SOLVED: Tree/shrub with orange berry ID

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

Tree/shrub with orange berry ID, please

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Seattle, WA

Viburnum lantana?

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I agree. Or V. lantanoides

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

No fair asking the Viburnum questions overnight...

I think neither! That's one of the Viburnum plicatum var./f. tomentosum clones.

• the very layered horizontal branching habit shouts Doublefile Viburnum
• the fruit sit "way up high" on long peduncles, quite unlike the typical Wayfaringtree Viburnum or Hobblebush
• the arrangement of fruit clusters on the plant are along the long branches, rather than out at tips of branches as in V. lantana
• leaf petioles on Doublefile Viburnum are typically reddish like this, and far less tomentose than the other species mentioned
•V. lantana is quite tomentose on leaves, stems, buds - this plant is not
•this plant's leaves are longer and narrow - and quite serrate - like Doublefile

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

vngarden, growin, VibernumValley,

Doublefile vibernum looks a good match to me.
Thank you.

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