Creating my Gnome Village

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)


So I've started to purchase a bunch of stuff to create a mini gnome village under my crape myrtle. It's pretty bare there and I thought it might be a nice addition to my bare back yard.

You all have inspired me in many other areas so I figured I'd post my adventure as I'm doing it and maybe offer ideas up to anyone else who may be looking to do the same. Some of the sizing will be off on certain things since I bought them and they are a little too big. Even though my OCD is compelling me not to add it, I figure I can make use of some of the stuff anyway. For example, my garbage cans are a little bigger than my gnomes (hehe), however, I figure I can either use them as is, or even turn them into mini giant planters. It won't be perfect, but it'll be mine.

Things I've got so far (just for reference):

2 x Mini Rusty Tin Metal Trash Can
1 x Miniature Rusty Tin Wheelbarrow
1 x Miniature Set of 6 Mini Tools
4 x Primitive Mini Rusted Tin Lanterns
2 x Set of 3 Rusty Tin Garden Tools
1 x Miniature Milk Bottles in a Green Wire Basket Carrier
1 x 1" Miniature "Welcome To My Garden" Sign
1 x 6" Primitive Wood and Rusty Tin Mini Wagon
1 x Set of 3 Decorative Rusty Tin Table and Chairs
1 x 1-3/4" Miniature Rusted Flower Pot - Set of 6
1 x Miniature Rustic Tin Bridge
2 x Mini Unfinished Wood Adirondack Chair (Painted them spa blue)
2 x Rustic Miniature Wire Bench
6 x Rusty Tin Vintage Look Victorian Garden Fence (Should make the 'village' approximately 3 feet by 3 feet)
1 x Mini Unfinished Wood Bench (Painted it yellow)
2 x Resin Gnome Doors
3 x Resin Bird Houses
1 x Well
1 x Covered Wagon Birdhouse
1 x 36" Keet Wood Ladder
3 x Fish Resin Ornaments (Tree Stumps)
6 x Gnomes

My Questions:

1. What glue works best in weather? I was contemplating hot glue to glue things down and together (such as moss and gnome door).
2. Biggest issue. Obviously the biggest enemy of my village will be wind and water. We don't get flooding where I'm at but I really don't want all my gnomes and stuff falling or being blown over all the time. I'm looking for a way to anchor everything down, preferably something like mini spikes or stakes (2 - 3 inches) that I can either glue or drill into the bottom of everything? I'm really stumped here so any help would be fantastic. Any ideas? I looked at hobby lobby but they weren't really able to help. Ideally it would have a flat top (to hot glue) and a small spike. Have you ever come across something like this?

Going to put a protective coat on everything this starting this weekend. The Gnomes say hello.

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