Didon Edule / Palma Sola Potted Plant Help Please!!

Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I have this palm looking Cyclad indoor plant that is called a Didon Edule. I think this is a member of the Palma Sola family. It is a relatively small plant that I keep potted indoors. It was thriving for the past couple of years (has good drainage soil). i water it approximately once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. Recently, the newly sprouted stem (which i was very excited about at first) has developed into an overly long stem with droopy leaves that are much farther apart than the original one. Am I possibly over or underwatering this plant? How do I tell?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached pics.

Thumbnail by TubOfDough Thumbnail by TubOfDough Thumbnail by TubOfDough
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't know much about that plant specifically (although if you want to search for info on it, it's actually spelled Dioon not Didon). The floppiness and wider spacing on the leaves suggests to me that it's not getting enough light.

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