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Is Relocating Euonymus japonica aureomarginata possible?

Plano, TX

I have a beautiful hedge of 5-6 Euonymus japonica var. aureomarginata, but it's in a horrible location in my back yard and my husband wants to tear it out.

I was hoping that I could dig it out and relocate it, but I don't know if that would work with this kind of plant -- plus, I've never relocated a bush before, so I'm hoping for instructions on how to make it work.

If it would be too stressed to successfully relocate, is this a kind of plant that I could grow from trimmings, like putting a twig in water or planting a branch?

I'm a novice gardener, but I'm really good at following directions, so anything you know, please spell it out! Thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: Each bush is probably 2-3 feet tall/wide/deep.

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