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Wilting Gerbera Daisy

Sliema, Malta

A month ago I bought a Gerbera Daisy plant with one blooming flower. The flower died soon after, and I repotted the plant. Now there are 3 new buds, but they seem to be already in a wilting position, as per the pics. Will the flower eventually straighten up?

Thumbnail by MonkeyFlower Thumbnail by MonkeyFlower Thumbnail by MonkeyFlower
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi MonkeyFlower. Gerbera buds start out in a down facing position just like in your picture. This video shows the way they bloom. The plant looks healthy and normal.

Sliema, Malta

Thanks for that! The flower has now opened up, however it is still not straight. Maybe it will take another couple of days to straighten up.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Just make sure it is getting lots of sunshine...also, if the buds are in close proximity, they will lean some to give them all room. You can see in the video clip how the two buds move "back to back" to allow them both to open fully, while neither takes a "fully upright" position. The original bloom was a single with no competition so it would present completely upright. Again, the plant looks healthy and strong....just Nature taking its course.

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