SOLVED: Please help identify (pod? fungus? other?)

Portland, OR, United States

Location: Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge near Salem, Oregon.
End of May, 2012.

This tree stump was covered in these unknown (to me) shell-shaped specimens. In my mind it looked like a squirrel or bird ate a bunch of nuts and left the shells.

Thanks! First time visitor!

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Thumbnail by tbarhunt
Bristol, United Kingdom

Bisporella citrina

Portland, OR, United States

Brilliant - thank you!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

What a fantastic mushroom, Rialique!

In this case, though, after blowing up the photo as much as possible, I believe it is really is shells of some sort of seed or nut, left from a squirrel's lunch... a midden, in other words. The apparent shells are all about the same size and oval (unlike the photos of Bisporella citrina below); many shell halves are sitting with the convex side up, and there are lots of piles of shell halves stacked randomly on top of each other, as well as some that have fallen concave side up or convex side up into the moss below.

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