Seed starting mix and fertilizer

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

I have always started my seeds and never fertilized. This year I really want to push the envelope and try to get bigger yields and overall healthier plants. I bought Miracle Gro seed starter mix this year, because that's all I could find. I guess there's not a big demand for potting soil in Northern Illinois in January. Then there's fertilizer. What? How much? How often? I figured I would start off just mulching them with compost soon after they went into the garden. Hopefully, this will aid in weed control as well. Here's the lineup:

Seed Savers heirloom pack:
Italian Heirloom
Gold medal.... love these. Best fried green tomatoes ever!
Velvet red

Also Opalka

Park Seed Rainbow Blend Heirlooms:
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Big Rainbow
Black from Tula
Brandywine red
Cherokee Purple
Dixie Golden Giant

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I used the Miracle grow starter mix type ptting soil many times good it is and always has been . Grandma always enjoyed growing BIG RAINBOW TOMATOES she grew a 3 a 5 and a 7 lb Tomato from those , Left me an envious "wanna be" that year for sure

Have a great time with those sounds like a great lineup..

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