SOLVED: Please identify this flower.

Huntington Beach, CA

Hi - it is a kalanchoe daigremontianum-- mother of millions aka mother of thousands.

Hope this helps!.

Managua, Nicaragua

It is Kalanchoe x houghtonii a hybrid between Kalanchoe daigremontiana and Kalanchoe delagoensis

Thumbnail by anapatty83
Huntington Beach, CA

I agree that it is not the diagremontiana....I was too quick to answer --- however, I don't think it is the x houghtonii either --- but rather the delagoensis --- due to the difference where the leaf meets the stem.

Anyhow, I'm certain that I lack experience in these details, so this is as close as I can come. anapatty83 is more than
likely the more informed so I would go with her responsse.

thank you!

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