Wow! Number 374! HWYD

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

We are either very long winded or we really enjoy each others company. LOL So grab a chair and a drink(any kind) and sit and chat awhile. We enjoy new faces so please join us for a chat or 2.

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

We came from here

Verona, ON

Found ya! Thanks Vicki, ya we were getting a little long there but not in the tooth!!

Warmed up to a balmy -26*F, I am in heaven. lol Still mighty cold walking the dogs. I noticed Quill wasn't quite as anxious to get back in this morning but sure didn't need a second call. Last night when I had them out she ran to the nearest door, never mind that she never goes out that one...... it led to the house and warmth. Diesel kept looking at her like are you nuts we don't go in there.

Bonnie once I stoke the fire I bundle up and walk the dogs. No point in waiting to warm up before I go outside to freeze. I managed to stay under the ever so warm quilts until 6:30 this morning. That was heaven! While the sleeping meds aren't giving me the length of sleep the doc had hoped most nights I can get 4 - 6 hours so I am estatic.

Escape is in getting new tires. I decided just to go with a good quality all season which is all we have ever had rather than investing in 4 new snow/ice tires and rims and then 4 new all season in the Spring.

How are the chicks doing Tam? I love the sounds of the beam you are keeping. What character it adds to your home I am sure.

Congrats Elsie!! You are a geek now - you got your TV working. Good for you. My eyes sort of glaze over when faced with a task such as that.

When I went out his morning I stopped to pick up the mail. The darn dental insurance company now wants the xrays for the tooth doc pulled before they decide whether to cover their 80% of the $1650.00 charge. Geesh! They have had this claim since before Christmas and are just now getting to review it. Of course it couldn't arrive before I went into Kingston to see Doc on Tues. Now I will have to make a special trip in to get the xrays to mail on to the company. Maybe I will just mail the form into the dentist and save me a trip.

Stay warm everyone. And keep that snow Debbie!!!


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Doing a cooking marathon. This soft food is the pits. Made a pot of potatoes and carrots. Cooked some green beans and broccoli. Separately. HAve some cabbage cooking. Will add mashed potaotes and carrots to each vegie. Makes pretty tasty side dishes. Plus made dumplings to go with the last of the pork and have some dressing cooking. Gotta go turn it. Don't want it to burn!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, I got a call from a neighbor at the church saying the door to the church was standing wide open. Don't like to investigate something like that by myself, but DH is gone, so took my pistol and headed over to the church. Thought while I was on the way that it sure would be bad to have to shoot somebody inside the church. Not a thing wrong, so evidently the last person out on Sunday didn't really close the door tightly, locked, but not given a hard enough slam to engage the lock!

Then while I was out ran on to the vet to get the flea and worm meds. Holy cow, 1 pill each for Mr. B and Casper for the fleas and 1 each for the worm meds, and it comes to $22.50 per dog. But it is necessary, so will be dosing them at supper time. They both have already eaten this morning, and it needs to be taken with food.

Still working on the house, but about done.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I am here..not much going on. My party isn't until March (the day before my birthday) Corky's too, he will be 5 years old.
The weather has been nice the last couple of days..I got broccoli and spinach plants...and red onions and seed potatoes (Yukon Gold) I need to decide where to put them and I also want to plant some radishes and lettuce.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Rainstorm here tonight and snowstorm coming tomorrow!!! I'm not so happy about this!

BonnieB, wow, I thought there were some real thives at your church..thank God it wasn't the case!

Debbie, what a beautiful view with all that snow! Is it stopped yet? I hope you can get a good treatment got your legs and back. Andreea has set the date, it's on February 23 at 2 p.m.

Bonnie, do you have a new haircolor? So cool to find a "treasure" and the keys in your purse! The pups are OK, just came from them. They're all inside their doghouses hiding from the rain and wind. I managed to fix the houses, but I ruined one which wasn't so well done... it wasn't necessary anymore after I lost Gavrila.

Sandy, I hope they can fix your knee so it won't hurt anymore.

Vicki, good to hear your mouth is OK.

Waving to all! I think I'm going to bed early tonight.


somewhere, PA

Adina - I missed that you lost Gavrila! When was that? I'm so sorry. Those dogs are lucky you take such good care of them!

Vicki & Sandy - thanks for the new thread. Can you tolerate the cold of a milkshake or smoothie? I hope it heals up quick so you don't have to go soft for very long!

Dianne - I have not seen the chicks since this morning. Will have to look in on them tomorrow.

Melva - yukon gold are my fav potato!

Debbie - I hope you find a way to get a room not w/your in-laws. I sure hope the doctors have solutions for you.

Its a bit warmer here. No snow. Whew! Got my hair cut, looked at appliances and learned about the flower show. They've got some good improvements for this year - huge donation for a better horticulture court (where folks bring in all sorts of plants for a competition. One of my favorite parts of the show). They'll have new plants being introduced too.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Vicki -- WooF to Ty. he's so handsome.

Debbie -- holy cow, you have a lot of snow. I think our area still does not have any snow.

We drove to the beach today, it was a great day.. we went to the Light house at Ponce Inlet, Sue and I climbed the steps. the guy sat outside. then walked the beach for quite some time... we saw baby sting rays frolicking in the water... they were so cute.

then headed to NSB to have more shrimp at Norwoods. [DH and I went there twice last week] then drove up NSB Beach, and walked some more, then drove home. It was a long day.

tomorrow is repacking for the cruise and hanging out at the pool and the such.... nice lazy day.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tammy when i built my Sandestin home in 2001, I believe Dacor was new on the market. At that time is was priced well below the big boys like Wolf and Viking. Guess they have stepped up their prices. I believe I had a Kitchen Aide down draft gas cooktop because they were the first to offer the down draft exhaust system and I had a Boesh (sp) dishwasher because it was sooooo quiet. Linda worked another 7 hours here today. Everything pertaining to business is 100% up to date. I have a couple of piles to go through for decision making. The upstairs cabinets are emptied and bins are filled and ready for Wayne to carry down when he arrives. She also emptied the linen closet in my bathroom and a four draw chest in the living room. The only items left behind are those few that I want to take to the condo when my house sells. I am on a drunken high knowing that my entire house will be this streamlined when the movers begin packing me up.

Ah, yes, Dianne - quilts. I forget about them. Not much use for them in my parts of TX and FL. I enjoyed similar mornings on Orcas Island back in July of last year. That bed was soooo yummy.

Adina my hair color is the same. Just fresh and shorter. I got a really bad haircut from the hairdresser at the assisted living salon right before Christmas. The fact that I have curly hair was the only thing
that saved me.

Hey Melva, thanks for checking in. Hope you can get your garden planned soon.

Moe is coming at 8:15 tonight. Poor man he sounded exhausted over the phone. Yesterday I convinced him that I could turn off the pump and get out of the sleeves on my legs on my own so he could go home and not have to sit here with me for two hours. Edith comes with him almost every day, too. I told him Wayne could help me get hooked up after Saturday so Moe is going to come give Wayne a lesson. Am I lucky or what? I'll have two old men playing with my legs.

I made a lot of phone calls today including setting up an appointment for DM to go to an audiologist next Tuesday who carries her brand of hearing aid. The ALF will transport her and send an aid along with her. Arranged to have the new housing for my generator installed on 2/1. Scheduled a repair call for my clothes dryer on 1/30. I am knocking the "H" out of my to-do list. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good.

Have to go pick up a few things and arrange all the things I will need around me while tethered to the pump for two hours.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Oh has any seen where I left my brain???? I get to playing around on this stupid thing and looked up and it was 1:55pm---I gasped, my appointment today was 2:00pm/ I called and told them I had fallen asleep(ME BAD) and could I still come in for my pre surgery appointment, they said yes and I flow. Only took me 15 minutes to get to their parking lot and almost that long to walk in. I still have to go back tomorrow for a xray.

Going to go back to playing.

good night everyone

sandy and andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Bad, bad Sandy. I am glad that they let you come on in. Here, they would have already been making out the bill for the missed appointment without notice!

Bonnie, I am so envious of you getting so much done. Can you send that lady up to me when you are done with her? he he sounds like she is super organized. I like a take charge person.

Tammy, I promised I would post a picture of my new do, but it was a horrid horrid style. I can't do it myself, and danged if I am going to get it styled every day. She insisted on leaving it long, and then the back sort of spiked upward. Well, I told DH that it was sort of what I looked like when I got up in the mornings, before taking a comb to it! Matter of fact, I am calling tomorrow for another appointment to get it cut short like I normally wear it. DH likes it longer, but told him that unless he was willing to get up and style it for me each morning, then I will wear it like I want it. Older women don't need longer hair anyway.

Vicki, that Ty is a handsome dude!

Casper hadn't come to be let in tonight, so I opened the door and yelled for him, and before I could almost close the front door he was at the back door. He sometimes camps out in the garage with another dog, so guess that is where he was. We are having problems keeping the drinking water from freezing, so have to check it several times a day, and my bad, I forgot this afternoon, and when I let him in and gave him food and water, he drank more than he ate. Poor baby.

Melva, that's right about your birthday being in March. I guess my brain has more holes in it than what I thought. Have you settled on a recipe for that cake? Oh, I surely wish I could be starting seeds, and planting some things.

Terese, your outings sound like so much fun. I think we had almost decided not to go to Florida, but I talked to my DTS tonight, and she is really wanting us to come and see their new house. Gonna go look at air fares, they are probably cheaper than driving and buying the gas anyway.

Dianne, wow, sounds like you had a heat wave from what it had been. I am glad that you have the wood heat with temps like that. Many years ago we burned wood, and oh, my it was warm heat, and to the point if we went someplace else with a different type of heat, we would just about freeze. Oh, I would love to see your quilts. I love them. For about 20 years, DH had an aunt who quilted all the time, and that was my christmas gift from her every year, a quilt. I have about 10 out and on beds, and on quilt racks, with another 15-20 in a cedar chest. I rotate them from time to time so that they will all wear about the same. I couldn't have asked for a better gift than that, and I would have been satisfied with 1 every 5 years. But as she got older, that is all she did sat an quilted all day every day.

Debbie, you have been quiet today, everything all right?

Well, our weather liars are saying that by dawn tomorrow we are supposed to have freezing rain turning to snow. I don't have anything planned, but am just curious how accurate this weather prediction will be. they miss it about 50% of the time. It has been cold the last few days. In the teens at night, so our furnace has been getting a good work out.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB i had an off sorts day, and pretty much verbally gave it to DH....definitely not dear!!

Then had a tiny visitor, baby Kylie and Brittany stopped by.

Will write more in a bit, am on my Nook.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

So one of those days huh? DH and I have a very loud talk the other night. (my description for an argument) and he has been nicer since then. Does it work for you like that?

Lyndonville, NY

Oh BonnieB, my DH does not talk...or loudly discuss at all. That is part of the problem. I attempt to have a conversation, but I get no feed back.
It is all one way.

I wait, let him think and then ask "What is the situation?" He rubs his eyebrows and "I just don't know". It has been this way for 23 years and
honest, I am at the end of my rope.

We started setting this appointment up in the fall, and now suddenly, it is all about his parents and his Dad going down. I am not making light of his
Dads is VERY serious and YES he needs to have surgery at Cleveland. BUT....DH has six brothers and sisters, and now it is all about us
doing everything ...transporting both ways, for my appointments and his Dads....and extending our stay to also bring them back.

I know my limits in life....and living under the roof with his parents, his sister and her family.....and me being poked and prodded with tests, is just not
going to end well. I feel so so selfish....but I know my limits. DH's sisters husband...My brother in law (whom we are staying with) just had hip replacement
surgery. Then, there are the MIL/FIL's...both health issues....and then DH and I. And there is ONE bathroom in the house. This doesn't even count for if
their daughter is home from college.

I told DH to go ahead, take his parents and let me drive myself....and I can stay at a hotel near the hospital. I would be much better. AND....his brother Dan called. He wants DH & another brother Tim to transform the bathroom at the MIL/FILs to accommodate the washer dryer over the next two weeks so they don't have to
do the basement to do laundry. YES it needs done...but DH won't say NO that we have other obligations....that we don't have the money because of the Cleveland expenses & doctor visits. AND....we were told "since your taking Deb down, Mom and dad can just leave three days early and ride with you.

And then...I had a melt down. He is making me out to be a witch....which I feel like...but honestly!!

AND Dh will not put in any input so I don't know where he stands and what he wants to do. Sorry....venting!

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Just after my last post I got up and started to straighten up around here. I carried a couple pairs of shoes to my closet tidied up a few papers on the kitchen counter and started unloading the dishwasher. Next thing I know Moe is at the door - early. So I dropped everything and retired to the recliner where I have been for a little over an hour. My time is up at 9:50.

BonnieB it is always such a disappointment to get your hair done and then not like it. Hope the weather doesn't prevent you from returning tomorrow for a better cut.

Oh Sandy, you are beginning to sound like me. Glad they were able to take you today anyway.


Lyndonville, NY

AND....that means I will have to leave Izzy in the kennel for an additional 3 or 4 days. Not only more $$ but stress because I don't know
what is going on at home with the kitties....and not so dear...son.

Shannon will be here..but...not responsible.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Debbie, putting you in my prayers. God changes things, so lets just ask for an alternate arrangement, and I am sure that it will happen one way or another. But you have to believe with me. Going to bed right now to have my prayers, so just think positive thoughts tonight.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, thank you....I am thinking I should just reschedule my appointment ...but it will be probably March or April now to get in.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I haven't picked a recipe yet. I am not sure how many people are coming so I will have an idea how large the cake needs to be and how much other food to have. I don't want a lot of left overs.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. The dire warnings of sleet freezing rain and snow hasn't happened yet. It is overcast, so maybe some bad weather will develop.

DH wants to go to Louisville this afternoon to spend some of his Christmas gift cards, so if the weather cooperates, we will.

Debbie, can you find out if they have a Ronald McDonald house or something similar there? Maybe that is the route to go.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning

Quick post 'cause I don't have much time.

BonnieB - definitely a good idea to get your cut fixed. I got a good chuckle out of the description of it looking like it does when you wake up. I laugh at mine almost every day and am just so thankful it settles down!

Debbie - Oh man! Wish you could just get that man to say no. And make this your trip alone. Do not reschedule. See if he can get his dad to reschedule explaining there will be more time for him if separate from your trip. Good luck!


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, his dad can't reschedule. He is having much needed surgery on his neck, and apparently it is so bad they moved his appointment from Feb. 21 to Feb. 13 for the surgery. His Dad needs this surgery and honestly should be #1 priority. They said if he were to fall he could be paralyzed, there is compression of nerves in his neck with spine/vertebrae and he has to have a plate and screws put in.

Paul wrote the SIL a note last night and she said "We have arranged for you to stay at Josh's house" Who is DH's nephew. I am going to think about this entire situation and options today.

Thanks so very much for your input

Verona, ON

Debbie I need to dash out to do something but I wanted to put my 2 cents in DO NOT RESCHEDULE your appointment!!! You are important too and if Paul isn't going to commit himself then you are going to have to. What does it matter what they think of you - your health is important too. I understand Paul's FIL's surgery is vitally important but for heaven's sake so is your health. You do what YOU need to do to takea care of yourself and if that means staying at a hotel then do so. We are all here for you and will support you no matter what decision you make on accomodations and travel. Give that Miss Izzy a hug from me. I wish I was closer I would take her while you were away. She and Diesel would have a blast out in the fields.

Gotta scram, can't be late. Lateer gators!

somewhere, PA

Ditto what Dianne said to Debbie!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Debbie, I agree, if it means going by yourself, staying in a hotel, you need to just put the big girl panties on and do it. I would take Miss Izzy in a NY minute, and I bet that she could find one of the dogs here a good playmate. Sending more prayers, and hugs.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Meant to get on here today but the day went somewhere fast! Maybe tomorrow?

somewhere, PA

Vicki - we're gonna have a long day tomorrow if you are right! Since its Sat & I have the day off, that's fine by me!

We've got our first snow of the new year. Just a dusting. Its still bitterly cold. I opened the barn this morning (around 10am to allow it to "warm up"). Mistake. Instead of being around 42degF in teh barn, it got down to 28degF and the water pipe in teh center froze. I shut it up after making sure all the crew was in, around 3:30pm. I hope it goes back up to the 40's in there and the pipe unfreezes before it bursts. Ugh.

All the chicks seem fine.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, DH and I went to Louisville this afternoon, ate at Red Lobster then went shopping. I knew that my back and legs were hurting, but had to sit and let DH go into the stores to shop. This is the first time that has ever happened to me. I just was disappointed that the pain was that bad that I couldn't manage. The only thing that I could think of was that my DM had arthritis so bad that it was torture for her to walk and get around. At one point, I sat there and cried because I felt that this was so similar to DM's situation and I knew that it limited her so much, and now even as much as I wished, and as much as I had prayed that I wouldn't be like that, it had happened.

I don't think that DH realizes how each day is just a concerted effort for me to even be able to do anything in the house except sit and do something from the chair. Sometimes it is a weather front that is moving in that sets it off, and I am sure that is probably what it is, and that it will get better, but today really bummed me out. I don't want to end up being limited or an invalid like she was.

Tammy, sure hope that the water pipe thaws without bursting. What? you mean you haven't had snow yet this season? Well, I could have sent you some of ours, although it hasn't been much. Sure hope the little ones are able to survive the cold.

Vicki, gosh, you must have been doing something interesting to not have made time to get here. Miss you, so check in when you can and let us know how you are.

Debbie, any progress with your situation? You have been in my thoughts today.

I called and made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow. I explained that I didn't like it, and wasn't able to style it (although it doesn't take much talent to style it) told her it wasn't her fault, etc, etc, and have an appointment for 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. She told me last week when I was in that she wanted to talk to me, and there was another lady that she didn't want to talk in front of, so today on the phone, she said that she really needed to talk, and hoped that it would be possible tomorrow, and no one would be around. She has my curiosity roused. She just got her Medical Assistant degree and is working mornings in a Dr's office, and then still taking customers in her beauty shop. She is a single mother, and I know that she has it hard.

Finally got Mr. B's pills down him tonight. He perked up, ate twice since I have been home and has been wanting to play fetch, which we have done several times. Don't know what this is all about, as he is usually so lazy.

Talked to my DTS last night, and she is still wanting us to come down. Don't know, as it is hard to find someone who will come feed the horses, feed DH's hunting dogs, and take care of Mr. B. If we go, I am not even going to think about taking him. I am hoping that my DS will be able to stay here and do all of the feeding, but I haven't approached him about it.

Off to look at another site, then some reading and then I am off to bed.

somewhere, PA

((((((( BonnieB ))))))))) Don't give up. I suggest you talk to a physical therapist. There's alot you can do to build up your muscles to help support the joints. A good friend has arthritis in her back. She got a lot of improvement thru physical therapy.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, I am not giving up. I am planning to take advantage of a new exercise program sponsored by my health insurance, and paid by them. The weather has just been too cold to get out and go find out about it. I will make it a point to do it one day next week. I am usually not wearing emotions that close to the surface and it surprised me when I started to cry, so may have been a bit hormonal in addition to the actual pain. I do body stretching exercises here most every morning. Nothing streneous, but enough to feel the muscles respond and know that they have been worked.

well my eyes are slowly closing, so gonna say "goodnight" and head down the hall.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, sorry you had to suffer that today. That is what happens with my back and legs and I just feel so confined and paralyzed. A fear I will go out and my legs
will give out on me.

AND...I actually did just that out! Left here after my last post this morning, drove into Niagara Falls to the outlets trying to find shoes. No luck.
Came back towards Amherst/Buffalo and found a pair of Nike shoes at Famous footwear but still had to buy an arch insert. Figured I wouldn't pay too much
as I figure Cleveland Clinic might makes some changes there via orthotics or braces and wasn't going to spend a lot and have them changed.

DH has not said a word since last night. Shane was home when he called at Noon and said he seemed shocked that I went out and "she didn't send me an email".

I am leaving the appointment, and come Sunday...depending what is going on, I may just get in my van and travel alone. I do not like being kept in the dark, even when I ask directly, and he isn't going to change. I just can't live like this any more...the pain is overwhelming...with the back and with my DH.

Just light flurries tonight, but still cold. We did get a heat wave up to 17.

Need a cup of decaf tea and to relax.

Sweet dreams all.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

today is Cruise Day... so I will be out of touch for a week, though may pop in to say HI, as we always get an internet package.

Oh BonnieB.... I hear ya on the pain. DH's always flairs up with weather fronts and season changes... no fun. My DFIL had an arthritic back, and it was just chronic pain, and I hope that is not in DH's future.... or my kids for that matter. Sorry you had such an emotional day. I think we all have to "crack" from time to time.

Debbie -- sounds like you had a good day out... as for orthotics... My son has them and I was thinking they'd be a lot of $$.... but after insurance they were $7
~~ I was like.... Why didn't we order 3 pairs??

Tam -- hope the chicks are nice and warm. I have not been updated on the weather at home, but I think they got their first "INCH" .... hard to believe that it's mid-Jan and we've had no snow. Scary really.... as we will be SO dry this coming year.

~~ Waves to all others.... catch up next weekend.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Terese, have a wonderful time on the cruise!!

Bonnieb, I wonder if the bad aches are somewhat weather related. I have been feeling very achy for almost 2 weeks. I hope it eases and you feel better.

Tam, I hope the pipe thaws.

It's a sunny frigid morning. We got about an inch of snow - very pretty. I came to the conclusion yesterday that I don't think someone hit my car. I think when I backed out of my driveway I hit the pile of snow from the plow truck. It isn't really snow anymore - it's hard as rock ice. The plow guy hasn't left me much room to back up so I will have to be careful.

Cable guy is coming sometime this morning.

You should have seen Teddy yesterday. He has a red down jacket with a fur trimmed hood. He is so cute. Pretty sure he hates the hood.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone, I have been up for hours and no I do not want the worm

{{{{{{{{{{hugs to everyone who needs them}}}}}}}}}}}

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Oh good I did not get the worm. LOL

S and A

Verona, ON

LOL Sandy I was putting off posting too as I didn't want the worm either. Course it would have frozen in less than a second here.

Quill is in the midst of another of her spells. She has barely moved in 24 hours but finally now just ate some kibble from my hand. She got herself moved away from the woodstove so I have some blamkets on her. She is so cold. Her left rear leg does not seem to want to work at all when I tried to move her. I am going to leave her where she is and wait until she decides she wants to get up. Then I will get the towel under her and try and get her outside. Again she seems in no pain nor do her eyes look like she is in pain. She is one tough cookie!!

(((BonnieB))) I so know how you feel and have been there. People especially it seems those closest to us just don't seem to understand how much pain you are in and how difficult even the easiest tasks are. I remember one night just breaking down into tears while peeling the spuds. DH's response was "what's so hard - it is just peeling potatoes?" That made me cry even harder - trying to explain my hands just didn't want to work and if he wanted peeled potatoes he would have to do it just didn't work. It wasn't until DH was in such pain himself that he finally twigged onto how I actually had felt so many times.He did apologize for all those what he called insensitive times but that made me cry even more.Just keep doing what you can do Bonnie and believe me it is a lot compared to some other RA/OA sufferers I know. Have a feeling you are abit like me in that there is no darn way you are going to give in and will just keep on doing even more.

Brrrr Tam..... hope the pipes become open soon. Are they buried? Can you get at them with a heat source?

Now Elsie I laughed right out loud at the thought of me trying to put a coat with a hood on Diesel.First of all I would have to buy it in the men's department if it was going to fit.... lol

Debbie, please stick to your game plan. Your health and welfare are important too. It is not that I am trying to belittle the seriousness of your FIL's condition but you have been through hell and need some answers and closure. If your mind is full of what is going on where you are staying I can guarantee you will get even less sleep than you are going to worrying about each day's upcoming activities. You do what you need to take care of yourself. If Paul feels the need to transport his parents so be it, let him. It has come down to you take care of yourself - heaven knows you have put everyone else first for so many years, it is your time now. I'll be right there with you Debbie!

Oh Terese have a blast on the cruise!


somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Loretta - I bet Teddy was adorable in his little red coat. And it probably helped him in this cold! Sorry about that darned snow plow stack of ice! In this weather, it'd be like solid steel. It is very pretty to see everything sparkling and covered in white.

Debbie - I'm glad you are sticking to the plan to go to the CC.

Terese - have a grand time!

BonnieB - I'm sorry. I've been working with men too long. Of course you just needed to vent and didn't need advice. You're a smart and determined woman and will do what you can to stay as healthy & fit as you can.

Sandy - I hope it wasn't pain or worry that kept you up!

I'm off to look at countertops and sinks/faucets today. I will check out the cabinets on Mon evening. This will allow us to work out the design plan and move into final selections & get stuff on order. I want my kitchen in place by June. That means we have to move pretty quickly.

somewhere, PA

Cross posted with you Dianne. (((((( Quill )))))) She is one tough cookie. Just like her mom. :-) The pipe in the barn is exposed in the barn. Once we warm it up in there again, it will unfreeze. Before I opened up the barn yesterday it was about 42degF in there. When I went to close it again, it was around 28degF. So we are leaving it closed up today and I bet it will be fine.

Gotta get another cuppa coffee.

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