SOLVED: Need tree ID please

Roanoke, VA

So this is an ID request from a friend of a friend of a friend...

Here's what I know:
This is a smaller ornamental tree (described as crabapple-sized), not a large shade tree that came down in Hurricane Sandy (eastern US, probably Mid-Atlantic States). Leaf measures (very approximately) 4" by 2.5". They think it had flowers. Habit-wise it is described as having a pretty broad branch spread with a gnarled appearance, trunk not straight. Was unsure about thorns or bark.

My best guess at the moment is one of the hawthorns, but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone here will have a better idea than I do...

Leaf pic posted

ETA: Just got more info on the tree. The flowers were pink, it had berries, and rough bark.

Are there crabapples with leaves like this?

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Thumbnail by Ravyn78
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Yes, that leaf looks like it could belong to a Flowering Crabapple (Malus sp.).

There are many named selections of Flowering Crabapple - including more than a few fine ones with pink flowers which are handsomely fruited come fall. Crabapples typically develop rough bark with age.

You didn't say where the unidentified tree was located - nor whether any further images were possible. Even pictures of the tree on the ground (or of pieces of it sawed into firewood) might be worthwhile to see.

Roanoke, VA

The person who sent the picture to me is located in the Washington, DC area. I'll see what I can do about getting additional pictures. Thanks so much for the help!

Roanoke, VA

Unfortunately, this is the only other picture they have. The tree has been cut up and hauled away already.

Thumbnail by Ravyn78
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

That image does not rule out Flowering Crabapple.

The only other question to ask is: were there any other trees nearby that were the same kind, that are still in place?

A new Flowering Crabapple would be a great gesture toward rekindling the values and memories that the old tree obviously provided.

Roanoke, VA

From what I understand, this is the only one that was in the area. Thanks so much for your help! I'll let them know it was a flowering crabapple. Hopefully someone at their local nursery can help them pick out a suitable replacement crabapple.

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