Peace Lily problem

Jolivue, VA

I have sort of been gifted with a Peace Lily at my office. It is fairly large but just does not seem happy. Its leaves are small and the flowers are really green. It was repotted, I believe a year or so ago. I am wondering if it needs to be divided or what. The light it receives is flourescent light all day long - no sunlight. I may be able to post a photo tomorrow. I would appreciate any advice that folks can give me.


Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

They are not really very demanding for light, but a very dark part of the office might not be very good. I have seen them do OK (not great) with just fluorescent light. Much better if you can get a grow light and put it on a timer.

What are your watering practices?
Are you adding any fertilizer?
Is the office dark all weekend?

Bradenton Beach, FL

My peace lily thrives under compact fluorescent lighting or CFLs. Many plants do. I currently keep my peace lily in my bathroom where the humidity is higher (they like humidity) and the light fixture has CFLs, four 23-watt CFL bulbs. I also have a CFL grow lamp, but am waiting for a new bulb to arrive from Amazon. Remember, not all grow bulbs are the same! My peace lily did not like 6400K CFL grow bulbs at all! So I'm switching to a warmer color temperature 2700K CFL that is similar to common every day CFL lighting. 6400K is a cooler color temperature, a bluish-white light where 2700K is a warmer yellowish-white light similar to common CFL bulbs. The grow lamp fixture I have is relatively inexpensive made by HydroFarm ( Some people just use common CFL bulbs as grow lights and plants love them! If I were you I'd consider a change of lighting and added humidity. Office buildings have been notoriously known for having dry air. Spray-misting the peace lily from time to time might be good. If you do use filtered, bottled or otherwise un-chlorinated water. Some people even add MORE humidity by keeping their humidity thriving plants on top of trays filled with water and pebbles. The thing I like about peace lily plants is how very quickly they communicate or show changes regarding how they feel - and this works both ways.

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