Pam I agree with the others. I once make the mistake of not allowing one of my cats a gentle escape and he was not old but he had cancer. I will never make that mistake again.


Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Thanks all! Im headed to Tai Chi for a little stress relief. BooBoo is laying peacefully in front of the space heater, even tho its a warm day, he loves the heat. You all are right, I know what I need to do, but havent come to terms with leaving the house with him for the last time. It wont be long tho. Thanks for your help.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pam, just finding this, but wanted to ask, and to add some things.

Do you know a vet that would come to the house to euthanize BooBoo, so that he wouldn't have to leave the house for the last time? It would be such a kindess if you could find someone. It would be just like going to sleep. My sister had a vet who was able to come put her beloved Norwich terrier down. So much more civilized. And not as stressful on the humans either.

Just my 2 cents worth. I am so sorry that you are having to make this heartwrenching decision.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, I have been doing some paperwork and reading over my sermon for Sunday. I always keep a few ready in case I am called to preach. I will just need to get more familiar with it, and time it, so that I will know if it is in the time frame that is acceptable (to me).

Tammy, I don't think I commented on Scirroco's weight gain. It is a small bit, and come to think of it, I think your mystery has been solved. She just wasn't wanting that food. At this point, I would just let her eat what she wants, and if there are problems down the road address them then. How are you feeling today?

Debbie, forgotten the bunny's name, but looks like he was having a bad hair day! Looks like one side of his nose has been licked and plastered down. Ya reckon the cats have taken over his grooming?

Dianne, hope you are doing okay and that you are keeping safe on that ice. I just looked outside and it is sleeting. The sidewalk in front is covered, and the deck is covered. Sure hope we don't lose power. May have to do what I did several years ago when an ice storm hit. We were without power about 24 hours, then ours came on, but all of the neighbor's were still without power. After several days, they discovered we had power and they began bringing meat and asking me if I would cook it so it wouldn't spoil. Well word went out and anybody who was able to walk and get here had hot food, and the use of the shower, and a chance to get really warm. I didn't enjoy the duration of it, but was glad I was able to help out some. Before our power came on, I was cooking on a gas grill just outside our back door. It was a chore cleaning off the ice first, but after that, it sure came in handy.

Elsie, so what interesting calls have you had this week?

Think Sandy has a "wanted dog". Hehe.

Bonnie, I am hoping that you are feeling much better and that you are getting some answers to some of your health questions.

Vicki, I know when you work you don't need garden stuff coming on all at once. I used to dread the garden when I worked. It meant after putting in a long day, I would come home and can at night. I really don't see how I did it, but I was lots younger then.

Melva, what has your weather been like? I talked to my neighbor who spent Christmas in Texas with their son, and I really don't know where they were, but he said they had snow for Christmas.

Terese, guess that you are enjoying the warmth of the seashore. Just soak up some sun for me.

Well, need to go and do a couple of other things, then I am going to bed.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - I enjoyed your post tonight. (Always do.) There's probably more to it than just changing from weight loss type to regular food but we're happy she's going the other direction with her weight again. We stopped giving her the prednisone when she bottomed out at 6.4lbs. She was running at first sight of us and it wasn't helping. So it was really good to see we didn't made a bad choice there either. And I'm feeling better. Still an awful cough. Suspect that will go on for a week or two. But took the last antibiotic tonight. Put in a full & productive day at work.

And speaking of productive, the girls provided us with 8 eggs yesterday & another 6 today. I'm getting a kick out of the size difference between smallest & largest. Here's yesterday's haul.

Good night all. And good luck with your decision about Boo Boo Gardenglory.


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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB you are right the bad boy has gone to far. There is a wanted poster out for him

Sandy and Andre

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sandy I saw that! Too funny.

Tammy, the top middle, all I can say is "Ouch".

somewhere, PA

Amen Bonnie! I can't believe that poor hen survives every time I find one of those GIANT eggs. I'm pretty sure its the sex-link hen I got this spring as a chick. She's one of my favorites too - always comes running when she sees me.

Sandy - aw... he's way too cute to be a criminal of any sort. :-)

Tam (really going to bed now)

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

This morning I woke, and looked outside, and saw snow! Not a lot snowed around 5:30...I fell back asleep until a sound woke me was Phil...the traffic was a mess going into Dallas so he stayed home and worked on the computer...the wintery mix was totally unexpected so the roads had not been sanded so I am thinking a lot of people stayed home. It has been very cold and yes, we did get a white Christmas, a really pretty fluffy snow. Corky has been driving me nuts wanting out, then in...its so cold outside I am real attentive to his week we are putting in a pet door for him.
So I haven't been on the computer much today...Phil hogged it.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Snow in Texas... such odd weather! Stay warm Melva.

Its a mess outside here - sleeting and grey. Glad I don't have to leave the house.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, we have sleet. Not a lot, but while it was coming down last night, it sure coated everything. DH went out to see if he could scrape the windows on his truck, and evidently was successful as he left. He checks in at the pool hall in a nearby town, so guess that is where he has gone. I am going to do some paperwork and if it clears up any will go to the grocery later today.

I am not anxious to get out there and risk broken bones.

Melva, don't blame you for going back to bed. I let Mr. B out about 5 and thought I probably wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, but did and I am so glad that my day didn't start that early.

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