Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

Bush with whitish fluffy flowers ID, please

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Bristol, United Kingdom

It looks like a ceanothus.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

It's not Ceanothus. Is this in a wet area of the garden or dry?

Port Moody, BC(Zone 8a)

HI there,

The small shiny leaves suggest a Hebe, perhaps Hebe diosmifolia? Is this an evergreen shrub? When does it bloom?

San Francisco, CA

Alternate foliage would rule out Hebe, AFAIK.

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

Rlalique, not a ceaothus I don't think - maybe wrong colour.

Growin, it's on a steep, dry bank no where near water in a country area in Waihi.

a5footsea, maybe an evergreen - photo shot late October.

vestia - thank you.

Bristol, United Kingdom

It still resembles a ceanothus to me. Growin, what is it that makes you sure its not a Ceanothus?

Seattle, WA

I was thinking Ceanothus thysiflorus "Snow Flurry"?

Bristol, United Kingdom

Yes, vngarden thats was my line of thought as well.

Seattle, WA

Even the foliage is highly resembles the regular deep blue Ceanothus. I don't know what esle could it be other than C. diversifolium "snow flurry".

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

I agree with growin - I don't think this is Ceanothus.

Photo 1 is my photo - note the curled leaves and yellow 'stameny-looking' things shooting out from the flowers.
Photo 2 is by cypres from the internet images for Ceanothus thysiflorus 'Snow flurry' - the leaves look different and the flowers don't seem to have the yellow stamens as in photo 1 - Yes?

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I just can't put my finger on why I don't think it's a Ceanothus. I did a good couple of flats of cuttings last summer and I guess you kinda get to know the plant when you do that. I looked at all of the images I could find of white Ceanothus and I noticed the centre of the bloom looks different. Something about the veination of the leaves - not sure what it is. Some other suggestions: Leiophyllum buxifolium, Phebalium

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

It's a tricky one!

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

growin, thank you for top tip.

Yes, Phebalium - Leionema coxii

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