Has anyone ever grown 'Red Samurai' carrots?

London, United Kingdom

I have found this variety of carrot on this web site http://www.vegdork.com/Veg/Carrot/RedSamurai and was wondering where I could get some seeds (can't find them in the normal seed suppliers) and if they are difficult to grow. I have had varying degrees of success with carrots over the years, the roots very rarely look like they do in the store, usually split or very short and this variety is supposed to have long roots. Want to grow for the color but would be nice to know if they taste like more traditional varieties?

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Have never grown them, but they are widely available in North America. Nicky's carry them in the UK. http://www.nickys-nursery.co.uk/garden-shop/seeds/vegetables-root/carrot/carrot-red-samurai

London, United Kingdom

Thanks Nickys seeds look good - lots of weird and wonderful varieties. Will definitely give these a go and let everyone know how I got on.

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