Need advice for odd yard

Leominster, MA

The grade of our yard is wacky. There is a hill with uneven slopes and angles. Drives me crazy trying to landscape. In hindsight, we should have built a retaining wall but over the years I have been slowly landscaping it. Up close, this area looks great. I made little beds along the edge each section a different theme of flowers or whatever. So what bugs the heck out of me is that from afar, it looks like crap. This is the view from my kitchen window and all I see is leaves and the floor of the woods. Looking for a solution to highlight what I did or hide the leaves and the woods. Im afraid that as I work at it, I am going deeper into the forest. Wheres the end point both for the eyes and gardening work.

What should we do?
Do you think a line of shrubs could define the woods vs garden beds?
Yet, I dont want huge shrubs/trees because we might build a tree house something in the woods to see over the hill.
I even thought of one of those bamboo fences but I leaning towards no on that one.

I am looking for advice!

PS- its winter so its not the best picture. I have outlined the garden beds with little pavers.

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