My abuliton seeds are not sprouting

Orland Park, IL(Zone 5b)

I planted the abutilon 16 days ago. I planted several other types of seed at the same time and they have popped. Does abutilon need anything special. I do not know the exact name of the plant, however it produces an abundance of apricot colored, bell shaped flowers. Thanks

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

As Far as I know the best way to increase your stock of these lovely plants is by cuttings taken between May to August in half peat/ sand in temp of 59-64 c and then harden them off when rooted and grow on the following May - September depending on where you live and your winter temp.

You can grow from seed but not till about March-April and they do not come true from seed (don't look same as the parent plant) treet temp wise as for cuttings.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Orland Park, IL(Zone 5b)

Thanks much.

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