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collecting seeds from gerbera daisy

Pulaski, GA

My gerbera daisy, in a pot in a warm sunny room of my house, had 4 blooms. When they died, they became "fuzzy" like dandelions. I'm wondering if I can collect the fuzzies and sprout them. Are they seeds? If so, how do you plant them? Any special conditions?

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Here is some info for you.

this video gives you planting info

and this is what the seeds look like

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

I also was interested in growing Gerbera Daisies from seed. I have tried on several occasions but have had very limited success. I went though thousands of seeds before I found any that were viable. It seems the seeds come in spells, if I ever find a bloom with viable seeds then there are usually a good percentage of them good. Most of the time none of the seeds are viable. I have managed to get several dozen to germinate but they never make it to maturity. I will keep trying. I have been able to increase my number of plants by division, that seems to be the best way for me so far. I am sure many of the Gerber Daisies are hybrids and may not even produce viable seed.

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