Having difficulties selling your mosaics? Post Questions

ocean shores, Australia

Hello artisit,
If you would like to make your hobby a sly source of income, please post some questions that you have on how to sell your mosaics.
This can include a range of ideas from advertisment to getting started. If you start asking yourself questions like, "I have all these products, but where do I begin?"
"What's the best way to promote my product?"
Ask it.
These question will help me in formulating an ebook that will provide a straight foward response that abolishes all the if's, but's and maybes when it comes to
selling your work.
Looking forward to hearing from you,


Rhys Daniels

Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

Do I need to get any kind of permit to sell mosaic things at for instance a garage sale or a farmers market? Do I need to do any tax work in regards to this?

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