Is anybody growing MACHE or CORN SALAD?

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I seeded "Mache" or "Corn Salad" on November 5th.

While all the other greens I planted, at the same time, are growing really well (see 3rd photo) ... this Mache is not growing very fast. It is still so small !!
The darker leaves in the 1st and 2nd pictures.

The reason I have planted Mache is because it was highly recommended for our cooler winter weather in Dallas.

I hope to hear from somebody that did try this variety.

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Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

I'm growing it now, and it usually takes about 3 months, it's a slowwwww green to grow. It's one of my favorites to eat, but it's a slowpoke.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I am so glad that somebody did answer.

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

my grandparents grew it in their garden in Italy, only they called it something that translates like "sheep's mouth" lettuce. They used it as an edible border, but they do say it takes forever to grow, and it doesn't tolerate heat very well before bolting. I seeded a container in November and have only three little "heads" popping up now.

It's too bad it's so time-intensive, because it is delicious! I make a mache salad with avocado and red onions, but I buy mine from Whole Foods if and when they have it. Three little rosettes are going to end up straight in my mouth, not the salad bowl!

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I bought this variety also because it did look very similar to the one I ate growing up in Italy.
I remember my mom going to my aunt to pick up this small salad in her garden. I used to eat one bowl all by myself !
We did called "radicchio piccolo".
I was born in Padova. Where do your family come from?

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

My mom's parents live in Trieste, my dad's parents are regular working-class Sicilian-Americans. They're practically from other planets, I think. :)

I called Nonnina this morning, and these are my notes, which I think I got right. My Italian is very rusty, much less my

Be patient with mache. She reseeds whenever she remembers in the springtime, and harvests with her sewing scissors. Snip snip! It is a weed, so they grow well once they start.

Once it is 25 C, they will go to seed, so plant them in the fall or in the first part of spring.

Do you have good weather, like Padova, she asks?

She mixes hers with rocket, something spicy, sometimes cooked, sometimes raw.

She also asked when I am going to come visit, and did I go to Mass, and when am I going to stop working so much, and that there are too many Sicilians in New Orleans.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Trieste is a fantastic city and also very windy sometimes.
Thanks for your information.
Padova is a great city. The weather is much colder than Dallas.
I hope my Mache' will grow faster ... that is the area where I will transplant my tomatoes in about one month !
Grazie mille

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

Prego, drthor! Here is how my mache is doing - I seeded it ages ago! Last summer, I planted it too late and it bolted before I could even get to it. This time, I tried starting it in a container. We'll see!

I have never been to Pavoda, but I've heard wonderful things. I have been a bad granddaughter and not been to see my Nonnina in a few years, but it's hard to get to Trieste, lovely as it is. I want to get back, though, I remember such wonderful things about it there.

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Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

It better be good ... this Mache' is taking soooo long to grow !

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Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I have starting to harvest MACHE'. It really is not growing very much ... so I am harvesting the whole plant, it looks like a rosette.
It is so good and its taste is just like I remembered growing up in Italy.
I will need to eat all of it real soon, because that is the area dedicated to tomatoes this year.
I will plant Mache' again. Maybe I will start Mache' earlier next year, in September.

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

Dr Thor, I think our weather might be wrong for mâché. I'm going to try "grumolo biondo" next to see if that fares any better, but I get the feeling that it's either too hot, too moist, or both?

I haven't been successful with my San Marzanos, either, though. I buy them in flats of cans instead. ;)

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

you might be right. This Mache is growing sooo slow.
Try the Grumolo Biondo and let me know, please.
I have learn in my first year of growing tomatoes that San Marzano don't do well here in DFW.
No worries ... I have found a lot of tomatoes varieties that grow just amazing. I normally can have tomatoes for 3,5 months a year ...

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Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

this weekend I will cook some "GALANI" e "FRITELLE" ... it is CARNEVALE in Italy now.

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

Ooo, fritelle! Beignets are good, but fritelle are even better.

Those are some good-lookin tomatoes! I'm hoping for a few good ones this year. Last year, I was stuck with just a balcony, this year, I've got an actual garden, so I'm hoping for the best. :)

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

im so jealous..u all in southern states..sigh..
i love so many of the greens.. and incorporate them in all
my lettuce plantings..season appropriate..
if our weather holds..nites mid 20sF days low 40sF ..i'll get
my cold frame up and going..and start some lettuce,spinach,musclin
yea !!! fresh salads !!!!
keep posting your pics .. jealous..:)

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