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SOLVED: Need help identifying an amaryllis!

Inniswold, LA(Zone 9a)

I dug a bunch of amaryllis out of the garden (about 200) and I've always wondered exactly what type I have. They come in two colors and have always been planted together. The foliage looks exactly the same before they bloom. I live in Baton Rouge and they tend to bloom June and July. I have a few that are absolutely paint-can huge!

What do I have?

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Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Those are Crinums, not Amaryllis. The first one looks like one of the "milk and wine" (Crinum x herbertii) hybrids and the second might be C. 'Ellen Bosanquet'.

Note that Crinums do not like to be transplanted especially when the roots are damaged. They may bloom the first year after transplanting (from the flower bud that was formed the previous growing season) but after that they may skip a year or two before blooming again.

Protect the exposed bulbs from freezing temperatures until they are replanted.

Inniswold, LA(Zone 9a)

Thanks Tom and "moon". Crinum it is!

Now, does anybody want a whole bunch of Crinum? (Crinums? Chrina?)

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

I already have too many crinums so I'll pass.

You can add them to your DG trade list: go to My Info, then Manage Preferences, then Trade List

There are a couple of DG forums for trading plants:

Group Trades, Swaps and Round Robins:

DG Roundup:

Or, you can try to sell them on eBay or search for local gardening clubs or maybe even CraigsList :-/

The types of crinums that you have are generally hardy up to zone 7b (maybe 7a). If you plan to mail the bulbs, wait until temperatures will be above freezing for the entire transit period. Also note that north of z8b the bulbs should not be planted until spring to avoid the possibility of damage due to freeze or rot.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hey Bo. If you decide you don't want to sell or trade the Crinums, give Baton Rouge Green a call, or Hilltop Arboretum, or the BREC Garden at Indy Park or the Burden Center.

If I had space for them I would certainly say yes...Crinums are among my favorites.

Thanks for the offer. Very kind of you.


Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Those are common across the wet south- we use them where water tends to stand and it isn't uncommon for the bulbs to get so big they can break a good shovel as well as tending to pull themselves deeper and deeper into the ground. If you wish to slow them down, plant away from water. Sometimes folks in nursing homes love them as much as an amaryllis or an ivy as a gift. I allow mine to rootbind and never move them to slow em down- just occasionally thinning and burning to maintain the clump.

Sarasota, FL

Hey Bo
If you still have some bulbs left I will take a few off your hands
How much are u asking for them ?

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