"new garden showcase"

Watertown, CT(Zone 6a)

:great idea!!!"to "share" garden photo's and "enjoy" them and to get "ideas" to utilize in my own garden is fantastic.glad to be a "part".

this "spring" i hope to be "sharing" photo's.

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

As a ZONE 3a gardener I am always looking for hints and suggestions to make my 'short lived' gardens more beautiful and prolific ^_^
Tough job, but, someone's gotta do it !!!

Looking forward to seeing what plants and flowers DGers are growing.

Here's my last years Hibiscus , and , Daylilies.

It's -34Celsius here right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to believe these beauties grow here in summer, but, it does get up into the HUMID 90s for weeks at a time now ..


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Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

It will definitely give all of us some inspiration and enjoyment while we wait for spring!

sonora, IA

i like flowers

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WOOT WOOT !! Our 'Forsythia' just poked it's top branches out of the snow cover today ..
So, only about 2-3 feet of snow left in that area .. mind you, in the shoveled areas there's gotta be .. hmmmm .. 8' in some places ..
Hard to believe what lies beneath ^_^


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