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The leaves were always yellowish green juvenile leaves undivided and adult leaves divided

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I'm a little confused: I can see some immature "pothos" ( Epipremium pinnatum aureum) in the background, but the mature foliage in the center of the picture is not that. I think you have a mature Rhaphidophora, perhaps not fully mature R decursiva. Then again, it could be an Epipremium other than pinnatum but I'm not able to say which one.

Keaau, HI

Maybe Epipremnum pinnatum.

Keaau, HI

Epipremnum aureum is the variegated leaves behind the E. pinnatum.

San Francisco, CA

You certainly see more climbing aroids than I do. I was operating under the belief that E. aureum had been sunk into E. pinnatum; do you have an opinion on that Metrosideros?

Keaau, HI

Until a few years ago, most naming authorities condidered Epipremnum aureum & Epipremnum pinnatum to be the same species, contrary to descriptions from several field botanists showing the two plants as separate species.

To get USDA GRIN to update Steve Lucas recruited me to help make a request to Dr. John Weirsema to show the two plants as distinct species. Steve presented a convincing discussion, showing botanical descriptions that showed the plants as different species. I helped by providing photos of wild plants from lower Puna that showed both young and mature forms of the plants.

Many sites still treat Epipremnum aureum as a variety of Epipremnum pinnatum, and may be slow to update.

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