Planting Peony Bulbs (Tubers?)

Dodd City, TX(Zone 7b)

I received these Peony bulbs which to me look like they should be called tubers. They have eyes on them that are sprouting, and have no roots. They are about 3 to 4 inches long and about 1/2 inch around. So now, my question. Should I plant them right now or put them in pots indoors and wait until spring? I have read that planting them in the spring is not really a good idea, but since they have no roots I am a little afraid of putting them out with potential freezes coming. Right now it is beautiful and in the upper 50's or lower 60's daytime and in the 30's or 40's at night.

Arlington, TX

Peonies are hardy to zone 4 or so and since we don't have a frozen ground I don't think it would hurt to plant them now.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Good heavens! Chuckl, my sis still lives at Lannius! Greetings! Now willl work on peonies, water em some, that city is DRY!

Dodd City, TX(Zone 7b)

Thanks so much! Now to find just the right spot. I had 2 bushes a few years ago and had to move them due to needing the space for pastures for my alpaca's. They did not survive the move. I have sure missed them and can't wait for the next few years to zoom by so I can see the flowers on the bushes I will have after today's plantings!

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