SOLVED: unknown Aechmea

Swindon, United Kingdom

(I posted this earlier but I made a mess of it so here it is again).
This is an aechmea that I grew from seed. At first I thought it was an A. gamosepala but now I'm not so sure. Aechmea1 was when it was flowering and the white fluffy stuff on the flower stem can be seen, and Aechmea2 was after it had set seed. The green seed pods are white and the ripe seed pods are purple. Each seed pod contains at least 100 tiny seeds.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Seattle, WA

A. lueddemaniana?

Swindon, United Kingdom

Spot on! the leaves of mine are green, so I can continue to delve and discover which cultivar it might be.

Thank you so much, I am very grateful. I needed the name in order to distribute seeds at the annual Potato Day in Whitchurch, Hants this weekend, where they have a seed swap table.

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