1st Indoor Garden

East Patchogue, NY

My name is Charlie, I live on Long Island, NY. I just want to share my experience with Pepper Joe seeds. I received seeds from PJ on 1/10/2013, and on 1/16/10 I had 3 plants already germinate. 1 Roma Tom., 1 Large Cherry Tom, & 1 King of the North bell pepper. I'm new to this site and the world of indoor gardening. Please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong spot. Also if anyone is interested It is on you tube,I will be posting a video journal of my 1st adventure. My user name is charliewalsh1973 on YouTube, 1st indoor garden

Calgary, Canada

Good luck with your indoor gardening.
I wonder if you have enough light at this time of year?
Here the natural sunlight is not strong enough to grow much until March.
We use fluorescent lights when starting seedlings early.

East Patchogue, NY

I have my seedlings under fluorescents lights right now, I am growing indoors in containers(pots)under high intensity discharge lighting.By the way Canada is beautiful eh', I've been there many times. I have a switchable 400watt mh,hps lamp, and a 150watt hps, and a bunch of fluorescents, in a 4ft x 4 ft area.
Happy Gardening

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